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  1. Starz

    History route 1! crisis!

    Is anyone out there doing history route 1 ??? seriously?!?! having a crisis, in IB1, years finished now.. teachers kept swapping around for my history course and we havent done anything ... so next year im suppose to cram it all in... will i survive ? O_O plus in doing history HL ..
  2. Starz

    Procrastination !

    My god you sound like me! its like no motivation of inspiration to work and when i take away all my distractions I end up staring otuside the window just procrastinating in the most bizzarre ways and just avoiding work! AH and then i go through the regret emo phase which is like 'wasted so much time' then i hate on time and thhink i haveno life ¬.¬ I'm slightly comforted at the fact that there are people out there like me! thought i was deseased for a while there haha...
  3. Starz

    IB girls/women

    Damn In my school its the opposite its like 5 girls 11 guys and the guys are all prevs Not as big as your ratio though hahah HOW do you survive seriosuly? and no, you make girls seem retarded ... maybe they are but not in my world! Are all guys pervs? seriously
  4. Starz

    I hate my school :(

    I HATE MY SCHOOL you know what my school does? they tell us 2days prior that we have mock exams don't give us study leave so after tommorow i have a week of exams right after each other haven't revised SCREWED plus there important for my uni application urghh stupid school, such noobs! Oh and we haven't had a history teacher all year (IB1), it sucks we keep getting new ones who leave ( I wonder why -.-). So we haven't started the course yet, got to cram it in next year AHH Hope that made you feel lucky/better
  5. Lol we only have 9 Sooo I guess its better for us cause schools literlly like private tutionnn! =]
  6. Starz

    argh the teachers think I suck.

    well you can report to examiners that predicted grades are wrong, and the teacher is underestimating you but then again your mock exams will prove you did well, unless your teacher marked wrong and you can complain again
  7. Starz

    What is Math HL like?

    im doing maths HL i used to love maths until IB maths HL came along i have a great teacher and everything but you get those annoying depressing chapters which make you hate maths take maths HL if your thinking of engeneering im taking maths HL and im not doing engeneering but i did it because i enjoyed it and took over the other subjects that my school offered good luck
  8. Starz

    No social life = IB diploma?

    yeh im also IB1 and everyones going on about how your not going to have a social life, for IB1 im guessing the opposite and with 150hours of CAS also proves that you have some social life there, and as far as i can tell IB1 is living a normal life (other than the work load when you leave it last minit)
  9. Starz


    so i was wondering is anyone doing route one history ???? i feel as if our school is the only school to do this route probably because its a new route and all having any trouble? has anyone got any ideas for internal assesment yet? or anyone done one?
  10. thats weird the examiner just checks to see if you got 150HRS meaning you completed the task anything above that is just extra i guess
  11. i would say CREATIVITY as much as i like it alot it takes TIME preciouse time and brain power whilst service is pretty straight forward and fun so is action but yeh creativitys pretty difficult, you got to think of ideas while service and action, theres a million and 1 things to do in them
  12. well for action our school has after school clubs like basket ball, selfdefence an hour every friday and thursday go for activities for action football club? anything really
  13. Starz

    Is it worth taking four HLs?

    from my sources all they look at is POINTS so take the subjects that will get you an easy 7 AND depending on what you want to do in uni, those subjects should be at HL, uni's do look at that for e.g. Imperial colledge, for medicine they need HL science and a math or another science chem has to be HL etc. so yeh
  14. Starz

    How much worse is IB2 compared to IB1?

    well ive heard its HELLLLLLL and that in our summer this year, we got to start on our EE and essays ...so no summer holiday for us Basically IB2, is when everyone panics, panicattack! and the teachers who havent finished, rush everything essays need to be given in you procastinate then you got to stay up all night do your essays sleep? i heard theres hardly any sleep in IB2 then comes exams and well you can imagine how mad you get before the exams *heart attack*
  15. Starz

    I'm wondering...

    omg i feel for the people who have a harder programme than the IB but at the same time a-level ppl feel for us ahh IB why do you hound me?

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