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  1. eblake

    Discussion about Uni Offers 2009

  2. eblake

    Discussion about Uni Offers 2009

    I don't consider myself particularly able as a candidate, but I think it has to do with being an internationals seeking aid.
  3. eblake

    SATs does not seem to matter?!

    I agree. Creeping CC, I don't see much relation between SAT scores and decisions. However, I've yet to see a single URM rejected. Maybe it's... diversity this year?
  4. eblake

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    Congrats! I got rejected from Amherst today. They sent out early notifications by email because I'm an international. How did you fare, mathpoet? Edit: Nevermind.. I can see on the other thread. Congrats on that too.
  5. eblake

    May IB Exams

    Does anyone else feel that they're totally not ready for this...?
  6. eblake

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    Oh good. So you are human mathpoet: (I'm no admissions officer either) Amherst is quite selective. With your extracurriculars, essay and predicteds, you have a fair chance: just like anyone else, which is something like 11% this year. I think Carleton sounds more likely, but best of luck to you regardless.
  7. eblake

    MIT Decision

    Ruan CHun Xian - yeah! haha March 14 at 1:59 PM - 3.14159.
  8. eblake

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    M 770 CR 720 Let's not discuss my writing score.
  9. eblake

    McGill Arts & Science Program

    Rawrn3ss: I got into McGill too! Maybe I'll see you there next year?
  10. eblake


    Oh, I didn't know conditions are determined by program. It does seem kind of obvious now though.. haha. Durham is something like my third choice. I applied to PPE. I'll probably look around the student room to find out what the other admittees were asked of. If anyone here was accepted to PPE at Durham, please post your conditions here. Thanks Hyperbole =)
  11. eblake

    Intended Majors

    Singularly it's Philosophy, Political Economy, Economics-Philosophy or Politics, Philosophy and Economics. haha Dual-degree wise, it would be Philosophy and Illustration (or Painting).
  12. eblake


    Hi all, I was accepted with conditions to Durham today, and I have two questions that maybe you can answer. 1. What does it mean that I have lower conditions for Durham than everyone else here? (Mine is only 36 points.) Is it simply that less is expected of me because my predicteds are just lower? 2. On UCAS, apparently I selected "campus 4". I admit I didn't do my research with regards to the colleges at Durham, so likely my choice was random. Can anyone tell me what "campus 4" is, so I can pay my due and look it up now? Your help is really, really appreciated. Thank you in advance. - me
  13. eblake

    University Offers 2009

    Predicteds SL: 7-6-5 HL: 7-6-6 EE/TOK: A/A Total: 40/45 UK 99. University College London - Some combo of P, P, E - Accepted 99. University of Warwick - PPE - Rejected 99. Durham University - PPE - Accepted 99. University of Bristol - Some combo of P, P, E - Accepted 99. University of St. Andrews - Some combo of P, P, E - Accepted US 1. Brown University - Rejected 1. Cornell University - College of Architecture, Art and Planning - Rejected 2. Harvard College - Rejected 1. Amherst College - Rejected 2. Williams College - Rejected 2. Wellesley College - Waitlisted 2. RISD - Illustration - Rejected 3. Colgate University - Accepted 99. Georgetown University - Georgetown College - Waitlisted 99. University of Chicago - Rejected Canada 99. McGill University - Accepted 99. Queen's University - Accepted 99. University of Toronto - Trinity College - Accepted Comments
  14. eblake

    UCL Applicants

    Alright, thanks for your replies!
  15. eblake

    UCL Applicants

    Hi there, For those of you who have already heard back from UCL, approximately how long after your application did you receive a response? Thanks in advance.

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