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  1. 526540828

    my ib language option

    thanks, but i want to go to cambridge. if i do english a1 (probably i can get 5)and ignore chinese b( i can get 7),i can have 12 point, if i do chinese a1 (only 5 i think) and english b(5 or 6, boundary is extremely high), i can only get 10 or 11 point. and if i want to study aboard, english will help me.so i really disagree with my english teacher. to be honest, i know much more words in chinese, but for both language, i have started literature yet. so literature will be new for me. to compare, i would rather choose english.by the way,if it is not about language, is it ok if i use wrong gramma or use simple sentence?
  2. hello, i have troble on choosing my first language and second language. i am a chinese, but only at level of year 8, i am in a english school now, i want to chose english a1 standard level and chinese b higher, but my english teacher said it might be hard for me to cope with, but if i chose like that, chinese b is very easy and i can just focus on english and improve it. if i chose other way around,(chinese a1 standard and english b higer), i have to work on both language and mark boundary for english b higher is very high. plus i can not find a chinese teacher to teach me here. so what can i choose?
  3. 526540828

    can i have both A level and IB qualification?

    thanks, i think i have no problem learning ib and a level at the same time. the thing is my school only offer ib, if i want to do a level, i have to teach myself which i think i am able to, but will they allow me to entry the exam, will the school offer me? also, i already finish half of the syllabus in a level, and by this end of the term i will finish them, can i have a a level exam in the end of the year 12 instead of year 13??
  4. 526540828

    cause of WWI

    all the notes for CAUSE OF WWI.
  5. now i am studying ib, but mean time if i study a level, is it ok? because cambridge have more chance to accept you,
  6. 526540828

    My Engineering Career

    Hello, I want to study engineering in the future. I am in year 11 now and my tutor suggests me to read some books about engineering, it may be helpful in the future for example in the interview, so can you please recommand some books? please.
  7. 526540828

    english A1 literature

    thanks, so teacher have to choose book from the list? so how i can get the list? my sister are in IB now, so if i ask for the list, will they be the books for me next year, will be same? she and me are in the same school!`~~
  8. hello, i am going to choose english a1 standard level next term, so i plan to read the literature books ahead, can you tell me which book i must need to read? does it change every year or we read the same books?
  9. hell everyone. please tell me the brief mark boundary for IB english B . i heard that boundary is very high and it only allows 2 or 3 mistakes if u want to get 7, i am so worried
  10. 526540828

    my ib options?

    thanks for all the suggestion. i may take chinese a1 now, but only thing worries me is that i am only year9 level of chinese, i may not be able to do chinese liturature by self teaching but i can not find a ib chinese teacher in Italy and even there is , it is about 40 euro an hour which is very expensive. if i am going for sel teaching, how i will know which book am going to study and which book is used in the exam?? DO The books for the literature change evry year? i heard the school may not allow self teach and they need constant report from my chinese tutor~??
  11. 526540828

    my ib options?

    thanks, but still i am a bit worried. firstly, if i choose english a1, i have teacher at school to teach me but if i choose chinese a1 i have to find a tutor outside school and i am not in china now so it is a bit hard and cost. also, i am going to british university, is it better to choose english a1? i come up a plan, i will read all the literature in the summer and then learn at school, it might be easy 4 me. and since chinese b hl is very easy for me, i dont need to study at all, so i can focus on english. how is it? my sister told me english a1 is easy to get mark if u really working hard~~~~~
  12. 526540828

    my ib options?

    i have igcses. but now the only problem worried me is language option
  13. 526540828

    my ib options?

    thanks, but if i choose english b hl the mark boundary to get a* is 95%, and i have to studyy both chinese and english very hard. if i chose english a1, i can easily get a* for chinese and forcus on english. i want to go to cambridge instead of chinese school so is it better to have english a1?? what do u think?
  14. 526540828

    my ib options?

    i am going to choose ib courses next month. i am a chinese and have studied chinese for 15 years. but still, chinese a1 standard level is hard so i am thinking to chose english a1 standard ,also because english a1 is easier to get the mark but i am bit worried since i only have learned english for 3 years. so how i am going to choose??? can please tell me in english a1 standard, how many books i need to read and what are they, so i can read during the holiday, and will i get 6 ??

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