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  1. Is it worth applying to Mcmaster for chem engineering.Any good unis apart from UOT,Waterloo,UBC and Mcgill for Chem Engineering. How is track 3 engineering programme in UOT and Mcgill. Can current mcgill/UOT students provide their views on Track 3 option. Do all unis in Canada provide accomdation for 4 yrs. How easy is it to find accomadation outside the Uni.Any advice on application process. Thanks Justin
  2. Which would would best choices out of these MANCHESTER,BATH,BIRMINGHAM,UCL,SHEFFIELD,NOTTINGHAM and SURREY for chemical engineering.How is Warick's general engineering programme. Thanks Rafter
  3. RAfter

    BNM internal SL

    what supporting documents can be used apart from newspaper articles, videos, P/L accounts, balance sheets and interview transcripts. Is primary research necessary? What's the format for an S.L commentary as it is not mentioned in the BNM guide. Thanks
  4. RAfter

    IB grades for Singapore

    HI I would to know the Ib grades required to get into NUS and NTU. My friend had visited both Unis but they did not tell about the grade required to get in. Can any IB students studyinhg in Singaore Unis tell me about it? Is Ielts rewuired or SAT sufficient? Do you get scholarships? Can anyone tell me about the work bond schemes in Singapore ? Thanks
  5. RAfter

    BNM EE in HR Help

    Is it true BNM EEs on HR and Marketing are harder to score an A because they are common? Besides that HR based EEs only make use of theories and financial statements for costing. Is there anything else that can be used in the essay to make different? Any Ideas Thanks
  6. RAfter

    Chem Engineering in Uk and Canada

    That's 38/42 and 2 points for TOK and EE
  7. RAfter

    Chem Engineering in Uk and Canada

    HI I am interested in doing chem engineering. Can some one give advice on which place is best,the IB scores required, SAT/IELTS/ToEFL required, un-conditional/conditional offer. I would like to know about the Co-op in Cananada and is it a paid/unpaid internship. How many years is the degree with Co-op?What are the grades required for fee waivers and scholarship. How are the living expenses in these places. My predicted grade is 40 out 45. Is it good for scholarship? Thanks
  8. RAfter

    Changing my display name?

    Can you change my display name to RAfter
  9. Hi I would like to get into imperial. They seem to have increased the scores from 34 to 39. Do they take students below 39 as i am getting about a 38 with 7 in chem Hl, 6 in phy and math Hl.Are these scores good enough? Do you get any scholarships in Uk and Cananda as many people say you don't for under-grad courses -how far is this true? What are good unis in Cananda for Chem-Engineering and what ib scores do they require. Is IElTS required for a student getting 6 in IB english sl? Are the IELTS fine for Canada or do they prefer the SAT 1. Do you require to write essays for Canada unis other than personal statement.What are dates for applying in the Canada. Thanks.
  10. RAfter

    Free softwares available for math portfolio

    We have Casio calculators that don't have usb ports. Then how do I prove I used the calculator.
  11. hi I am doing my portfolio.Can you name some math softwares that are free. Is it necessary to use a software when they say use technology? Or is it fine just the calculator and ms-word for typing. Ideally how long does it take to do a portfolio. Thanks
  12. HI I take BNM and it's hard to score even if you study hard. It's common sense with business tactics and terms in your answers. It's very subjective. Whereas Economics is hard core subject, it's not soft subject like BNM. Besides that they are increasing grade borderies to make Bnm a hard subject and no longer a soft subject. BNM internals is like a bnm EE except for the word count. The level of analysis is high, whereas in Eco, there are 4 internal assignment of 1000 words max. So I think Eco HL is surely a better option.
  13. a thesis statement should tell the examiner, what he/ she should expect in the essay. don't be general, be precise. it should be around 3-4 lines, around 25-35 words. It's kind of like putting forth your points.
  14. RAfter

    If I Want To Study Medicine...

    Chemistry is really important because as link to biology. for example , there are amino acids in our body. Chemistry is used to study the structure.
  15. RAfter


    If I get 37-40 out of 42 ( predicted score) in IB, 2000 in sat 1 and above 750 in math level 2, chem and physics in sat 2. Do I stand chance to get full scholarship in NTU, NUS and SMU for double majors or fee wavers? Can I get credits due to which the length of course can be decreased. Can you tell me about working bond, that after graduation is it necessary to work in singapore? Are there any carreer opportunities in singapore for people in the marketing, HR and Finance fields and what about the chemical engineering side ? Thanks

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