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  1. SwedishPersian


    So how did u go for people? Which Section B did you pick and what ever your problems? I personally picked B1 and B3. Had some problems with a section B qeustion about proving intensity of sunlight which is reflected by earth is 100. Are we required to know the solar constant?
  2. I know they want pen on most exams 8except multiple choice where they want pencil). But Is it allowed to use pens which have ersable ink on the exams which require pen? This would make writing english exams as well as physics/biology/chemsitry/math a lot easier (all exams really ) Anyone know for certain if you're allowed to use an erasable pen or not?
  3. SwedishPersian

    Physics HL Satellite Task - Portfolio HELP

    I actually managed to solve task 1 by considering the circular motion and gravitational force formulas: mv^2/r = GmM/r^2 v^2 = GM/r v = 2(pi)r/T T =period (2(pi)r/T)^2 = GM/r r^3 = GMT^2/4(pi)^2 replacing G, M (mass of earth) and T (peroid of earth [24 hrs]) we get: R ~ 42000000 meters its task 2 and 3 which ineed help with getting started on. what fuel can i use, how much do i have to investigate in terms of energy density and accounting for mass loss ass the fuel is burned etc.
  4. SwedishPersian

    Physics HL Satellite Task - Portfolio HELP

    Hi we got a satelite task for our portfolio and i was wondering if anyone has done it. Its only required to be in the portfolio so it doesn't have to be that fancy, but i still need some help with getting started since I really don't know how to do it. We arent given any firgures and Task 1 should be the "easiest". Then for task 2 and 3 we're suppose to make up our own figures. Here are the tasks: Task 1: The IB has decided to launch a geosynchronous communication-satellite. Calculate the radius of the satellite's orbit. Task 2: Describe the lauch process, and calculate the amount of fuel needed to put the satellite into its orbit. Task 3: The IB has realised that fuel is expensive. They would like to know the kinetic energy, the gravitational potential energy and the total energy of your satellite for different orbital radii. Please note that this is not the energy situation during the launch, but for different orbits (e.g transitionary orbit) where the satellite is moving with a constant speed and the engines are shut off.
  5. SwedishPersian

    [Maths SL] Type II Logan's Logo

    Hi I'm doing the Logan's logo and i chose to model both curves after sin functions. Most works ive seen on the internet chose to model one after sin and the other one after a cubic function. can my choice of function affect my grade? I also had a question about parameters. What are they exactly?
  6. SwedishPersian

    HL Nuclear Physics Question

    The half life of an unstable element is 12 days. Find the activity of a given sample of this element after 20 days if the initial activity was 3,5 MBq. HELP
  7. SwedishPersian

    Quantum Physics Question (6.5)

    how do you mean "absorbed by the gas"
  8. SwedishPersian

    Quantum Physics Question (6.5)

    yeah that right, but why do the dark lines still appear if the electron re-emits the absorbed photon?
  9. SwedishPersian

    Quantum Physics Question (6.5)

    "An absorption spectrum is formed when photons of specific wavelength are absorbed by the electrons of an atom, which then make transitions to higher energy levels. But as soon as the electrons reach the higher energy level they will fall back to the state they came from, re-radiating photons of precisely the same wavelength as those they absorbed. So there should not be any dark lines. What do you say?" I hate how there is no mark scheme in the book for "word answer" questions. So I was wondering if anyone here could answer this. Thanks EDIT: Here is another annoying one, I think it has something to do with the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: "An electron of kinetic energy 11.5 eV collides with a hydrogen atom in its ground state. With what possible kinetic energy can this electron rebound off the atom?"
  10. SwedishPersian

    Knowledge issues!

    Hi, for my TOK essay I chose the question, Discuss the claim that some areas of knowledge are discovered and others are invented. For AOK I chose natural sciences and mathematics and for WOK I chose perception, reason and language. I'm a bit worried about the choosing of a knowledge issue. I have already written my esay and I've gotten feedback saying that it is really good, I just don't know what my knowledge issue actually is. I was thinking something like: How do we know when something is invented or discovered? or How can we like discovery and invention to the real world? but i am really unsure that these are actually knowledge issues. Help? Suggestions? Advice? EDIT: I was also wondering if knowledge issues are meant to be specific for AOKs or are they meant to be linked directly to the essay title?
  11. I just got feedback on my ToK essay. This is my title: Discuss e claim that some areas of knowledge are discovered and others are invented My teacher said it was good but that it was heavy on mathematics. I also talk about natural sciences, but still my teacher suggests that I remove a paragraph (i am 3 words under the limit ) and write about another AoK like ethics. But i dont want to lose the depth of my other areas. I link them to perception, language and reason. If i start talking about ethic, do i have to link it to all these ways of knowing to avoid losing marks? What's wrong with just having mathematics and natural sciences? would i lose marks for sticking to these areas and going into depth? I know i'm sorta questioning my teacher here but it just doesn't feel right to add another area of knowledge.
  12. SwedishPersian

    "Hamlet" and "The Master and Margarita"

    Allright thanks a lot for your help I'm feeling a lot more confident about writing this now and hopefully I'll do good!
  13. SwedishPersian

    "Hamlet" and "The Master and Margarita"

    Yeah I usually get confused when it comes to which letters to capitalize in titles, sorry . But my plan is fine now right? I think only POC#2 will have to be put into 2 paragraphs. I don't know if you've read Hamlet, but as part of that POC I'm thinking about mentioning the ghost in the begging and how one person (Horatio I think it was) says "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" and discussing that. After that I'll continue to give one or two more significant examples and relate them to criticizing society. Is that okay? Or should I focus less on examples and more on style/tone?
  14. SwedishPersian

    "Hamlet" and "The Master and Margarita"

    Well actually the master and margarita ends in the two main characters travelling back in time and escaping from their lives in soviet russia with the help of the devil hehe pretty random... but I'm mentioning that as one of the ways in which the author criticizes soviet without having to write about its destruction. Anyways I agree with what you says so I modified my plan a bit. Intro POC#1 How the authors' tone/writing style reflect the corruption in these societies (here i will mention the novel vs play thing etc) POC#2 Evidence of corruption in both extracts (cencorship, tretchery and perhaps atheism[if that doesn't tead too far away from my main topic]) POC#3 How the books end Conclusion Each POC doesn't necessarily have to be 1 paragraph does it? Thanks for the help by the way, I appreciate it a lot. EDIT: Here is my modified title by the way - what do you think? In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Michael Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita, how are the Corrupt Societies of Denmark and Soviet Russia Criticized, Respectively?
  15. SwedishPersian

    "Hamlet" and "The Master and Margarita"

    I'm writing it in Swedish so theres no point for me to upload this file, but i have written a plan where i have 4 point of comparison, i talk about a lot of different things and i dunno if that is what you're suppose to do in a world lit since you just said that you though i was focusing on literary techniques. Well here is a short version of my plan: Intro POC#1 - How the authors writing styles reflect the corruption in these societies POC#2 - The state of the countries in the plot of the two works (denmark is at the brink of war and russia is controlled by stalin) POC#3 - Characters who fight the corruption in each book POC#4 - How each book ends In each paragraph, I talk about the POC title (bold) and then mention why the authors chose to write this way about corruption and how it connects to the corruption in real life. I think it is also worth mentioning that The Master and Margarita was written in Stalinist Russia and even banned there, so the author (Bulgakov) was criticizing the country he lived in in between the lines of his book. Is the essay covering too many topics or is this how it's suppose to be?

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