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  1. I can't really help as I don't know enough about Economics but if I were you I'd google 50 Excellent Extended Essays and try to find some examples of high scoring Economics EEs. They should give you a feel for the kind of things which have scored highly in the past and whether they dealt with a single aspect or multiple aspects. Then I'd be tempted to model the depth of your essay on one of those high scoring essays from the past. I did that with my Philosophy EE to get an idea of how I should treat my topic, and it worked a treat. I wouldn't have written it in the closely argumentative way I did without those past EEs for inspiration. Edit: A quick google I found http://concordianlibrary.weebly.com/uploads/2/3/3/1/23317138/1_econ_jagelka_essay.pdf for instance There is a series of old EEs called '50 Excellent Extended Essays' floating around out there. I assume they all scored either perfect or very high scores.
  2. Sandwich


    I would suggest you start by thinking about the ways of knowing and THEN decide on what your topic is going to be. TOK is supposed to be about discussing how we come to know things, not discussing who decides things, so your topic as it stands is not really going to help you come up with a presentation that is actually about TOK. It's like doing a presentation on mathematics and deciding to discuss 'Who decides what a number is?' - it's kind of missing the point. You should start with trying to find a real life thing you can apply the ways of knowing to. 'How do we know ____?' is a good baseline for any TOK presentation if you're struggling. Maybe spend some time thinking how you could ask a question about robots (or pick a different topic, whatever) where you're basically going to end up dissecting the ways in which we use the different ways of knowing to come to a position on it.
  3. Sandwich

    Written Assignment Help

    It's generally advisable to write about a topic you have some ideas for. If you can't think of any ways in which magical realism affects the way the novel is written (and to be honest this is not a great question because magical realism is more of a genre than a device, and 'the way the novel is written' is vague as anything - you can't analyse vagueness) then choose a different topic or refine your question so you're able to answer it. You're supposed to be asking yourself a question and then trying to come up with an answer/discussion. 'To what extent' is always a good opener because it allows you to discuss and evaluate through the essay. I would suggest going back to the drawing board. Perhaps start by looking at what you wanted to discuss in your essay and then frame a question which would encompass those things.
  4. Sandwich

    TOK Presentation Help

    You get points in TOK for discussing TOK. Namely how the 'ways of knowing' are used in the different 'areas of knowledge' and the pros and cons of this. This image I found on google sums it up: It's not about who knowledge is shared with in the sense of basic information dissemination, which is what you seem to be going for. It's about how we come to acquire that knowledge in the first place - ie the 'way of knowledge' we use to get to it. The easiest way to put a topic through the TOK formula would be to ask a 'How do we know?' question. 'How do we know somebody is depressed?' You've got some good ideas. 13 Reasons Why would be a good leaping point for a presentation, for instance. How did those kids know or not know that one of their peers was depressed? You can use examples from the show to run through some of the most important relevant ways of knowing and how they did and/or did not help those kids to know about how the girl in the show was feeling. That would be both interesting and very TOK-centric, so I imagine if you did a good job of dissecting it you'd score well.
  5. Sandwich

    Physiology EE HELP!

    I guess you mean Psychology and not Physiology?? I didn't do Psychology and don't know much about it to give you feedback on what aspect of things, but it strikes me your ideas are very broad so far. It's best to pick something specific, the reason being that you should fully and completely deal with the topic within your 4000 word limit if you're aiming for top marks. If you look at your topic 'to what extent do dreams possess a symbolic meaning' and come to realise that people have written huge *books* on the topic, you'll appreciate I'm sure that dealing with it completely in a 4000 word essay is quite mad. Sometimes you can analyse a specific example and that can bring it down to something which it's possible to deal with in a single essay. I suggest you do a bit more research into whatever your area of interest is and ask yourself: is this realistic for me to write about within the scope of an EE? Discard anything which isn't, and if it's too big, think of how you might narrow it down.
  6. Sandwich

    IELTS Requirement for Australia and the UK

    My understanding is that if you're undertaking the IB in English, that is evidence of proficiency such that you don't need IELTS in the UK. However for a 100% answer it's best to check with the Universities you're considering applying to.
  7. Sandwich

    Need help to find EE topics/ideas in biology

    Hi Brainstorm, Finding your own EE topic is arguably the most important part of the whole thing, and not something people can do for you. You've outlined lots of areas of interest. I suggest you do a bit of reading into each area and also have a think about experiments it would be realistic to undertake given what is available to you in a school lab setting. That's how you go about refining things down. If you come up with some ideas, people will be happy to give you feedback on them here - but nobody's going to be coming up with the ideas for you I'm afraid! Good luck.
  8. No problem. Re: ethylene gas insofar as I'm aware this is released by fellow bananas so I would think that keeping them apart would help with that. I think keeping a banana inside an air-sealed plastic bag would affect both humidity and temperature - and at different temperatures it would increase or decrease the humidity, further complicating things. I think that just doing the experiment in an identical environment would control for air humidity. You can get humidity monitors and I wouldn't be surprised if your biology department at school has something along those lines if you want to monitor the humidity to demonstrate that factor is kept constant. Otherwise just the same room would seem reasonable.
  9. Think of it this way: there are lots of things that can affect ripening of fruit. You need to make sure you're changing only one variable at a time (temperature). I suggest you look at the other things which can affect fruit ripening (which will be your other variables - a simple google will get you started as to what these might be) and then consider how to control for them. Part of doing your lab project is identifying the variables so I'm not going to list them for you, but that's how you should go about picking them out. The idea of it is that when you do your experiment you're picking up only the effects of temperature - and not confusing it with the effects of, for instance, having one massive and one tiny banana.
  10. Sandwich

    Looking For Some Funny TOK Topics

    I did mine on how we pick which charity we donate to and managed to find some funny clips and pictures to put in it, I think it was also vaguely interesting. I tried to do all of my IB presentations on something I personally thought was actually interesting... it's so much easier to talk about things and keep an audience's attention. I think any question which looks at how we make decisions in our lives and where that knowledge comes from has the potential to be TOK if you thought about it hard enough. Depending on the subject it can be funny. That can be something to think about - I also think that anything which deals with current/world affairs is more interesting and can amuse people more than generic questions because it seems more relevant to their own lives. Also just FYI it's ad nauseam and asinine!
  11. Sandwich

    Extended Essay - PLEASE HELP

    It's possible to do an essay in this amount of time but I guess it's unlikely to be as good as if you had approached it seriously ie given yourself adequate time to think and prepare. The research question is very important and I am surprised you were able to come up with a research question without having actually read part of your subject material - I suspect your research question may not be very good (because it's kind of crazy to come up with an idea for something you've got no pre-existing ideas about) and before you embark on writing the actual essay you should give careful consideration to whether it needs re-wording in light of what you've actually read. Having an appropriate research question is probably the most important thing with the EE, because a bad question will make the whole essay bad no matter how much effort you put in. In any case, I would suggest you spend this current time on reading your subject matter and writing your essay rather than on here!
  12. I have merged your posts. Please don't make multiple threads about the same thing, you can either add a new reply or edit your original post.
  13. Sandwich

    TOk presentation

    I agree with the above. Personally I think you should approach this through ways of knowing. This is a classic case of the power of emotion as a way of knowing, and watching it take primacy when actually emotion is not a suitable way of knowing for interpreting the knowledge being presented. This is an example of the broader phenomenon of 'fake news'. Additionally you have abuse of logic as a way of knowing - Andrew Wakefield mis-represented his results and did not perform an adequate study to provide the answer he then went on to claim. I would say that this situation is an excellent example of ways of knowing being used incorrectly. It also really highlights the main flaw of reasoning as a way of knowing - that actually it's pretty useless in the setting of ignorance about the underlying concepts. If you don't know enough to understand why Wakefield's study was a load of rubbish, or understand enough about how vaccines work to understand the concept of herd immunity and so on, you're already working off the wrong foundations and will never reach accurate conclusions. For example, there's a whole load of people out there who if you told them the government was poisoning them with dihydrogen oxide, would probably freak out because they don't have enough of a foundation of knowledge to realise that it's the same thing as water. They may also have pre-existing beliefs about conspiracy and feel more inclined to believe it as this 'confirms' some knowledge they already have which is based on faith (that the government is not acting in their best interests). Ethics isn't really relevant to the discussion as you've framed it, in my opinion. The ethical dilemma is not about how people feel as individuals on this subject (that is not an ethical issue in any respect), but ethics would come in when it comes to determining what to do from a broader perspective. Specifically, is it acceptable to 'make' people vaccinate or otherwise penalise/exclude them? That's an ethical dilemma. However you're not really talking about that that I can see - and to be honest I would probably avoid it and go with your first idea because it allows you to discuss more TOK concepts ie. explicitly address the ways of knowing.
  14. Sandwich

    SL Chem Exam

    Get a copy of the syllabus and that will detail specifically everything that you'll be examined on. I would suggest using it as a reference for all your revision. You can download it from our Files section:
  15. Sandwich

    Life at NYUAD

    Most people on here are doing the IB rather than University students. I would suggest you try a website like TheStudentRoom or other places to get an answer to your query.

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