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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows how to delete the topics that you have posted which have been locked by the administrator?
  2. yess i think so because I have french ab intio and I took the igcse's last year
  3. Yess! and also now, it has a stop bullying thing associated with Cartoon Network so that can be an awareness cause thank you for replying back
  4. Okay so there's this website I know called bitstrips and since in this website, you make comics (creativity) and make them for free and then share it with the world, I was wondering if this could be considered as CAS? I mean I gave a second thought to this as it is sort of like a social network and next thing you know, facebook wouldd be considered as CAS :/ just to let you know, this is the website http://www.bitstrips.com/
  5. So, I have my TOK presentation in 2 weeks and I decided to do mine on something related to ghosts. It would be about how religion and psychological effects (like emotions after watching a scary movie or reading a horror book etc) change your view or belief towards ghosts and other haunting stuff. And then related it to science, proofs and reality etc. I just need to form a question but my mind is completely blur right now HEELPPP??
  6. I have my group 4 presentation next week so does anyone have any ideas on how my group can wow the teachers off their feet Oh just for additional details: our project was about smells : like smells are emotions, making a perfume and we're doing a powerpoint presentation but i think that's too mainstream so any ideas at all would be appreciated
  7. Okay this is something really stupid to talk about here, but yesterday was my group 4 project and i did something really awful which I regret. Well in the beginning,all my group 4 teachers thought that i was the only person in my group who cared and it was true but then yesterday my group started co operating and we were done with our work pretty early, and the teachers asked us to take pictures and i used my phone but someone kept texting me and i just told them to shut up but my teacher thought that i was texting and i got some points off long story short if i do the presentation and the report write-up well, will i be able to make up for the points i lost?
  8. So, as i am the only one in my group doing everything, I wanted to do a group 4 project on oil and i wanted to do it on lava lamp, if that makes sense. So what i plan to do is to make a lava lamp from oil, food colouring and water. But the thing is, the only subject we have here is physics (for density of water) Can you please help me with biology and chemistry? I was thinking of something to do with food colouring for chemistry. Like how it's made and for biology, about water. But then my group 4 project would be about home made lava lamps and i don't think that's good.
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