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  1. Hey everyone, I need to write an IA in biology (HL) and it has to do with human health and physiology, more specifically with heart rate or respiration. Does anyone have any feasible ideas? thanks, cguerin
  2. cguerin

    Interview the person below you

    Haha yes a dog and a hamster. Have you ever been to 9gag?
  3. cguerin

    How to go about answering multi choice papers?

    Quickly read over them all, and answer the ones that are obvious. Do not waste over 1 minute trying to solve an impossible question! you might not get the point for that question, and you lose the opportunity to answer easier, more obvious ones
  4. cguerin

    Literature & Language Extended Essay

    Hello, I am really sorry but the past EE I have to show you might not be exactly relevant, but I can also help with writing the essay. Do you have an appendix? It is useful to show scanned examples of photographs from the magazine, and analyze them as you would analyze any advertisement: - ask yourself what is the message - what is the goal of the image? what is it trying to achieve? - who is the intended audience? - and how is the message conveyed? (words, layout, color, image, symbols, emotional appeal) http://www.uaisresearch.com/uploads/2/7/1/6/2716219/english_2.pdf the link to the extended essay ^ is not mine I simply found it online
  5. Mitosis and the cell cycle annotated notes
  6. cguerin

    Genetic Engineering Notes

    Most important is page 9-12 and 16-19
  7. Has history shown us that ethics have progressed over time?
  8. cguerin

    Chemistry HL exam help

    question bank, you can buy it from the site or download free
  9. cguerin

    CAS Guide

    This is the complete guide to completing your CAS requirements and gives examples for the three categories.

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