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  1. doesntmatterwhy

    You know you are in IB when...

    It's pretty self explanatory. Add to the list! This is meant to be simply for fun, please don't take it seriously. And yes, you can exaggerate, as long as its still realistic. 1. The fun things in your weekend consist of watching a movie (in your room) and going out for a dinner (with your family). 2. When sleeping at 12 seems early. 3. You're shocked if you have something non work related to talk about. 4. Your whole family knows your EE topic.
  2. doesntmatterwhy

    Public Speaking

    The day before the presentation: Practice it 1-2 times using a note card, memorize the important parts. Ask a family member or friend to watch you - will provide helpful criticism. 5 minutes before the presentation: Build your confidence by telling yourself that everyone is as nervous as you are. The trick is to simply hide the fact. Go on and remember the practice from last night, and how it was done with ease. This should be no different. Remember that you are well prepared and you have nothing to be afraid of. During the presentation: Look at the back of the room, or focus on a few specific people in different corners who have a friendly expression. You could do the whole "imagine everyone naked" thing, but it has never worked for me. Look above the audience's head - gives the illusion you are looking directly at them when you really aren't. It gets easier with experience. MUN really worked for me. I found it much, much easier talking in front of strangers than people I know, though.
  3. doesntmatterwhy

    To continue or to drop IB?

    Only drop it if you are CERTAIN 100% that you will be continuing on music and theatre. Good luck!
  4. doesntmatterwhy

    Intended Majors

    My main reason in applying to North America is that I have no idea what I want to do. I think the American programs are great because of this. I do have some idea though: - Biology related. This could start from genetic engineering to molecular biology to pre-med. It's a large and expansive area. - Psychology related. I do know that if I do Psych, I want to be a psychiatrist as opposed to a therapist. Good luck, everyone
  5. doesntmatterwhy

    IA - Repeat or New Methodology?

    Thanks a lot! That helps a lot. The IA doesn't seem so bad afterall. I want to get it done though, before applications start. I'm doing the Glanz and Cunitz study, on the primacy and recency effect.
  6. doesntmatterwhy


    I'm Bengali to - as in, Indian from Kolkata. Don't live there though.
  7. doesntmatterwhy

    Skip classes to study at home.

    Skipping classes = Stupidity. You can do it perhaps ONCE the whole IB Experience. I haven't done it thus far. It's been a whole year in IB for me. 5:30 - Wake up 6:00 - Leave Home 7:00 - Reach School 7:10 - Class Starts 11:00-11:30 - Lunch 2:30 - School ends 4 - Returned Home 5 - Start work 8:00-8:30 - Dinner Sleep at a range from 10:30-1:30.
  8. doesntmatterwhy

    IA - Repeat or New Methodology?

    Hey there! I'm a Y2 Psychology SL student. I've just chosen my IA topic - Glanzer and Cunitz, the Serial Position Effect. I've been reading the Holy Guide and the IB Psychology Syllabus but am still confused about one main thing. Does the experiment we conduct, have to be the exact replica of our chosen topic? Or do we simply take the idea of it, and create a new (similar) experiment? I'm confused because they keep saying how you have to state your Aim. This should be pretty easy if one were to simply replicate the experiment. Thanks for your time!
  9. doesntmatterwhy

    Thailand's Weak Democracy

    Thank you so much Vvi, but I think I'm going to do it on Biology. I really do appreciate all the time and effort you spent. My advisor isn't helpful at all. And worse, if I do an essay on the Royal family, and if I get caught...I may even get fined or jailed.
  10. doesntmatterwhy

    Comment on my extended essay topic

    Sounds simple and doable. Nice. How do you plan on measuring this?
  11. doesntmatterwhy

    Thailand's Weak Democracy

    I can't find the syllabus anywhere, or any essays that have received good marks. There are some at my school, but there's nothing higher than a B. I think now would be a good time to slit my wrists, or something. My new topic - To what extent has the monarchy's role contributed towards the conflict between red shirts and yellow shirts in Thailand in the past 5 years? Please let me know what could be the possible problems with this new topic. Thank you so much Vvi!
  12. doesntmatterwhy

    Thailand's Weak Democracy

    I'm really worried about doing an Extended Essay on Peace and Conflict Studies because I'm not taking the course and don't really know any theories of conflict. I made a brief outline for a topic, which got approved, however now I'm having a hard time finding primary sources for the essay. The Outline is attached below. My second idea is about Thailand's week democracy, the recent political instability, and the danger of a long cycling conflict between the red and yellow shirts. This topic would be good as I could find primary sources, is local, has two distinct sides. But how would I treat the conflict?[i'm worried it'll become a History essay] And what could possible solutions be? I feel so lost. My goal is to have a first draft by the end of the summer, and currently, my adviser isn't being helpful and I'm making no progress. Any help would be very appreciated. Also, if anyone is taking the course, could I email your teacher to get the topic approved? My adviser approves my first idea, however, I'd love a second opinion. EEOutline.doc
  13. doesntmatterwhy


    My prom's in two weeks. I don't have a dress, shoes. I need a haircut badly. I haven't decided if I'm going to the afterprom either. And I just broke up with my boyfriend, so I'm dateless. Its funny how much I dont want to go to the prom.
  14. doesntmatterwhy

    Old Disney Movies

    Awwwww. I thought I was the only IB dipper who was regressing. My favorites used to be Little Mermaid. I haven't actually watched many of the Disney movies. But I watched Beauty and the Beast recently, and I loved it! Will be watching Aladin, Mulan and Pocahontas soon!
  15. doesntmatterwhy

    Psychology: psychodynamic option

    For Psychodynamic.. you must be spot on with Freud. And please make sure you got the theory correct because I found it hard to grasp at first. Then Erikson, Jung, Alfred, Bowlby..must. In that order. I'll edit and post my notes up when I'm done with exams.

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