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  1. Creativity: Acting, dancing (can be either C or A in our school) Action: Dancing, kendo, sports club Service: Volunteer work with the elderly, mentoring A+S: Working as a dance instructor
  2. Paul

    Martial Arts

    Wow, what are the odds to bump into another kendoka in IB Survival! I do kendo too, for some plain Action. Though I do think that the main point of kendo is improving oneself, physically and mentally, and not "looking awesome and relaxing by beating the crap out of someone".
  3. Paul

    Are there aliens out there?

    Very true, seeing as us humans are quite effectively destroying our own planet. But still, I don't think that that's a reason enough not to entertain yourself with some peculiar questions, provided you don't take it too far. Even though the probability of any long-lasting life evolving on a planet is very, very low, I still think that the odds are highly to the favour of some kind of extraterrestial life to be found there somewhere, given the number of planets and asteroids and what-nots... Not even counting all the stuff we can't perceive, eg. dark energy.
  4. Paul

    Hey Nov 2009 and May 2010 students

    Yeah, maybe still a bit early for May '10.
  5. Paul

    One .gif to make you wonder

    Well, individual stars are one thing, complete galaxies and the potential infinity of the space itself is another thing...
  6. A heartless economist! Marketing especially is cool, and international business doesn't sound too bad either.
  7. Paul

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    Maybe 11PM. It's a very elastic number if I happen to have a critical deadline on the next day.
  8. Paul

    What do you ask in an interview?

    I think that you should rather ask too many questions than too few, so that you wouldn't regret anything later. And I think it'd be a plus if your questions are quite specific, so that the context is never blurred.
  9. Paul

    What have you been learning in TOK?

    I'm on IB1 now, and we haven't really had any other specific subjects, except studying sciences, how they get information etc.. Mostly it's just applying critical thinking into various issues our honored teacher has happened to stumble upon.
  10. Paul

    TOK presentation help need!

    Well, how about comparing the different habits people in various countries have of using body language, and how it causes misunderstandings? Though I can't really see how you could get a very TOKish issue out of this.
  11. Paul

    English HL Written tasks

    I'm still a teeny-weeny IB1 kiddo, but I've heard that it's not exactly easy to get good marks from a poem. It'd require a very good understanding of various literary devices, and you should probably be experienced in writing poems, or at least reading and understanding them. But then again, you probably wouldn't be considering a poem as a possibility in the first place if you weren't interested in poetry. Post scriptum: heja Finland!
  12. Paul

    Group work - yay or nay?

    Yay! Learning to work in a group is very important when thinking about your future. Sure, there are some people out there whom with you'd rather not work, but I think that just shows that you and them have to learn a bit about groupwork. Plus, working in a group usually stimulates people to be more accountable and diligent!
  13. Paul

    YOGA for cas

    I'm sure that yoga could be considered Action, at least if it's not from the extreme spiritual side of the palette.
  14. Creativity! I do enjoy the arts, but the fuss about having an adult supervisor and all that... Bah!
  15. Paul

    Why IB?

    Aldarion pretty much summed up what most of the Finnish IB students were thinking when they stumbled down the rabbit hole. I knew very little of IB when I applied here, mostly just that the curriculum is in English. Finding out what the curriculum is really about frightened me a little at first, but I'm pretty happy I chose IB. At least I've learnt a little how to work when you don't feel like it.

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