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  1. 13 downloads

    A helpful measurement PPT (converted into a PDF format).
  2. 127 downloads

    Some words on how to structure your lab report.
  3. 85 downloads

    Notes on the areas mentioned in the title. They include solved examples and rehearsal tasks. I find them very useful since they're made according to the Physics syllabus and are concise and precise. Excellent for revising before the exam or just catching up with the curriculum. Hope they help!
  4. I would be interested in joining. I'm from Croatia and am currently doing my IB2.
  5. IA

    great that you are familiar with rref look at this post --> http://www.ibsurviva...dpost&pid=99521 the context might be different but basically it's asking for the same thing. Can you help me too? Please? I have NO idea what the rrf is , how to do it then? And what is considered to be an anallitically created equation? Mathematically, but how?
  6. And to think that I believed no one shares my interest in IAs. You said everything! I think so too! I really like doing them, that is true. For technology? Like you didn't use the technology or didn't use it properly right? I knoow. Our teach sometimes can be really... not helpful. But she is trying to give her best in the past few months, so she is helping. At least to understand how to do IAs at all. That is okay, I believe: 25/40. But, were you aiming higher? If yes, then that isn't really a good thing. :/
  7. IB sarcasm, so not cool. So not cool Haha, wait until I get the real grades then you can congratulate me. I'm doing an IA now )). I hopee, I hope
  8. They were confusing at first to me. I've gotten 16/20 from the first IA I did. But it was only an... exercise or sth . But now, I thiink I'm getting a handle on them. I enjoy doing IA's more then I do doing regular tasks and exams, sooo . Do I sense a bit of sarcasm here? . The fact that I enjoy doing them doesn't necessary mean high grades in them. I hope it does, but it doesn't have to
  9. Haha, to be honest. I hated my first IA (the one we did as a trial). But that is only because I had no idea what to do. So when I got the whole point of the IA's I started to enjoy them, A LOOOT! As omri said:
  10. Your opinion
  11. Agreed! Haha, why?
  12. I agree. I'm really glad I'm the last generation that'll still have portofolios in math, and lab reports in physics, and stuff
  13. I speak Croatian, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Slovenian, and a biiiiit of Russian
  14. Yup. It'll work
  15. And to think I was good in fooling people. How could I?