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  1. I suppose a point I would make to you is - if you consider religion to be unquestionable and sacrosanct to the point that questioning it is equivalent to a personal insult and indeed even just typing something without capital letters is offensive - in my view you're excluding religion as a special case from the realms of human intellect and questioning and scrutiny. A lot of people would say that in a world of free speech, people should be free to question and defend any belief and thought. If you say that you can question everything except for religion because any questioning of religion is essentially 'intolerance' then I think you've got to take a long hard look at why you think that religion cannot be held to the same level of scrutiny that we hold all other areas of society to. And if you believe it can stand up to the same level of scrutiny, then I would urge you to engage with it, rather than simply labelling it disparaging and intolerance.
  2. Reading the poem the first section is clearly a metaphor between the building of walls and the building of relationships because Seamus Heaney then literally spells that comparison out for you. What does the metaphor of scaffolding to build strong walls v.s. the 'scaffolding' to build a relationship tell you about Seamus Heaney's insights into himself and others - because the whole thing reads a reflection on a key relationship.
  3. I think it's a decent topic, for me the main thing would be that it's easiest to stay on course with TOK and also to demonstrate to your teacher that you're hitting the criteria if you're completely on-message the whole way through - in other words, use TOK terminology the whole way. Like you could frame your question as "how does our knowledge of ethics shape or limit our knowledge of science?". Remember TOK is all about ways of knowing and areas of knowledge and that's basically what you want to constantly be coming back to in order to score highly in your presentation - emphasising how the areas of knowledge interact and how what you're saying is relevant as an example of these interactions. What you don't want to do is accidentally slip into just telling people a potted history of Agent Orange.
  4. No reason why it couldn't be based on a TV show. I guess it's hard to say anything more than that without knowing what it actually is
  5. Well the UK has of course now suicidally voted to leave... although article 50, the actual thing that starts the process of leaving, has not yet been invoked. It would also take at least 2 years probably to sort out even from when it is activated. So in terms of having to pay fees and so on, I expect if you applied to a UK University soon it wouldn't make much difference. If they accept you on EU principles they can't really take that funding away even if the laws changed mid-way through. So if you applied in the next few years I think you may be alright fees-wise.
  6. Hm somebody may wish to contradict me on this but I'm sure you get a raise in your overall diploma provided the re-sits are within a certain period of time from when you sat your original exams, I think it is three exam sessions (e.g November 2016, May 2017, November 2017 then that's it).
  7. I responded to the OP's question in my capacity as a staff member to explain the reasons behind why the site operates like it does, because I think it is important that people realise it's for a reason (to sustain the site) and not just some kind of arbitrary evil on the behalf of IBSurvival. In other words, it's not intended to be 'unfair' as the OP stated, or to stop people from still being able to gain help with the IB and I hope I explained that. I pointed out that they can still get help in the form of people responding to their forum topics so it's not the end of the world, even if they don't necessarily have access to the files - which yourself and others have clearly demonstrated on this thread by sharing some useful ideas! I know very little about B&M as a subject, so quite honestly I have no advice to share. However I don't feel that not knowing about B&M should stop me from replying to answer the bits I am competent to shed light on, particularly when as a staff member it is pretty much my role to do so! I guess it 'wouldn't have killed me' to make something up, you are right on that front... but that's not really my style to bull**** people(!!) so I didn't! There are plenty of people on IBS who have taken B&M or who have it offered at their school and know something about it who will be much more competent to give suggestions of textbooks and so on than I am - so in recognition of their superior knowledge on that front, I shall leave it to them!
  8. You are doing very hard HLs so that doesn't help ahah. I dunno I found the main thing that helped the IB to be more bearable was just the camaraderie between my friends and myself, if you don't laugh you'll cry and on that basis there was a lot of laughing The people I did IB with are my close friends many year later. Also, I only ever did the bare minimum of homework if I could get away with it. You already spend all day doing this crap, why spend all evening doing it as well. Especially because your evenings get taken up by CAS as well! IMO the IB can be overwhelming with the amount to do if you actually try to do everything indiscriminately. Just try to be smart about what you do. Like spend ages on your IAs and anything which will be assessed to make sure they're amazing. Everything else they set you for homework doesn't matter. If your teachers are super anal about it then just do it quickly, don't worry too much about doing well. If your teachers are going to give you mock grades those should be based off mock exams and not your homework so you really have nothing to lose. If you're struggling with specific parts of the syllabus now is the time to sort it out because if you leave it late you'll hate yourself. Go up to your teachers and ask them to re-explain stuff to you until you get it. Or if your teacher is rubbish at that, find a different teacher of the same subject and ask them to explain it to you.
  9. The site would not exist without VIP subscribers, as it costs money in order to host this material and host this forum. You are of course welcome to receive help from other users on the forum here and equally give some out yourself where you can, as it is a reciprocal community. Regardless of how much you have been using the website.
  10. Where in hell did I say you were racist???? Since when is saying Japanese people are not part of the EU a racist statement? x__x Am I going mad, are they secret EU members and I'm a racist to suggest they aren't?? And yes I think the state will be poorer in the future and have less money to spend on things that it usually spends money on. Although ironically it has been underfunding things like healthcare for some time, so who knows where it will be X years in the future. Currently it is in crisis, with summer pressures that give no relief whatsoever on winter pressures and a massive backlog - and that is pre a massive tightening of the belts that even in the most optimistic of views assuming some kind of miraculous economic recovery with no realistic foundation, looks on the cards post-EU. If the people in Bolton think that money will affect disposable income only from people who spend money in sushi restaurants in central London (which is your implication, insofar as I can tell?) then they are deeply wrong. People in central London eating in sushi restaurants are by and large international people with plenty of spare income to afford that kind of food. Who are going to be hit badly by this. There is nothing to suggest that the poor will not be hit equally as badly as the wealthy by this economic decline. And a lot of common sense to suggest that a decline for the wealthy is but a smidgeon of the kind of decline in living standards that can be expected for those who had little to begin with, in relative terms. And if they think people in Bolton are immune from things like needing healthcare then the news is that they are in fact MORE in need of healthcare than other relatively well-off parts of the country. For that you can blame either elitism or the fact that greater financial inequality results in worth health outcomes, depending on your perspective of blaming the person saying it or the outcome of what actually happens.
  11. I think it is highly patronising, incorrect and frankly flippant to say "not so many Sushi bars in Soho" given that Soho is the most politically liberal area of London and that sushi is clearly a Japanese tradition and sod all to do with the EU no matter what we think. Until we start racially abusing Japanese people (perhaps only a matter of time), they have no need to go anywhere. It is also a massive trivialising of the huge hit to the ££ and the on-going hit to our economy that will clearly result from dramatically decreased investment in productive aspects of our society. Unless you live in some kind of parallel dream planet where this isn't factually happening, then it is factually happening and based on facts, is going to be part of an on-going decline. The future looks like stool. This is the medical term. What's wrong with an independent Scotland? Absolutely nothing as far as I'm concerned. But, as with many English and Scots on a personal note I am British and not a single nationality. I am part Scottish, part Welsh and part English. British is my national identity, it is what brings together a hell of a lot of my personal cultural history and identity. If Scotland separates, I think they have a hell of a valid reason to avoid English suicide and ideally I hope they will accept all those with a claim to Scottish ancestry who wish to remain European citizens and pledge to contribute to the Scottish economy, because I will be amongst those people. I am English and born in England but struggle to recognise the people I was born amongst except for locally. I am both fortunate and unfortunate enough to be from a pro-remain area and living in a pro-remain area. Nationally, I feel I have more in common with European citizen of X country than people of my own country. However I didn't mean to make this discussion about me. Only that I would factually support an independent Scotland because frankly, the English lied to them and I feel the shame of that acutely. I also hope they will feel enough generosity in their hearts to save me from this situation, and honestly I will contribute to their economy as much as I possibly can. On the most fundamental level, it breaks my heart that I grew up in a unified United Kingdom and may be starting my adult life in a United Kingdom divided where people may never again be so proud to say they are both English and Scottish. Which I am. It may be small print, but it is my cultural identity and it upsets me that half of my background is comprised of 'xenophobes' and 'racists' and the other part is progressive. I know that is not true, but that is how this referendum has divided us. And frankly I know which side I would rather be on - the one which gives me a future that I actually want to be part of. As for the arrogant elitist attitude, I have to say I think it is deluded to say we all had the correct information available. I didn't either. So if you think it is being arrogant and elitist, so be it, I am only explaining the truth. I do think there was a misleaded vote and also a 'protest' vote - this has also been demonstrated by views expressed from Leave voters since this ended. So I'm hardly saying everybody felt this way, but it would be deluded to think it wasn't a fact. If the 'working man' thinks he has nothing to lose, he is ignorant of what he had in an economically productive and stable country with massive EU subsidies that I suspect he or she was never aware of. And again, the facts since this vote point to this being the truth. People had no idea what the EU did for them, just a load of bull**** to the opposite. So if the Cornish are sitting embarrassedly waiting for their £60 million despite voting leave... they are going to be waiting for a hell of a long time. So speaks the proof of interviews of all those who have been interviewed since Brexit and frankly no idea that the EU even gave them anything before hand. I guess they will find out, as we all unfortunately will, the hard way. The Brexit campaign spun a load of lies such that those who did vote to leave did not have a clear idea of what kind of hell we were going to live in post-Brexit. Otherwise I would be remarkably surprised if as many would ever have voted for this self-imposed decline. Not from 'elitism' but from pragmatism and common sense, which this country against all odds actually usually has in abundance. Apart from the 23rd of June. The tragic thing is we're going to have to watch this realisation dawn and then when people realise what a desperate situation we are in, we'll be able to do very little about it because the EU are hardly going to forgive this. It is against all of their interests to do so in terms of keeping the union together. Thanks to issues like Spain and Catalunya, they may never even let Scotland join the EU separate from the UK due to the precedent it would set. So is the way of the world. Those who think you can give up all responsibility and yet still reap rewards are living on another planet. Sorry. And really truly sorry because I'm going to be here living in this pile of **** with you all, despairing at my fellow man and wondering how the hell I came to be born in this selfish intolerant place that would rather shoot itself in the foot than be generous to its fellow man. Sadly it is not so easy to gain citizenship of another country. As I am sure many refugees know from attempting to enter the EU. Perhaps all those who wished to work and live abroad will soon know what this is like. I wish I had been born elsewhere in the EU because I am sick to the stomach of being British. People here have no idea what they have got and this ignorance has destroyed both the future they didn't know they had and the future I honestly did know I had. Had in the past tense now. Cheers guys, I'd clearly love to sink on this ship with you... my only regret is that I can't go back in time and be born on a different fricking ship. Maybe then I wouldn't wake up every morning and remember how bleak the world seems. I only hope we are able to right this wrong before it is too late, or that if we have to face the consequences, I am able to come up with some option that allows me to leave in line with my beliefs for an open-minded, inclusive and forward-thinking future, as opposed to the present whimsies of geography that mean I am doomed to suffer in the Brexit camp for however long it takes the EU to get over the hugely dysfunctional move we have pulled on them.
  12. I have some sympathy with the first point about making immigration fair by not discriminating against non-EU citizens, it's a rigged system in favour of fellow Europeans. However freedom of movement amongst european citizens is a prerequisite of access to the single market. Without access to the single market the UK would so badly damage its ability to trade that we'd plunge into the deepest recession ever seen, we do just under half of our trade with the EU and access to the single market is one of the key reasons why London is the financial capital of Western Europe. We'd ruin our financial services industry, no longer be attractive to international business and have to pay hefty tariffs in order to do trade that was previously 'free'. We'd be sending in money, probably just as much, but getting nothing back in return. The UK is massively in receipt of output from the EU, financially. In short the trade-off is completely and utterly not worth it. It is an economic national suicide that I am not willing to live my life in poverty for. "Freedom" of trade is another idealism in my opinion. As I said, almost half of our trade is with other EU countries. They are our neighbours, it makes sense. To destroy our ability to easily trade with them on the assumption that the rest of the world is gagging to come and trade with us is kind of mental. I also don't think that isolationism and protectionism specifically applies just to trade, I think it applies to the culture of the country. The UK has just displayed a big "**** off" sign on its door. We used to be part of a big community and we've just voted ourselves off the team, on purpose. What kind of signal does that send out? We're facing a future where we potentially don't have freedom of movement (although I sincerely hope we do - as above I think we'd be activating our suicide vests to leave the EEA). We'd rather Scotland left the UK than co-operate with our neighbours and the break-up of the entire United Kingdom is now back on the cards again with a vengeance, and who can blame the Scots. Although they are very dependent on England and our screwing of ourselves has screwed them so much that who knows if they'd be able to stand on their own two feet, so we've kind of screwed them whichever way you look at it. As for the leave vote trashing the UK economy... it just has. We've lost more money in the past few days than we paid into the EU in the last 15 years. And at least we got a lot of that back in subsidies. Most of the FTSE 100 are international companies, and most of the **** we've just poured on ourselves isn't going to make itself known for some time. The problem we have is that uncertainty isn't just about ephemeral things like markets, but actual people on the ground. EU funding was behind a hell of a lot of the things that made the UK attractive and competitive - science, research, technology, education. We also had a lot invested in big things like the Hadron Collider, the European Space Agency, Defence projects etc. which we'll presumably have to give up all returns from. Access to the EU and stability made it attractive as a financial centre. We've certainly lost the first, with no money to replace it, and are threatening the second. This isn't a snap shot stock market issue, this is a serious self-inflicted blow. Big sources of our income and innovation have just been destroyed in the blink of an eye. Science and technology is shock and mourning. I know I've never been involved in any kind of research lab that wasn't receiving EU funding, and that funding is propping up our Universities. Honestly I don't think a single scrapped law or some kind of points based immigration system (which isn't even going to be possible anyway, unless we want to hate on ourselves even more than we already have) is worth this completely self-inflicted destruction of our economy and our society. We're now in a position where we're going to have to follow along with what the EU wants as part of the single market (I hope) but unlike before with no say on it and no ability to protect ourselves from things which aren't in our favour. We've lost the veto, and we've lost all our influence - and we had a lot of influence and a lot of unique opt-outs from the EU, in order to protect our own interests. On top of which other Europeans think we're a bunch of racists, and it turns out a lot of us are. The future looks bleak; we've gone from coming out of a recession into making a whole new one for ourselves. All at a time when the threats against us are becoming more and more international, so obviously we've just opted out of protective things like EU co-operation over big issues like terrorism because that makes a lot of sense... The bigger picture than a few points of principle is a big pile of stinky poo. On top of which we've all lost our own rights to move, live and work within the EU. What a waste. Personally I feel sick to the stomach. My future feels like a dark place, my own country seems in ruins in so many ways. Also on a final note of insult, I don't know if this even was democracy. In my opinion it should never have gone to a referendum, for the simple reason that the EU is hugely complicated. I mean this is why we have a parliament; we should elect MPs to vote and make decisions, that's their job to represent us and understand these issues. So many voters are coming out and saying they didn't know XYZ. Some going 'full retard' to quote the film Tropic Thunder and betraying the fact they don't even know what the EU is. Thinking we've just stopped muslim refugees from coming here. People who think all sorts of ****, some racist, some just confused, lots who didn't realise what the EU gives us, for many it was just a protest vote. I'm going to honestly say I didn't know all the facts about the EU and I did a lot of research to find out. If there were a second referendum today I do think it would go the other way. Now I'm not going to say that invalidates the first one, democracy has unfortunately happened and shat upon us all. However I do think that we'd be complete morons to let the 'common people' decide something so hugely complicated again in future, with some safeguards in place. Not about a vote going one way or another, but on something of this magnitude you need some checks and balances. Such as a requirement that the subsequent deal reached between the UK and the EU also be put to the vote. I mean we've just voted for a big pile of question marks and a big pile of ****. Is that democracy in anything deeper than the word? What do we even elect representatives for otherwise.
  13. Potentially soon to be the United Kingdom of England and Wales, neighbours of the independent kingdom of Scotland. I am sure any of you who follow world news at all will know about the recent "Brexit", namely the vote by a very narrow margin (52% to 48%) for the United Kingdom to give up its long standing membership of the European Union and thereby free access to the single market and all benefits and responsibilities of being a member of the EU. I thought it would be interesting to see what other people thought of it, from wherever in the world you are, and speculate on such things as whether it'll actually go through, and what on earth is going to happen next.... And of course whether a newly xenophobic Britain really wants to offer the IB in its schools (yes, that one is a joke)
  14. Depends, what IB textbooks are you after? Amazon have drop-off centres you can go and collect books from if you don't have an address. There are some big book shops that stock lots of textbooks (Malet Street Waterstones for example), and may also be able to sell them to you directly.
  15. If my response came across as being with reference to your comment (as opposed to the comment above my post, which is what I intended to reference) then I did not intend that. I was in fact trying to say that your concept was a positive one. It takes the onus away from judgement by people and puts it into the nebulous world of judgement by god which at least keeps all of this angst for ?another life time, should that exist. Whether or not you share the point of view of the comment I was referring to, I have no idea.

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