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  1. talktome

    History IA

    Hi all, I've been trying to give my teacher a Perfect History IA research question as he has rejected over 13 of mine. I'm REALLY lost right now, I've tried all sorts of country, but I really want to do one on China, so I would really appreciate it if you can give suggestions. I've tried cliche questions for Taiping Rebellion, Hundred Flowers campaign, Great Leap and Cultural... :/
  2. talktome


    Yeah I get what you mean, but I thought it would be good to expose myself to two countries through my studying journey cause I plan on going back to Hong Kong (that's where I'm born though I've spent most of my life in Singapore..), but the thing is... I don't really like any of the courses NYU is offering, as in I don't find their curriculum beneficial, but I've heard of their Public Relations & Corporate Communications Masters which is very holistic and was awarded on PRWEEK one of the best education so I'm interested.
  3. talktome


    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the advice. The thing is, Bournemouth Public Relations course is recognized by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Chartered Institute of Marketing... and looking at the student reviews, many seem to be able to find jobs after graduating and attaining their degrees... But, I actually feel like I belong to New York University now... I like how the school has no Greek life... not much clubs and whatever, plus I like the fact that it is a school where you have to be independent and not have opportunities fed to you. I like the whole city, urban, metropolitan on the fast lane kind of life... I was thinking, maybe I should the the Degree in Bournemouth then do my masters in NYU in their Public Relations & Corporate communications course? Will it be too hard to adapt to a switch from UK to US?
  4. talktome


    Hi, I've done much research on undergraduate programs offering communications. I've realised that I want to have a career in the public relations/business communications field. I've sourced out several universities, but I've also realized that the top tier universities in both US and UK do not offer such a specialized program. There isn't much of a undergraduate Public Relations course I can undertake in top universities. What do I see is Communications/Media Studies which do involve small segments of public relations and marketing which I'm keen on. This are the universities that I'm interested in for their communication curriculum: UPenn, UCLA, NYU, Stanford, Cornell The thing is... I figured, SATS seem to be more essential in showing my potential than the IB program in the states. I've also checked out Bournemouth University in the UK, which has a recognized media school that have a undergraduate Public Relations program. But besides its media school, Bournemouth itself is not prestigious, and I'm confused whether to apply for it. Because if I do, I don't have to work so hard and juggle with both SATS and the IB program this year and my senior year. The cut-off stated is 30 IB points. I'm wondering if there are more prestigious universities in the UK that specializes in Communications/Public Relations as I can't seem to find any. The thing is, my Dad was telling me to enter Bournemouth Uni and transfer to a prestigious Masters in US if I have to... but I find that option tedious... as NYU has a Masters in relation to Public Relations, and I'm really keen on doing Public Relations/Business Communications. Is it better to be in a prestigious university for the undergraduate courses than being in a course that is more specific so that I've better chances of getting employed? Or rather, is it better to be in a prestigious university so that it is easier to get into a respected Master Course? Thanks C: Any tips and help will be greatly appreciated
  5. talktome

    Writing a grade 7 history essay

    Hi, I've just gotten my recent mid-year exams back, and I got 6/20, 6/20 for both the essays. I felt that it wasn't marked in a way I was taught. Basically my teacher gives us the narration of the wars (WW1/WW2/Spanish Civil War) based on long term, short term, immediate causes of the way the war broke out and then the nature and effects of the war. He keeps emphasizing on "THEMES" to write during the exam. So I wrote themes like German aggression... Economic causes...etc, and giving narration and example evidences based on the points I gave. But I got a six. And the comments were, "Where are the themes?" "Please arrange your ideas based on themes and do not just narrate?" Though I didn't provide a thorough succinct conclusion, I don't think I would get a 6/20 right? Isn't that abit too harsh. Isn't a proper essay supposed to be Argument-> Point> Evidence-> Summary? Can someone please enlighten me, and how should I organize my content and thoughts onto the essay? Thank you!
  6. Thanks alot for that comprehensive reply and well-thought reply. I've checked out both universities, I'm wandering what is the best universities worldwide for Public relations/Communications. I've looked at University of Berkeley - Business administration, mass communication, media studies university of Cornell - Communications Media studies (major) Will any of this courses involve math components? Sorry I'm not that experienced with universities so I hope I can get as much advice as possible
  7. Wow, yeah I do go to ACS C: Yes I will be having my exams in November. I'm thinking more of the West... and no I don't have NS, I am not a Singaporean. What do International Relations compromise of...? I'm interesting in Marketing, but doesn't that have several mathematical components?
  8. Alright, so I think I have to decide on what I have to major in soon, because I'm still quite unaware of where I want to go, and how much I should aim for.. I'm taking B&M HL, History HL and English HL, my SL subs are math studies, ess, and chinese b. I hope that I don't have to deal with math in university, so hopefully the major compromises of no math components or little math components in the courses... I like the sound of Public Relations... Mass communications, Business communications... etc but I don't know the exact differences between the subjects... can someone explain the different majors to me? Thanks so much! Other than that, I'm aiming for a IB score of 40 and above, so hopefully a university that is prestigious and well recognized... I would like to go to a university that is based in a city,I don't really enjoy countrysides...
  9. talktome

    IB environmental system

    I've been taking this subject for a few months now... I won't say that its easy... at all, I'm thinking of getting a 5 for this but that would be quite unrealistic and I'll be underestimating myself. But the subject is just boring to me and I don't mind the motivation to study it, and the key concepts are not common sense at all when it comes to deeper in depth understanding. I find that its more geographical then biological in some sense. Anyways, if anyone has notes or a good way to study this subject please tell me! I'm a humans person and I take both Math Studies and ESS and I don't see myself (still) doing well in this low-challenge subjects!
  10. talktome

    Environmental Systems and Societies?

    Hey, I take this subject to, for me its quite an arduous task to study it. Is there any tips you can give to get a better picture of the concepts? I'm missing out alot of key definitions on the environmental terms and I get quite lost sometimes... thanks!
  11. Hi, I'm really confused right now. I've been thinking of doing a History EE since school started because I'm familiar with that subject and have a step by step plan on doing the EE. Okay, that's because I've done an essay before... but the thing is... I'm not that keen on the subject... Its not something I really love compared to Business. For Business, I was thinking of doing an EE on this organic shop opposite my house and I'm vegan and I love the whole ethical business and investigating in the organic market. But I have no step plan for it, neither do I have a narrow question... And its almost time to decide and confirm my EE mentor already... I'm really lost right now.
  12. I think you should like make a schedule, with like boxes and stuff, and check them out, you'll feel more organized and make sure you get some rest, if not your brain wouldn't function.
  13. talktome

    How many hours do you sleep?

    I suck. I can't sleep at all, all the time, I just love rolling around my bed,
  14. talktome

    Post Pictures of Yourself!

    On the Left, at some ghetto-themed party haha Self-Obsessed. Owell
  15. talktome

    Enviromental Systems Hl Versus Biology Hl

    Okay, I think I've kinda decided, I spent like 5 weeks of my holiday studying Biology already ! :C How sad. But I LOVEEE Environmental systems. So yeah. now I need help... I don't really understand the optional and compulsory topics? I want to study beforehand, so erm... how many optional topics do I have to choose if I'm taking HL, or all?

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