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  1. do you happen to be a woman? just wondering... because if you are, 1 Timothy 2:11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. but hey, I didn't say this. YOUR book did.
  2. josephchoi

    IB Girls and Guys

    Trust - who do ya? Trust - what makes U a real lover? Trust - I put this question to ya Cuz I want U 2 be with me Money - how much'll make U happy? U can have it all if it'll suit U right But nothin', I said nothin' can take the place Of U and me kickin' it tight, tight! Come, it's easy Just let yourself go - don't put up a fight Sex - it's not that type of party Girl, we're gettin' higher 2 night
  3. josephchoi

    Does God exist?

    That still boils the argument down to "because our mind might be messed up... God exists" it's worse than the whole "I think therefore God exists" argument.
  4. josephchoi

    Does God exist?

    don't turn around. there's a giant invisible pink unicorn behind you. It moves so fast, you can't touch it or feel it. But it's there. you can't PROVE it's not there!
  5. josephchoi

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    dead. or a dictator. both sound good for me
  6. josephchoi

    Does God exist?

    So God is a Mind? and vague prophesies that have myriad of different interpretations is bound to get SOMETHING right. and don't be offended. If God's who you say he is, he's a big boy. Let him deal with this issue.
  7. josephchoi

    Does God exist?

    isn't that hypothesis tantamount to Pascal's Wager? That little thing can be broken down to this. If god exists: If you believe the wrong god, you're screwed. (so that's one of literally 10000s) If you don't do exactly as the holy scripture says, even if it happens to be the right god, you're screwed. If god does not exist: You basically wasted your life doing some strange pointless rituals and self-imposed prohibitions Frankly I don't know what's worse.
  8. Not morals, laws. But yeah I see where you guys are coming from. But still no Carrot Top!
  9. cuz that's better than Hitler, Stalin, and more of Carrot Top. Right. But seriously, YES I have seen the Terminator. Great action movie, but c'mon- let's away with the Frankenstein syndrome. The Skynet was created as an AI defense system not as the governing machine itself. For sake of clarity, I say it should be based roughly on Asimov's 3 laws, but modified obviously to fit the protocol. So to Not harm humans, or by inaction cause harm. However, when there are two or more humans involved, the machine should use necessary force to stop such opposition between them. By necessary force I mean to stop the attacker, let's say from attacking, but not kill or seriously (as in permanently) damage the person. and YES. I do mean Carrot Top is among the worst! Ever seen that guy without his bag of tricks? Dear Lord!
  10. hmm perhaps I worded it wrong... how's this sound? whatever benefits the society the most, in the sense that it preserves the most # in their best conditions?
  11. Buddhistic morals at least the planet will be a better place.
  12. I say we should be ruled by robots/machines with a set code of morals/laws that stresses benefits for the society.
  13. My thought? if they want to marry, let the bloody marry. Not my problem. Don't hurt nobody, and it make'em happy. so WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? and Alfabeta. Just because the bible says you can get away with raping a virgin by paying her father 15 shekels... it's okay?
  14. josephchoi

    Does God exist?

    Before I begin, I gotta apologize, since I'm not much of a sugarcoating type of person... here we go. My personal belief is that God does not exist, or that if he does, his existence is irrelevant to our own, or at the very least our daily life. Many ask questions such as "well if there's no god, then how was there a big bang?" I say it's energy. Energy was here perpetually. Energy caused the big bang. Now whether I'm right or wrong, or that what I say is contradictory to the physics law, that I don't know. If I'm wrong let me know. Most of the pro-god arguments are "the world is so unique/diverse. God must be it" It frankly sounds like to me "I don't get it, so God must've done it." Almost all of the argument is the whole "god of the gaps" theory. For the whole "it's your belief/my belief" people... Thanks, but I'd rather not believe and duke off with a God than to get the proverbial bum's rush cuz I ate bloody pork on sundays. I mean what the hell is that about? Most of the more universal morals just make bloody sense. Then there's the whole bible/torah/koran or whatever book you use, what's with the really ridiculous laws that you gotta keep? Sounds like to me God is some low-self esteem dude who's really got nothing better to do than meddle with peoples' lives. If he's there. I mean if there's a god and I meet him in the ol' afterlife, I'd say he deserves a good talking to. If he's anything like what people say, he'd understand. If not, hey I'm gone for good. Whatever. And what's so bad about being a bloody result of an accident? isn't the whole idea of some all powerful vague god with so many contradictory rules so that either way you're getting it in the ass a lot worse?

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