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  1. Congrats Hus, 45 here too (details in sig).
  2. Which college, Gaby? Predicted scores: EE (English A1) : A ToK: A HL English A1 7 HL Chemistry 7 HL Economics 7 SL French B 7 SL Chemistry 7 SL History 7 from last year. UCAS: King's College London (Politics, Philosophy and Law): Conditional offer - 39 and 5 at English A1 HL University College London (Law): Pending University College London (European Social and Political Studies dual-degree): Interview London School of Economics and Political Science (Law): Pending Magdalen College, Oxford (Jurisprudence): Interview
  3. Here's the extract: From http://www.e-reading.org.ua/bookreader.php/70922/Eugenides_-_Middlesex.html I missed the personification; in fact I still don't really see it. Anybody care to elaborate?
  4. I did a largely Marxist reading of the extract; after googling it to find out more about the novel I feel like an idiot for doing so.
  5. Yeah those are the two questions I'm referring to. For the P1 q, I said 120 and 187; however others at my school have said 103 and 187. For P2 I completely guessed, I said trigonal planar and linear. The problem with revising solely through past papers is that you end up missing out on the recall parts.
  6. Yeah, everybody around at my school got pH = 4.61. What were the bond angles in P1 and P2?
  7. Hey guys, I was looking through some English A1 examiners' reports, and the boundaries seem to be pretty consistent across all years. This consistency seems to include one disparity: pretty much every year, the overall grade 7 boundary at HL is 80, while the component boundaries are 26 34 20 and 20 (SL it's 78 with 24 17 20 20). I'm fairly certain I'm right in saying the weighting for overall grade is oral average + WL average + each exam score, however doing this with the component boundaries would give you HL 26+17+20+20=83, and at SL 24+17+20+20=81. With every other subject, I'm sure that the overall grade boundary is the weighted sum of component grade boundaries, so what's the deal here?
  8. 29-30/36 for an A. PS: Google is your friend.
  9. I'm about 50/50. If anything, I have too much spare time and get bored; as most of my friends undertake the local HS programme which requires more grunt work. And it's not like I'm not putting in work, I was among the first 2 or 3 in my cohort to finish all IA's, and I've done between 10-20 past papers for every subject with exams nearly 3 months away. IB's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be - just make sure you stay on top of IA's.
  10. To keep doors open for medicine, you should have Math at SL, at minimum. Furthermore, Chemistry at HL is generally recommended, and varying from country-to-country Biology HL may be as well; sometimes they're even prerequisites, as in the UK.
  11. In the end, it's whatever your CAS co-ordinator says it is, but it shouldn't be a problem. I claimed 120 hours in a week because I was technically supervising kids 24/7 on a rural camp.
  12. Find what motivates you. For me, it's anger, and bitterness, which I carry against my school for being so utterly horrible and yet not letting me transfer elsewhere. Furthermore, something similar happened to me as to Arrowhead, though in my case it was in History SL, where my IBC convinced me I was an easy 7, only to get my results back 1% away from the boundary. Even though a remark by a senior examiner took it up 6%, I'm still pissed off, cos that IBC still lies to everyone else. That anger fuels me, makes me more motivated than anyone in my cohort, and is the reason why this year I'm topping the year in four subjects, with the two I'm losing out in being to a guy who's probably best in the country at those two subjects. For you it might not be anger, but it has to be a strong emotion. Even if it's what might generally be considered a negative emotion, harness it. Embrace it. It's your best bet.
  13. If it's quite overused, you'd lose marks in the holistic judgement criterion, which is worth up to four.
  14. The less time you spend worrying about it, the easier it is.
  15. Tony Stark


    November 2014 and you're looking for tutors already? Somebody's dedicated. Unfortunately, I can't think of any IB-qualified tutors for those subjects; the problem is that in Aus only very few schools offer IB and those that do generally pay well enough for their teachers not to extensively tutor. I do know of a Chemistry teacher who's currently tutoring while on long service leave, but she's returning to school shortly and therefore unlikely to take on new students. I would suggest that if you're a November 2014 candidate, you shouldn't really need tutoring (at least, yet); rather you should start reading around for yourself to get ahead.You're here, which is a start: read around to learn more about your subjects, download the syllabus guides to know exactly what you're being assessed on, and look for good textbooks to self-study from (Economics for the IB Diploma by Cambridge [Tragakes] and Pearson Baccalaureate's Chemistry for the IB Diploma [brown & Ford] are good). All the subjects you've mentioned above lend themselves extremely well to focused and mature self-study, particularly Economics which is quite straightforward in the IBDP. I realise I've completely failed to answer your original question, but there's not really much of an answer. You can always go to general subject tutors who have some experience with tutoring past IB students, but in my experience that can often be confusing as you'll get taught stuff extraneous or incongruous to the IB course. In any case, Melbourne's one of the best IB cities in the world, with the exception of a rare few schools, the standard of IB teaching here is exemplary and you should therefore be well-prepared simply by listening to your teachers, putting in the work, and making use of the extensive resource base and support network for IB students throughout the globe (such as this very website). As a bit of shameless self-promotion, if in five months from now you still believe you're in need of tutoring and can't find satisfactory ones, PM me. After I finish my diploma, if I've scored well enough to meet my standards and received an Oxford or LSE offer (big ifs), I'm considering tutoring in the interim before the UK university year starts. Furthermore, ask around at your school - you may have ex-students doing the same as I'm considering.
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