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  1. Zostale

    I.B files. Your wait is over !

    @Viska : I took English A Literature SL.
  2. Zostale

    Name Your IB School

    The Galaxy School, Rajkot, India.
  3. Zostale

    Best Textbooks for HL?

    Chemistry HL : Pearson is the best. An Oxford study guide would help in the last few months. Physics HL : Tsokos is an all time favorite. It prepares you much better. I'm not aware about Biology
  4. Zostale

    Chemistry HL P1 and P2

    Paper 2 was something ! Pure application based. In paper 3- further organic, i was uncertain about the last mechanism :| I hope the threshold for paper 2 would be low this time.
  5. Hello guys ! How did you find the exam in general? I hope we can discuss most of the papers now. Personally, i think i did a good job in Physics, B&M, and Chemistry to an extent. Math paper 2 and 3 were a challenge ! English was quite manageable.
  6. Zostale

    Super Chemistry Review Notes

  7. Can anybody reply me asap ?
  8. My first Math IA on Logarithm bases- task 1
  9. Hey i don't very much get the last point of the second part- when modulus of a+ib is not equal to one. Is it a limitation to the already generalized formula ?
  10. Zostale

    BMI vs. Fitness Graph

    what is this exactly ?
  11. http://polymathemati....lest_math.html this could be helpful as well. P.S the portfolio ain't so easy as it seems sometimes...its in real depth guys if you know what i mean. Some parts are only for the geniuses to explore.
  12. Looks like factorization actually has something to do with the product of the line segments. http://www.cut-the-knot.org/arithmet...shtml#Solution
  13. Zostale

    Factors affecting the rate of reation

    food chemistry is also a good option

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