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  1. sheepdog9

    Studying for Geography

    [quote name='journalism93' post='40228' date='Mar 14 2009, 11:37 AM']just a quick question... how do you guys study for ur geography exams/tests? im finding it difficult to cover all the syllabus points, case studies and massive multiple paged handouts.. so looking for everyones opinion to help me and hopefully everyone else on here with their geo studies please feel free answer!! + if anyone wants to start up note sharing for geography it would be great..[/quote] Just make sure you know 3 case studies per topic and the rest is mostly common sense IB hopeless
  2. sheepdog9

    Dutch A1 Self taught

    [quote name='anuskina' post='43077' date='Apr 13 2009, 01:04 AM']im taking spanish self taught, but i havent heard a thing about alternative oral, what is it?[/quote] It's a part of the IA (internal assesment). You are given a question about a book which you have read and need to give a 5 to 10 minute presentation on it. it is done at the same time as the oral commentary, which will need to be 10 to 15 minutes and you have 25 minutes to prepare (both need to be prepared within these 25 minutes). The alternative oral questions are things like, what tone is portrayed in the book and why. IB hopeless
  3. I have been taking Dutch A1 Self taught for the past 1 year and 8 months. It hasnt been going great but up to now i was doing ok. The problem is that i have to do an Alternative Oral and it sucks. I've spent aprox. 3 days on 1 question and i still have 2 to go. After doing the first one the second and third seem easier but i havnt made much progress, now im just sitting here wondering weather anyone else is also doing a language A1 self taught and might be able to help me with the alternative oral. Thanks for your help, Dutch Stoner Dutch A1 SL English A2 HL Geography HL Math SL Physics SL Chemisty HL
  4. sheepdog9

    2012... Ominous or not?

    I seriously dont believe that the world is going to freeze over because of some astroid. Besides, if it really is that big would it already have smacked into the sun or something like that? just imagine the two gravitational forces between the two masses. there is no way that the astroid could have survived that long if it really is as big as people say it is.
  5. sheepdog9

    English HL Written tasks

    [quote name='laurawa' post='27695' date='Nov 3 2008, 09:28 PM']Also, I switched to Emily ****inson (not sure if it was a good idea, though).[/quote] Emily ****inson is a good choice for writting a poem. She is great at showing important things in very little words. Good luck with it!
  6. sheepdog9


    start with a very detailed research about native indians and then look for all kinds of simularities, even the smallest ones can help you write and essay because many of those are part of a larger image which is trying to be portrayed. Good luck!
  7. sheepdog9

    I'm wondering...

    The IB is not as difficult as many people claim it to be. you need dedication and be willing to work. If both of those are no problem for you then the IB isn't that difficult.
  8. sheepdog9

    Infinite surd

    Still dont realy understand, but thanks for the help anyways!
  9. sheepdog9

    What do you do Friday nights?

    Friday nights i don't do much, just hang with some friends and grab something to eat in town. Saturday nights however, i like a lot. i enjoy hopping from club to club with class mates and making the streets unsafe. then on sundays work really hard to catch up with work that i should have done on friday and saturday
  10. sheepdog9

    Watching Movies for CAS

    Watching movies as CAS could be a problem, but if you are the one who started the group and organises everything then it counts as CAS. Setting up a club or social groups is considered to be both Creativity and Service. Good luck!
  11. sheepdog9

    Driving lessons.

    I don't think that it's seen as creativity, unless you would have developed the lesson plans yourself. it can been seen as service if you are the one teaching but otherwise i think you should look for something else, like dance, Vis. arts or Per. arts, even something like learning in instrument would be a good idea for creativity. Hope this helps
  12. writting an extended essay in the sciences isn't as difficult as many people say it is. Just think of it as a very long praticle with many calculations and a reasonably long conclusion, which includes a full analysis of the topic and all kinds of realistic improvements, not things such as "i will pay better attention when im working on the praticle." Hope this helps!
  13. sheepdog9

    changing topics?

    Our school doesnt make us sign a sheet, but they do suggest us to have a deffinite essay tittle before the end of the first school year. However you dont have to stick to this, i changed my topic 4 times in the last 2 months and have finally found something im truely interested in.
  14. Its different for everyone. i myself have a huge problem with creativity, after having finsihed both action and service ive been really focused on creativity but its hard to find something. i've been trying to find myself a hiphop dance teacher, but have failed so far. i believe that learning something from the arts is a great thing for creativity.
  15. sheepdog9


    [quote name='692287002' post='27707' date='Nov 4 2008, 12:56 AM']I am lost in my reaserch...I am researching The Wars and i cannot find info in the elements... Have any ideas? [/quote] I suggest you start of with researching about the wars and trying to find as much information as possible about it. Highlight the important points and then see how they are relevant to what you are doing. Hope this helps

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