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  1. darkwatch218

    Psychology SL and HL P2

    I answered the question about the sociocultural and biological factors on depression and also contrasting two theories of altruism, luckily the two things that I was confident in came up
  2. darkwatch218

    Physics or Biology?

    I would say go with Physics SL. I can see you're from Canada (as am I) and I feel that the normal curriculum covers a lot more topics than covered by IB physics so your teacher would probably prepare you well. Also, IB physics has pretty low markbands, around a 66% for a level 7 which is pretty crazy. Finally, I feel that for biology, unless you have some sort of interest in that field, you won't be able to do as well...
  3. darkwatch218

    How to write a perfect lab report?

    From what I've heard from different people who've done HL chem, they mostly lose marks for the design of the actual experiment rather than the research question and variables. They are important and I'm sorry that I said otherwise. Ans as for the conclusion, I should've elaborated on Aspect 1
  4. darkwatch218

    Switching to HL for second year?

    I was in the exact same position as you were! I think before you make a decision, you should sit down with both the Math SL and Math HL curricula and see the differences and ask yourself if you can see yourself covering the extra stuff in the time you have...because regardless of how talented you are at math, the jump from SL to HL is big Best of luck!
  5. darkwatch218

    First Aid Course

    Are you training as a lifeguard? A person in my school did that and considered it as Action...
  6. darkwatch218

    How to write a perfect lab report?

    I know I'm commenting on an old topic, but this question does seem important To optimize your IA mark...its important to have the rubric next to you when you're writing up the lab. When designing the experiment, it is not so much the question you propose that brings marks down, it is how your procedure is set up...it has to be clear. How I approach this is to write it so that if a student not taking chemistry can replicate the experiment. Also, be sure to include your control variables! For DCP, qualitative data is just as important as quantitative data so do not omit it. Also, be careful with uncertainties and units. If you're cautious, this section shouldn't be too hard to score a 6/6 As for conclusion, it should act as a synthesis of everything you've included from the beginning of your report. The conclusion should also mention limitations and improvements that could be made to the experiment. Hope this helps! If you have any questions, PM me...my IA mark total in Chem is 45/48
  7. darkwatch218

    Average of Trials and Uncertainty

    Drake Glau is correct, you would average the uncertainty so it becomes +/- 0.1cm
  8. darkwatch218

    Measurement of a reaction :)

    To my understanding the "downward displacement of water" would be the same thing as shown in the diagram except the flask has tubing that is connected to an inverted graduated cylinder full of water in a bin also full of water. When the reaction in the flask occurs, the Hydrogen gas produced will displace the water in the graduated cylinder. Hope this helps! (It's hard to explain without a diagram)
  9. Hey guys, I'm not quite sure if there's already a thread on this...if there is, please feel free to close this. As the title says, how is everyone studying for physics?
  10. darkwatch218

    Help with Math Extended Essay

    So I'm entering year 2 of IB at my school, and we are suppose to start on our Extended essay. I decided to do math, and I am really having trouble coming up with a topic, I was predicted a level 7 in SL math and got a 6 as my final score. I had considered many things such as extending the Monty Hall problem or focusing on something like music. Can anyone please guide me and maybe share a couple of interesting links that would cause me to have an inspiration? Also, I was wondering, are we allowed to tackle a question from a previous International Math Olympiad for the Extended Essay?

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