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  1. Biology HL 6 Chemistry HL 6 Arabic B HL 6 English A1 SL 6 ITGS SL 7 Math SL 7 38 TOK B EE C... Will remark my EE! was predicted by many supervisors an A!! Additional points 1 Total 39.
  2. dexter

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    The plasmid question: 1.E.Coli OR Prokaryote. I think they will accept them both. 2.Plasmid 3.DNA code 4.Transgenic organism/Gentically Modified Organism As for the Database question, the first site is better than site 2 same reasoning a few posts ahead me said (because of storage of fats) and the Advantage: Can be very accurate. As for the Disadvantage: Since birds fly around countires they may contract diseases and using the blood testing may contaminate you, or through contact basically any argument of fear of dieases.
  3. dexter

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    Filicinophtye. It has roots and has no confiers nor flowers.
  4. dexter

    Ban the person above you

    I am pretty sure the flag you got is Jordan as well haha. So Banned for banning me for a reason that works for you as well (at least your second ban) Hope you understood me. P.S. what school are you in?
  5. dexter

    Ban the person above you

  6. dexter

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    Tropism 8 marks! Down Syndrome 8 marks. Can anyone try to draw up a mark scheme? like what to write for those 8 marks? I felt that the marks were too much!
  7. dexter

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    Parallel veins and fibrous roots and NOT floral multiple of four!
  8. dexter

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    I studied it (and I am sure everyone else as well) studied it as the Colon, but here is the contradiction the arrows are more at the colon (water inside) and we learned it as the colon BUT the numbers suggest other wise so its either one of the "Forget what you know, and depend on the diagram only hence small intestine) OR it the idea was to check if the student was reading properly since the question is asking specifically water, and it shows that the small intestine and stomach have added to the water content so as a percentage it is less. I hope its colon! Also, also (I know I over analyze it is my weakness and strength) the arrows in the key that represent water absorption were more at the colon than at the small intestine! What do you all think?
  9. dexter

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because 1.I haven't banned in a long time and more importantly 2.Nearly done with externals! BAN BAN
  10. dexter

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    it's DNA polymerase III from 5' to 3'. the water absorbtion mostly happens in the colon. Ohh My I love you! Everyone in my class were being smart asses saying since its ligase hence its the lagging strand hence 3' 5'. Also, the water, I know its colon, but as numbers it suggests small intestine! I wrote colon I hope its colon!
  11. dexter

    Bio HL Papers 1 & 2 May 2010

    the ligase question? was it 5' 3' DNA polymerase 3 or 3' 5' dna polymerase 3? ALSO, the water absorption? Was it small intestine or colon?
  12. dexter

    How hard is it to score high points in IB?

    I can only give you an answer that is may seem limited. Generally, it is not HARD, yet, it is no walk in the park. Any grade you are seeking to obtain will need hard work. Since you need to enter IB in the first point, start thinking of what subjects you will be taking (this helps a lot in terms of getting a higher grade.) Next, don't consider IB very hard, think of it this way (thousands and thousands of students are graduating every year therefore it IS possible.) Last, once you do enter IB, work hard, focus on Internal Assesments (since they are a good 10 points maybe more even) and do not forget the external exams. Good Luck.
  13. I have my Arabic B HL Oral in a week, and I was wondering, for the first 5 minutes when you talk about your topic, the criteria say do not be over rehearsed. How can I show that I am not over rehearsed when in reality I memorized the whole thing? Plus, is it ok to memorize the first 5 minutes? Arabic is my second language the only way to get a 27+ is to do so.
  14. dexter

    HL Biology IA-2 ideas, need some advice?

    1. I love that idea, never thought of it before, very creative! As Maha said, too many factors so No. 2.It is not cheating, print out the paper. Jot down notes, make your own sentences. Sometimes sites give a sheet with is blank, and tell you to fill in by collecting data, that is effective. I used an equation for chemistry i found online.
  15. It is official, all IB ITGS teachers are horrible! I haven't met one good one! IBO should seriously consider removing ITGS. As for your post, study Computer Confluence parallel to the Syllabus. Solve past papers, read the markband, see what it means. Everyone says "IT Terminology" well no one explained it to me. It is using both IT context words "Utility, Operating System, Feedback loop Data Mining." AND using Social/Ethical Issues when needed. I hold great pity towards future ITGS students.

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