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  1. When is the MS comming out anyone know ?
  2. I also got 9pi on that one so hopefully it's right but did you manage to solve the question after that one? I don't remember the question exactly but you had to plug in some values and find the value of p or something. It was really weird cause in my equation the p's cancelled out each other i think p is pi/2 in that question
  3. What about the question where it gave you the equation of a line parallel to the normal y=-1/8x i think, and you had to find k. What did you get for k?
  4. it gave you the function and the graph, you had to find some points on the graph,as well as the derivative. Then it asked to find the x intercept, i got 3pi/2. It then asked to find the area of the shaded region between 0 and 3pi/2. Oh and if i recall the function was f(x)= 6+6sinx. I got an asnwer of 9pi for the area of the shaded region
  5. So could someone give me the answer for the area of the shaded region in question 10? the one where you had to express it in terms of pi
  6. Are you sure? I seem to remember that it was 2/3 he would miss it, and one third he would catch it... Anyway, in the end I gave up, and just put 0 3 6 1/9 4/9 4/9 isn't 3 supposed to be 2/9?
  7. I'm pretty sure that the IB made a mistake in that question, and it got me stuck and I lost around 20 minutes (causing me not to have enough time for the exam)... It said that Jose misses the bus 2/3 times, and 1/3 times he obviously catches it. But then, in that table you had to copy and complete, under 0 euros, it should have been: (probability of missing the bus) * (probability of missing the bus) = 2/3 * 2/3 = 4/9 when they put that it was 1/9... Can anyone confirm this? I'm thinking about going to talk to my teacher... Hmm I think they did make a mistake Coz im pretty sure the probability he misses the bus was 2/3 so if he pays 0 euros mean he doesn't get on the bus at all (2/3)*(2/3) That means i screwd up my 6 euro box..... the probability he gets on the bus is (1/3) so if he pays 6 euro he gets on the bus both days (1/3)*(1/3)... damn
  8. Wasn't too difficult, the box we had to complete was the hardest for me. 3 means that he missed the bus ones and didn't the other day, and 6 means that he got on the bus both times tight?
  9. Yep i can confirm a 4, wut about question one where we had to find the p p(x-q)(x-r) i got 1/2 for p.
  10. So what did u guys get for the area of the shaded region in the last question? Where you had to express it in terms of pi? I got 9pi

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