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  1. I just realized that my teacher gave me the wrong marking scheme to study with over the weekend. we just finished a second (or third?) round of mocks, and I wanted to go through the most recent for next week. But, oh-behold, he (the teacher) gave me the wrong scheme. I have one for TZ1 and not TZ0. I've already tried looking for it online, but there are a lot of junk sites. If you have an electronic copy, or know where to find one, please post a reply here. Don't forget, the scheme needed is for N08/MATHL/HP2/ENG/TZ0/XX Thanks for any help.
  2. EconSurvivor

    Spanish Ab Initio: How do you study?

    Getting a 7 in spanish is about a lot more than just learning verbs, because most 7 are already fluent in spanish (natives looking for an easy grade) you need to be nearly fluent as well. For general revision through year i recomend you visit sites likes this [url="http://www.larouchepub.com/spanish/otrosart.html#"]http://www.larouchepub.com/spanish/otrosart.html#[/url], and try to read 1-2 articles every week. Circle words you don't understand that appear more than once, look them up and learn them. In the AB Inition IB exam you will be expected to read and understand articles of this language level. I'm taking the exam in may 2009; so far we've covered verbs/words in technology, politics, the media, housing, art, nature, wellbeing, health, and other smaller topics like the family, colors, dates, etc at the beginning of 2008. What you definitely need to know is: the past tense present tense imperfect tense future tense verbs done to yourself and between people (with se) personal pronouns (me,te,le,...) Gerundio Command forms Subjuntive (I think includes how to phrase recomendations, accidents, etc) I might have forgotten a few things, but these are the main areas you need to know for the exam. I can upload my AB Inition notes if you want, but it'll be at least a week before i get access to a scanner. Meanwhile i can upload some of my private notes on words (tell me if i should), which might be useful to you. How hard you need to work is up to you. A 7 means you need to work unless you're already fluent, a 6 means you have to work well enough to know every topic, but probably won't need to do that much extra work, a 5 is nothing. If you want a 5 you can probably just slack off since that's about an average grade anyway. Hope i was of help.
  3. EconSurvivor

    The Human Mischief

    Lately I've fallen into the vicious circle of procrastination. I know the impact, I know I should stop and try to do so every single day. But time and time again, I come home from school exhausted or in a bad mood; think to myself "ok start working", laugh quietly, then do something else. I don't mind small assignments, but in the wake of college essays, IB preps, exams and how work assigned by teachers tends to gravitate towards the end of semesters, I can't think of anything that won't take me at least 2-3 hours to get into, and even more if I want to do them well. I don't want to start then do something bad, given that ALL my tasks are major and will influence my life profoundly. But with out starting, my situation is only getting worse. I keep thinking, what is my life missing that allows other people to work but forces me to fail pathetically everytime. I'm a smart fellow, top of every class, but it's just too much. I don't know how to manage all my work and not disappoint myself. So until I can think of something better, I'll just procrastinate.
  4. EconSurvivor

    The Music Thread

    A life with out music is a hollow life, or at least so I've experienced. No new music in 4 months and I can't just get into a zen mood anymore. Will someone please give me some good Rock/altern groups, i've exhausted the genre with my some 10,000 songs, i expect. By the way, who are some good spanish artists? If you know other great foreign groups i'll happily look into them.
  5. EconSurvivor

    The Music Thread

    Any of you like japanese artists like Uverworld, Kotoko and Hirano Aya?
  6. EconSurvivor

    Your Worst Case Scenario

    It was our group 4 project. We chose a topic, researched it, created a presentation, organized it, learnt the relevant information, found images, tests, wrote our abstract and journals on the day we were presenting. We started 2.5 hours before it was due. It was insane, but we ended up doing pretty well.
  7. EconSurvivor

    The Music Thread

    Well I have to agree that I haven't yet found someone that shares my music taste. These are my favorite artists in order of genre. If anyone likes all or near all the artists in any one genre, please pm me and give me any similar artists you can think of. Also include their best songs. Altern: Coldplay: Recent Album and the one before that, mostly. Bloc Party: Sunday, 2 more years, the prayer, Helicopter. Travis: My eyes The Verve: Altern-Rock: Incubus: Lover hurts, admiration, Dig, Souther Girls, and I'd pass of some other songs as worth hearing. Alkaline Trio: We are Scientists: Anberlin Armor for sleep The Mars Volta: 30 Seconds to Mars: Our Lady Peace The Editors: Racing Rats, An end has a start. Interpol: Lost Prophets: Rock: Muse: (Can't go wrong here), Ablums: Blackholes and revelations, Showbiz, Origins of Symmetry. Beck: Revis: Radiohead: Limp Bizkit: Three Days Grace: Three Doors Down: The Used: Pure Ambient/Instrumental: Mogwai: A lot of their songs are used on Discovery, Auto Rock and "I Know you are but what am I?" are their main ones. Explosions in the Sky: Magic hours and some others. Boards of Canada: They're a little old now. X-ray Dogs: They do a lot of movie themes. Industrial/Rock: A Perfect Circle: Celldweller: Punk/Rock A Change of Pace: Skillet: Trapt: Gothic'ish: Evanescence: Within Temptation: Scarling Other: John Frusciante Rob Zombie: A scorpion sleeps. There are a few more, but writing this list gave me a headache. Like I said before, if you like or are familiar with a lot of this, get in touch with me.
  8. As a matter of interest, what do 7 (41-45/45) IB students when they're not at school? What is/was their daily routine; How much did they procrastinate everyday? How long did they work in one stretch? When do they start and stop working? What time frame is reserved for home work, and what for studying? Do they just combine the 2 and save time? How much do they mess around with friends? etc.. 7 students, give me some inspiration.
  9. EconSurvivor

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    I'm 17 and got to sleep between 11:30 and 12:00. My schedule looks like this: 7:15 Get up, do all the morning stuff. 7:45 Finish Breakfast and sometimes study (for Spanish or something like that, the memorizing subjects). 7:55 Take the bus and leave for school. Carry on studying. 8:10 Arrive at school, go to my first class and study until class begins. 8:30-3:30 Classes. 3:45 Arrive home, watch Tv and eat. 4:05 Start working. Take breaks every 45 min-hour 9:00 All work stops. Whatever's not done can wait until tmrw morning, or be done in class. 9:00-11:30 whatever you want. Normally chatting, maybe some revision and TV. Notice I sleep for 6.75-7.25 hours (includes 15 min time to fall asleep), I find this comfortable and sustainable. My chinese friend o the other hand has been pulling off 5 hour nights for the last 2 years, and he's been fine (a real insomniac). Find what is sustainable for you, and remember that you can't do a whole lot when you're tired.
  10. EconSurvivor

    Anti-Procrastination Methods

    Anti procrastination Techniques: The ones I'm currently using: 1) Work for 30-45 minutes then watch an episode of some series (ie Heroes, anime, Battlestar Galactica, etc). 2) Guilt Trips; the work is not going to get itself done. Remind yourself of this incessantly. 3) I) Self beration (typically works, especially if you have some shameful academic experience to allude to). II) Make yourself feel bad, how is to your discretion. (I don't think this one is sustainable.) 4) Create in your head an impression that you're working towards something. Some Goal you have a passion for. --> As you can see these are all emotional appeals. Thing i've tried in my quest to not procrastinate: -Meditation, (didn't really work) -Forcing myself to sit down (when i actually did get to sitting everything was fine. The problem of course, was sitting down). -Breaking or disposing of the things that distracted me (Games, DVDs). I discovered that the human mind is astonishingly creative in finding alternative distractions. You can always get your mom to yell at you, but there's no easy way to NOT procrastinate. I heard that chatting (messenger programs) while working increases office employee productivity dramatically. You might want to exploit that.
  11. EconSurvivor

    decisions decisions.....

    Typically your past courses don't matter too much in IB. Think of it as starting with completely new slate. I took higher physics after taking it at IGCSE lvl and found that none of what we did was ever mentioned, or even broached in my 2 year course. What little does come up, your teacher will likely review for the sake of consistency for the entire class. I recommend you know basic atomic structure and familiarise yourself with how the periodic table works. But other than that you'll probably be fine.
  12. EconSurvivor

    Econ Higher Essay Answering Styles

    I don't have that companion packet yet. Do you know where I could get it online? As a separate inquiry, when you were writing your IB exam did you focus more on theory, or graphical proof's/evidence? At the moment I only have portfolios to go by as models for my answers, but 7s there discuss graphs every second sentence. As I take it, graphs (in essays) are only so useful as they happen to coincide with what you're talking about, but shouldn't be included if they are a stretch. Is that right? [my second post ]
  13. Unfortunately I am not VIP, but i do desperately need some help with Econ essay writing. I'm an Econ higher yr 2, and up until the start of this year i was going the 7 way. This year all of a sudden a I'm 5-6. My teacher says i don't know how to answer IB questions, but he's not giving me any useful advice. So my question is, can any anyone describe the form? What do you stress? What do you define? How actively do you use graphs and how much breadth does an essay answer (IB 10 and 15 mark) need? Advice and links are appreciated, thanks.

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