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  1. HJ:)

    "I missed...."

    I miss going shopping and starbucks !!! ):
  2. HJ:)

    Waiting time after application

    They should send you an e-mail saying that they've received your applications and in that e-mail, they tell you when they will announce the final decision. (:
  3. HJ:)

    This or That!

    If you're talking about hot air balloons I'll definitely go for Balloons Prom or Graduation?
  4. HJ:)

    Ban the person above you

    I dont get what you've just said do banned LOOl
  5. HJ:)

    This or That!

    aren't they the same thing??? oh well, I'd rather live in an oil rig. Live in a 60 degrees house or minus 60 degrees house?
  6. HJ:)

    Interview the person below you

    I'll think it's getting late, sunsetting, have a walk on the red carpet and go back in the house, too lazy to go out anyway, and about the call? I'll call them back telling them they'll die in 7 days What was the most embarrasing thing you did in class? (be honest)
  7. HJ:)

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for dissing Mac. LOL
  8. If I were you, I would check with your biology teacher
  9. HJ:)

    Finding number of moles

    thank God I don't take chemistry, less formulas to memorize
  10. HJ:)

    Biology SL/HL help

    Thanks Maha, you're a lifesaver ;P oh um.. another question, what do i do if it is a linked ?? my exams very soon, next week the teacher told us that she is going to put a question on every chapter we took so it's putting a stress on me. by the way, maha thanks
  11. HJ:)

    Biology SL/HL help

    can you explain the answer for this question? Explain how the properties of phospholipids help to maintain the structure of cell membranes. Thanks again
  12. HJ:)

    Biology SL/HL help

    MAHA~~~ i need help. I forgot how to answer these questions I'm studying for my finals and revising but this question.......is #[email protected]#%@$^[email protected]^[email protected]^@$ In a species of plant, tall is dominant to short and the production of round seeds is dominant to that of wrinkled seeds. The alleles are unlinked. A plant heterozygous for both characteristics is crossed with a plant homozygous for tall with wrinkled seeds. Use the letters: T – allele for tall t – allele for short R – allele for round seed r – allele for wrinkled seed. Determine the phenotypes and genotypes of the offspring of this cross. can you tell me steps of how to solve this???
  13. HJ:)

    Finding number of moles

    Although I don't take chemistry, this question got me hooked. Calculate the molarity of an HCl solution if 25.0 mL of the solution is neutralized by 15.5 mL of 0.80 M NaOH I took this in IGCSE last year but forgot everything about it, and it is really frustrating can anyone help me solve this? I forgot all the steps!! Thank you
  14. HJ:)

    [ITGS] Revision

    Well, the way I revise is I write lists of questions about the subject like when you see the definition of a word, I would put 1. Define: (and the list of words) and for the detailed information for example about the software piracy, i would write,: Explain 6 software piracy. and at the end, I would answer them and after all that, just tick the ones you had problems with and finito, revision finished.
  15. Ahhhhhh!!! I am not good at mental math!!!!!!!! Does it answer your question? hehehehe

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