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  1. davshere

    Maths Paper 1 (MAY08)

    that test was brutal. My class bombed it. There was crap we hadn't learned on it. One kid wrote two of the funniest answers on his test. For the interquartile range question he wrote "well I was never taught this topic but if I had been I probably would have got this right so you should just give me the 4 points." and for the last one on the soufflé he wrote "suffle...yum" All jokes aside that test is probably going to keep me from getting the diploma...
  2. davshere

    Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

    Um, and you don't? I mean...I thought that was normal...OMG?!?! AM I GAY TOO?!? jk HMS
  3. davshere

    Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

    what you missed out on Albus showing Harry the Eldar Wand? That was a slap in the face. Then again it was a quick part in book 6.
  4. davshere

    Challenging An IA Grade

    thanks you guys, I was just worried that my grade would stay low. Actually I think my ego is just bruised because he gave that other kid a higher grade than me even though she's a dunce.
  5. davshere

    Challenging An IA Grade

    Ok, so I got my first math IA back today and my teacher gave me a 15/20 on work I know is at least an 18, possibly even a 20, since I double and triple checked everything I wrote and corrected any mistakes using a 20/20 exemplar. He took off marks at places such as like Technology and Notation and such but there was no real reason for him to do that. Normally I would accept it but this is my only type I and he gave a girl in my class who did worse a higher mark while claiming that he was lowering our grades so that the IB would boost his scores up and help everyone. While I understand his reasoning there is no guarantee that he will be marked up. Do I have the right to contest the mark he gave or are his grades final? Because I would like to fight it while I have time for the grade to be changed?
  6. davshere

    Any movies you've seen recently?

    Theater wise: Cloverfield - I really liked it. DVD/Computer wise: No Reservations - it was a nice movie and helped me through my darkest hour (writing the TOK essay during an allnighter the day before it was due.)
  7. I'm going to CMUNC this year and I was wondering if anyone else in IB would be in attendance. so...anyone?
  8. I did this topic too.... I'd post it up to ask your thoughts on what I wrote but there's still time for someone to plagiarize it (I'd rather not risk it at the moment ) so I'll post it in April. I argued that Truth exists and is a result of context but I also provided my own personal definition of truth.
  9. I'm sorry but since truth is relative none of this is certain there for none of this can be proven correct......................................................................... ...............just kiddin.
  10. davshere

    Interview the person below you

    Massachusetts What's your favorite movie and why?
  11. davshere

    Interview the person below you

    I'm willing to get by on whatever score I get so long as I get the diploma What is the thing that scares you the most in this world?
  12. davshere

    The Original Who Are You Thread

    I'm 17, a 2008 candidate and I'm tryin' to prepare for the exams. I'm also the King of BS. So hypothetically I should be able to do fine.
  13. davshere

    How do you study for tests?

    History: you either get it or you don't. I get it so I don't really have to do much studying. I just read the facts and they tend to stick. Look for links and cause and effect and it should be fine next time.
  14. Can't wait until Math Paper 3. After that I will promptly walk out school and streak until I get my grades. At which point, I'll weep! (from happiness)
  15. CAS journal? what's that? All I have to do is fill out some forms...

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