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  1. So this year's G4 project is on transportation. Since I'm only in Biology IB, then I have to do a bio G4. So my group decided to do something on diffusion (passive transport, transport of water, teacher approved of that). So we want to manipulate the colour/ wavelength of light shone upon a plant and see how it affects the rate of diffusion of water in the roots. We're going to measure the mass of the plant before and after a certain time frame. The colour of light used will be altered (6 colours of light used) with 6 plants (all the same types). We are going to shine the light on the plant in a room fairly dark so no external light can affect the plant and be shone upon the plant. We're going to time each plant around 20 min (time frame can change from 10 min to 24 hours, depending on your suggestions). We're going to water the plant 10-20 mL of water and then start timing. Don't spoil the result and tell me if it will work or not, just tell me if it's a good idea and some improvements and suggestions. As well, is it possible to do all this within 1 week given only 4 work periods starting now? Thanks!
  2. So I'm doing a lab and I'm stuck on this one question, "Present evidence for the existence of orbitals.". So I am provided with this table of elements all the way to fermium with covalent radii, ionic radii, atomization energy, the first, second, third, and fourth ionization energy, bond energy for the element to fluorine, to hydrogen, to oxygen, and to itself. It's due tomorrow so I need an answer or hints fast. Attached is the data which I"m supposed to use to support my explanation. Elements.xlsx
  3. But how do you show that there was destructive interference at P?
  4. No one can do that. First of all, we have no access to our own papers. Once we hand it in, we can never get it back but we can get the mark back. Secondly, it is against IB rules to post such a thing as it will suspend us and potentially expel us from IB. Thirdly, giving you something to look at isn't really helpful. Lastly, we just can't do it.
  5. So my Group 4 project is thermal energy and all I have been able to come up are the ideas all my physics and chemistry teachers call "simple". That's a bad thing so I need to come up with an idea for my Group 4 Project about thermal energy in chemistry or physics. This is my first time doing the G4 project and I need major help coming up with an idea because the topic is kind of to think about. Thanks!
  6. Somebody help me!!!!!! I need to gain all 25 hours of Action before April 30th and I need to do it within my range. I currently live in Calgary and need some place to get action hours near Huntington! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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