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  1. Capa

    English A1 EE Kite Runner

    The Kite Runner is a very symbolic novel with many themes.. I think your teacher is right when saying it's better to not have it completely plot oriented. I did my Norwegian A1 assignment on the kite runner, and I focused on how Hosseini had used language to build up tension just before the scenes with much action. Not sure if that would suit the EE as well as it suited the language subject, but those kind of invstigations can be an option. I think it would be a good idea to investigate some of the strongest symbols in some way or another, that's just one of many possible topics.. It's a great novel Capa..
  2. on www.results.ibo.org Is USER ID my name or the candidate number? please reply Capa
  3. Capa

    bio exam

    Have you received the syllabus from the teacher? ..are we supposed to get it? I revise everything that is in our book because I have not received a copy of the syllabus..
  4. Capa


    we work in pairs
  5. Capa

    Commonly Misspelled Words

    Practise/Practice - drives me mad!!!
  6. Capa

    Chemistry: please help

    Haha, tahnk you very much ezex.... and yeah, I haven't replied before this cause I stopped looking at this thread went it went faaaaar off
  7. Capa

    [IA] Soviet-Cuban Alliance

    “Sad and Luminous Days - Cuba’s Struggle with the Superpowers after the Missile Crisis” James G. Blight, Phillip Brenner This book I believe is perfect for you. It helped me a lot when I wrote an essay. It has primary sources such as letters and speeches in the appendix, and very much information relating to the exact things you are talking about. Capa.. !
  8. Capa

    urgent IA help!

    You are right Irene, but I don't think Japan was less devastated because of that ; ) Our teacher almost began to cry when she told us about it.. (it was actually a good way to not forget what we were learning)
  9. Capa

    urgent IA help!

    Hmm, this sound like a difficult situation. I don't think it was a good idea to at all start writing about it because you did not have much evidence. Your supervisor/teacher should probabaly also have said something about this. I am unsure, but I think that if it is possible for you and you have something else that you could write about, and maybe include bits of what you have already done, then try to change your research question a bit, since only the draft is supposed to be in in two days... I have read something about this topic myself, and I would believe they are always linked. 100 000 died iin Hiroshima and 60 000 in Nagasaki. Wouldn't one bomb, no matter how many thousand die, be enough for Japan pulling out? And were they not pretty lost in WWII even before the bombs? Good Luck My final version is in today btw Capa...!
  10. Capa

    Compulsory voting or not

    biochem, that might be a good idea in the US if politicians do not talk about politics during election processes. (However, there might be better ways to get them to) Here in Norway politicians actually talk about relevant things rather than saying bad things about the opponent.
  11. Capa

    Is this a normal thing...

    Haha, that explains it, I would never be able to do that though
  12. Capa

    Survey - Grades and Motivation

    Grades can be very halpful for motivation but they can also be very helpful for the opposite. If people get bad grades all the time they might in the end think that there is no point in continuing to put any effort in the school, but if people recceive good grades it might motivate them even more. However, in the end we go to school to test our abilities and the only way to do that is by giving grades. If students get to know the reasons for being graded, and if teachers and parents tell them a lot about it, then it should be fine to give grades because this is the way we will be judged later in our lives so why not learn it from an early stage? There is a difference between competition and grading, I think it is good if students don't have to compete with each other but rather get graded.
  13. Capa

    Compulsory voting or not

    Compulsory voting sounds impossible to me... people who are interested in politics and people that have an idea about politics should obviously BE ALLOWED to vote, but to make it copulsory for everybody would be difficult because many people (the majority in Norway and probably other countries) do not vote because they don't bother, or don't know what to vote for. If they get forced to vote they might end up voting for parties just because everone else is doing it and that is not good for the demorcracy, even though it is democratic.
  14. Capa

    Group 4

    hmmm... so if someone has got two group 4 subjects, it will count twice as much than for people with one group 4 subject? I worked some people with only one group 4 subject, I ended up with a 4, then, just a few weeks ago, the teachers told us that they had been too strict so they added one grade to all pupils. In other words: a 5! Now.. what is going to be sent in to moderators?? After what I know, the only evidence our teachers have about our presentations is the notes they took while listening.
  15. My teacher has told me that primary sources are not neccessary in all historical projects as some topic might be old and can not have primary sources. To me it does not sound like a topic where primary sources can be used because it is not just about gathering information, but analysing it. If you are analysing the effect of something, then there will probably be many historians who have said somthing about it, and it a primary source is really important then i cant imagine that it can be anything else than a speech or sommething...

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