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  1. KewlKidV

    Concerning the New CAS

    We have the new system as well. I would've much preferred the 150 hours, so much easier.
  2. KewlKidV


    I haven't really gotten any bad % yet, I was just wondering if a forum like this would pop up on there.
  3. Usually I try to pick apart whatever I have just read and immediately point out flaws but I can't get around to doing the same for this book. It's just so well thought out and incredibly effective. Has anybody read it? Favorite passages or quotes? I read it for Spanish A1 HL but I'm going to read it in english over the summer for fun.
  4. KewlKidV


    OK, so the past few days I've had tons of questions that I wanted to post here but each time I realized that whatever I was writing about had to be turned in through turnitin.com Does anybody use this program? My teachers use it for every single one of my classes and it just freaks me out that I might be plagarizing in any way. Last year one of my best buddies got expelled from school for copying about two lines and running it through turnitin.com I know it sounds paranoid and obviously if I got help from here I'd change the words or make it a more original idea, I just get scared at the thought that I might get a 20% plagarized on my paper or something. Anybody feel the same way?
  5. I was looking at the GIF thread about planets and stars and couldn't help but wonder, is there life out there? (I'm not talking about illegal foreigners.) I personally would think that it'd be impossible for us to be the only ones in the entire universe. It's huge! (excuse the random topic, I've been on a TOK essay all day )
  6. KewlKidV

    Why IB?

    Wow I don't have any of the same reasons you guys do, about programs being offerend and parents forcing you to do it. I still haven't quite figured out why I'm doing it but I'll get back to you on that.
  7. KewlKidV

    What do you do Friday nights?

    Partying, most naturally.
  8. KewlKidV

    What song are you listening to?

    Kevin Rudolf - Let it Rock
  9. KewlKidV

    Has IBSurvival.com helped you?

    I've been here just a couple of days and I already decided that Im not going anywhere. From what I've seen, people here are super helpful so I'm looking forward to posting more.
  10. KewlKidV

    Procrastination !

    I wouldn't say the IB is my problem, it's more like the procrastination it triggers. Welcome to the club.
  11. Hey kman! I don't really know the answer to your question but thought it was such a coincidence that you came across this site while looking for help for your Econ IA, because I needed help for it too and started posting today. I hope someone can help you with that question.
  12. KewlKidV


    [quote name='Hedron123' post='29378' date='Nov 30 2008, 06:09 PM']Hey, I wanted to ask you people what is the subject Theatre like. In my school we cannot choose Theatre, just Art. Thanks! [/quote] When I first took Drama in 9th grade, I thought it would just be acting and performances and fun, but was taken by surprise at all we had to write. It's a lot of theory and terminology and historical research! At the same time, it involves a lot of creativity and working with the aspect of theatre which you enjoy the most (for the Independent Project the IB requires.) I'd say it's one of my most satisfying courses, but also one of the most time consuming. I dropped down from HL to SL because it was too hard for me. It's too bad they don't offer it at your school because it really is a lot of fun (especially putting on performances!)
  13. [quote name='deissi' post='29372' date='Nov 30 2008, 05:53 PM']You [i]don't[/i] have to state the name of the article and what it deals with in the beginning. If you look at the example portfolios provided with the Teacher Support Material, you'll notice that even the one that scored 20/20 points doesn't do that. Since you're short on words in the Econ IA, you don't want to waste your time by stating the obvious. Instead, you'll want to start by defining the key concepts in your article: "Inflation can be defined as the...", which will be your first paragraph (~100 words?). Hedron explained the ending quite well, you want to end it with an evaluation where you talk about short-term vs. long-term and possibly about different stakeholders etc.[/quote] Alright cool, thanks deissi. Also, I was wondering if exploring possible solutions to a shortage of a product in the short run versus the long run would be okay for an evaluation?
  14. [quote name='Hedron123' post='29362' date='Nov 30 2008, 03:40 PM']Hey. Well, at the beginning you have to introduce the article by saying: "The article to be analysed is titled [i]China tightens monetary policy to reduce inflation[/i] and was published in The Times. It deals with the macroeconomic issue of inflation, referring to the specific policies that the goverment may use to lessen the effect of the latter on the economy." You can also say something like you will be devoted to the analysis of it so as to be able to evaluate the effectiveness/consequences of the implementation of such policies, etc. Along the commentary you must define economic terms, use appropriate diagrams and quote parts of the article you find significant. Remember that the word limit is 650-750 (the examiners are very strict). In the conclusion, you must present an evaluation that could be something like this: "To conclude, as it has been seen, the government might be able to cool down the economic activity by rising interest rates, thus lowering the level of consumption and investment. In the short-run, this policy would be effective as both consumption and investment are components of the AD and, by lowering the level of any of them, the AD curve shifts inwards (arriving at an APL lower than before). However, in the long-run, the cooling off of the economy may lead to an increase in the level of unemployment...". This is just an invented example. I hope it is useful for you to start!.[/quote] Woah, that's super helpful! Thank you!
  15. KewlKidV

    Theater Arts HL

    Journals are pretty much essential to the Theatre Arts course and will be very helpful for your exam. I'm sure the IB strongly reccommends it.

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