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  1. Unperfect

    How to Study for Physics? Textbooks, Resources and Tips?

    I also use a study guide but I also heavily rely on past papers. http://www.chemactive.com/ib_physics_exam_questions.html Gives you all the papers up till 2005 by topic and actually helped me ace many tests, I create an excel table with the questions and 3 columns and for each question I use different signs if I get the question right or wrong the first time and can easily identify the questions I failed and do them again a few days later. PS: This site is also useful for biology and chemistry but from time to time there are questions about the old syllabus which you have to exclude.
  2. Unperfect

    How do you get a bilingual diploma?

    I'm not sure the wow-factor comes in; people in my school taking two A1's both at HL take it because they consider it "easier" than taking a social or natural science, even if they end up with quite a bad grade... But I do know from personal experience that two A1's is hard if you actually work on them; I am a living proof as I dropped French A1 SL to French B HL(not "allowed" to take SL...)because of the workload from all the other subjects(I know have 5 HL which may look impressive; but trust me i'm only actually doing 4 which is still tough but worth it)
  3. Unperfect

    How do you get a bilingual diploma?

    Most people in my school take two A1's(English and Korean/Japanese/French/Spanish) because my schools doesnt offer A2 so two A1's is entirely possible, also some people seemed to be forced by some policies to take their native language in A1 if it isn't English, meaning that fluent Korean people who are also fluent in English and want to have this ability presented on their diploma are in a way forced to take 2 A1's. Coming back to the topic, I don't exactly the advantage of a Bilingual Diploma as most universities that have come to visit don't even know it exists; they just recognise the IB in general.
  4. Unperfect

    Universities in France

    Hey, I'm currently living in France and I must tell you that French universities(do not mix up with grandes ecoles) are not always that good, that is because of the May 68 student revolt which lead to a law that basically made every French university accept a French student as long as he passed the French Baccalaureate. What that means is that the first year you there are many people which do not really work and of course get in because they got their bac(barely with a 50%), what the university does is make a "clearing" at the end if the year in which most students fail. So if you end up in a French univeristy don't worry if your first year is a bad experience. Secondly you could try a Grande Ecole which are much more highly regarded in France however most of them require 2 years prepa(basically you have to study for 2 extra years after high-school). A friend of mine, instead of doing a prepa, did 3 years at Oxford Brookes and got into École Normale Supérieure without these prepa classes so you don't need to worry about taking these classes. If you want more info on these Grandes Ecoles remember wikipedia: [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandes_écoles"]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandes_écoles[/url] Anyway good luck
  5. Well French B HL would definitely be less work then French A SL, and as for my other subjects, ill decide at the beginning of grade 12 to see if it is too much work and maybe drop a subject like Bio or History to standard. Anyway in my school most people(the ones that actually work) do 4 HL and some even do 6 with a total of 7 subjects, even if in the end they aren't allowed to pass all the tests at the corresponding level(4 HL max). Coming back to the subject I must say that in the actual French B HL class more than half are completely fluent.
  6. I feel concerned, since I'm fluent in frencch and am considering moving down to B HL, so that the workload from my 4 other highs is doable(Math HL, Physics HL, Bio HL, His HL[i still have to see if 5 highs are allowed by the IBO])
  7. Unperfect

    What's your IB School's Diploma Rate?

    Yeah, thats how I got allowed into Math HL, with a 6(i got all the questions right but didn't finish it in time ). Basicaly at the end of grade 10, while all the grade 12 pass their IB, there is a test on all the MYP subjects you had(except for subjects like Art, DT or Drama). Also they only allow you to take a subject at HL only if the teacher you had in that subject says that you are able to. For subjects that you didn't have(e.g. Chem if you had Bio and Physics in the MYP) the coordinator took a look at your overall level and subjects linked to the one yo want to take and confirm.
  8. Unperfect

    French SL or HL

    Actually my coordinator isn't sure about that, at worst I'll do French B SL but thats simply to easy for me, I help mostly all the B SL people for their homework I was investigating into French A2 but my school doesn't offer that :/ Coming back to SL vs HL i would say it depends on one's wish for a career, because HL basically wants you to have a better use of French expressions and to do things such as exaggerations, hyperboles etc, whereas my SL friends do more or less only vocabulary and verbs, even though tey do get to do some stylistic writing, they do less and only later in the year.
  9. Unperfect

    What's your IB School's Diploma Rate?

    The ones in my school that are predicted to fail the IB get to pass the french bac(with easy options), so we have a near 100% pass rate(I guess its around 95%), and the average points is 34.
  10. Unperfect

    French SL or HL

    B HL is still easy for a bilingual right? Because right now I'm taking French A and English A, however languages aren't my strongest area, so I'm looking for an easy 7 at the I.B. and my coordinator suggested me staying in the A class but passing the B Orals and tests. EDIT: I just saw the French B HL 2007 papers, easy(for me at least). I'll take that instead of A lol that gives me 5 HL Anyway good luck anyone who's taking French B SL or HL
  11. Unperfect

    Is it worth taking four HLs?

    Taking for levels is worth it if you aren't sure exactly what to do, and you could also consider taking 7 subjects too, what I did. However, i quickly dropped Ar HL to take Bio HL, meaning that I still had 4 HL(Math, Physics, Bio, History) ad for the moment, because of the free hours i got from dropping Art, i can definitely say that 4 HL are possible and worth it, because some unis(UCL as an example if i remember) that came to visit our school said that they favorized IB students with 4 HL, it certainly doesn't mean that you won't get in with only 3, but it gives you a "little" plus.
  12. Unperfect

    IB cost

    Most of you seem to be paying quite little compared to the 45 000 x ~2(IB1+IB2 total cost ends up being around 60 000 though, luckily my dad's jobs pays about 3/4, this must be one of the most expensive IB schools) my school charges us. And the worst is thatwe have a limited number of choives of subjects(they do greatly encourage taking 7 subjects though and they have an average of 34 points for the IB), such as ITGS, Computer Science, Theatre Arts, design technology, Business(Most people are annoyed about this), Dance, Film, philosophy, psychology, social anthropology, human rights, peace and conflict studies... The only two arts are Music and Visual Arts which do have good teachers, but still it's difficult to know if it's worth it.
  13. Unperfect

    Foods that reduce stress and boost focus

    Most articles that talk about the subject recommend fish and various nuts or seeds. Also you should be happy to know that chocolate is a good stress reliever(Don't eat too much though ). Sources: http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/bb/neuro/neur...coveleskie.html http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/...70221101326.htm http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/content/wellbei...t-brainpower/1/
  14. Unperfect

    I'm wondering...

    Well it may have used to have been, but I can tell you that now it isn't as difficult as it used to be. This is however untrue if you take the "S" option for this baccalaureate(s standing for scientific). It is however considered to be good enough so as to be taken outside of France. Some schools in the United States offer it, along with the international option it offers. Despite this, I still decided to quit the French system and go to an IB school, and I can safely say that it is harder, as i observed quite a harsh fall in my overall grades.(This may also be due to the impact of changing school system and having to re adapt, as my grades are gradually getting better other time.) To be fair, I know that only my friends still in the french system taking the "S" option and an international option are having the same amount of work as me. So yes, in some cases the French Bac is hard. I should mention that I am taking 4 HL(Math, Physics, History, Visual Arts).
  15. Unperfect

    What does your weekly timetable look like?

    Am I one of the rare persons to have 7 subject(including 4 highs)?

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