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  1. y.v

    Notes on Cells

    Unit 2: Cells
  2. Thanks! That's what I thought For example, we're reading 'Le Comte de Monte-Cristo' in class. For that, we have to learn specific volcabulary which pertains to ships, etc. I think that vocabulary would be useful nevertheless so that's fine Also, I was a bit unsure because in English A1, we actually use the works studied in class for the IAs whereas it didn't seem that way for French.
  3. Different schools read different texts in class. So, I was wondering if the main purpose of those texts is to help us with the lecture part of our exam/teach new writing styles etc. or if IB actually tests us on these specific texts in some way... I read the A2 languages syllabus & didn't find anything about testing on specific texts read in class. So, I was wondering if the content of the texts/ specific vocabulary of the texts we read is completely irrelevant as far as IB exams are concenered... I take French B SL.
  4. y.v

    Does the IB promote terrorism?

    Imagine what the world would be if humans had always refuted ideas different from their own. I think that it's very interesting that he used the word 'indoctrinated' as compared to 'taught' The only difference between the two words, as I understand them, would be that when one is indoctrinated, one is not allowed to question what one is told or that one does not have access to any other information that what one is taught. There is, by no means, a restriction on questioning beliefs or access to other information for IB students. That it would be is quite a ridiculous notion. Internet, TV, family, friends, the community? I do not understand how this quote remotely proves his point about IB leading towards terrorism. Disagreements can often lead us to understanding a view-point different than the one we've always believed in - this, in turn, leads to one either believing in one's initial viewpoint even more strongly or changing one's mind. That, is progess. It is for that reason that we actually bothered to read his article and consider it. If we followed his ideas, we wouldn't even bother reading his article: "Ofcourse, no one can have anything valuable to tell us..." Overall, he gives me the impression of being a very insecure individual... quite typical of someone who has no idea what the hell he is talking about.
  5. y.v

    SL Biology (MAY09)

    Biology was pretty good overall. Tricky questions in paper 1, but I think I did alright on that one. Paper 2 didn't have trickly data questions (so glad) and the Section A was pretty clear. For Section B, I didn't use the graph paper for the diagram of the membrane. Didn't that was necessary. Paper 3 was pretty good as well. Vvi - Plankton?! Wait, are you TZ2?
  6. y.v


    Your HLs look like a tough combination! Are you highly inclined towards mathematics/ enjoy mathematics and physics ? Many people take English as HL. I understand what you mean by getting into a science based career... & I fully support that choice... However, if you're set on that then you don't really need history, do you? Maybe it's just me but I've found that people who like math/physics are not too inclined towards history? Maybe try Economics SL? & You can also switch one of your HLs to English HL (Mathematics maybe?) Ofcourse it's really up to you though Personally, I love being in IB. I knew little about it before I joined it... and I do not regret being in IB one tiny bit. It's helped me meet many intelligent people, have some great teachers & taught me a bunch of stuff that I probably would not have learned elsewhere P.S.: I find all the freaking out about IB a bit over rated. If you really like what you're studying and stay on top of things, you'll be just fine Also, if you like English, you'll do well in it. So, don't hesistate to take it HL. I am sure universities wouldn't not accept you if you had SL Math instead of HL (ofcourse, depending on how/where you want to go) Good Luck!
  7. y.v

    What Should You Be Doing Right Now?

    studying for my math exam !
  8. y.v

    Conditional Probability

    Thank you so much Irene & Max

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