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  1. Our school doesn't grade on the 1-7 scale, it's on an American A-F/0-100 scale. The kid's an absolute genius and devotes virtually all of his time to studying, and although I suggested he dips down to SL for a class it'll be interesting to see how it pans out for him.
  2. He knows he's not getting credit for all 6 courses but he's taking Chem HL while taking the SL exam. It's still insane though.
  3. I have a friend that's had straight 4.0s and is an IB student, next year he'll be taking Math HL, Spanish HL, English HL, Bio HL, Chem HL, and History HL. @[email protected] Do you know anyone like this?
  4. king2010

    The key to getting a 7 in History

    I used to be horrible in History around freshman year, but now I'm in IB1 and it's coming more easily for me. Once you understand WHY things happen and not simply what happens History becomes pathetically easy.
  5. king2010

    Am I pretty much screwed?

    3.75 the second mark period now, I'm feeling better about my chances. =]
  6. king2010

    No social life = IB diploma?

    I've gotten a 3.625 and a 3.750 this semester being IB and it hasn't affected my social life at all.
  7. king2010

    Am I pretty much screwed?

    my school doesn't have AP so no. thanks for the help, it's comforting to know that I can still take control of my future. also, does anyone that has tried to get into UW-Madison or has gotten into UW-Madison have any input? EDIT: I just realized, I have an aunt, a grandfather, and at least three other relatives that I remember that graduated from UW-Madison. will this help any?
  8. king2010

    Am I pretty much screwed?

    basically, could a low cumulative GPA and truancy make them deny me despite how good my next two years are, being an IB student?
  9. king2010

    Am I pretty much screwed?

    I'm a junior, IB2 I'll be taking: Math Studies SL Spanish SL English HL Biology HL Economics SL Americas HL sorry for the confusion, I was under the impression that bio/english/history were considered SL in IB1 and HL in IB2 >_>
  10. king2010

    Am I pretty much screwed?

    there's affirmative action in the U.S., plus at Madison they're desperate for black students from King. although it's not necessarily how I want to be judged I'll take the second chance at this point. sorry IBstuck, brainfart lol
  11. Service. I'm in Jazz Band and Swim Team so 50 hrs for each will go by fast. But 46 more Service hours...
  12. king2010

    Am I pretty much screwed?

    Thanks for the answers. Could I get a little more clarification from someone, preferably in the US?
  13. king2010

    Predicted grades

    Thanks but that doesn't completely answer my question, this year would they only predict my Geography score?
  14. king2010

    Predicted grades

    How are predicteds determined? I'm worried because I'm awful in Biology and I wouldn't want a low predicted to hurt my chances at any universities. Note: I'm only taking the Geography SL exam this year because I'm a junior. Is this the only class I'd get a predicted grade in?
  15. king2010

    Math Studies Abuse and Respect

    Just to clarify, I'm taking the Math Studies HL exam next year, I'm not taking the SL exam. And yes, I'm going into History/Geography/Psychology/Politics.

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