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  1. ivy12003

    4 HLs

    Take a look at the exam schedule over the summer and see if taking the additional HL would put unnecessary pressure. If so, forget about it.
  2. ivy12003


    I'm assuming that 8.5 has the correct number of significant digits (and the uncertainty is correct); so the first one is fine.
  3. I absolutely LOVE the Oxford Study Guides. Yes, they may lack depth, but I always base my labs on the methodology used in the guides and always manage to score high on them. The guides are very concise; I hate textbooks that go on and on and are wordy.
  4. ivy12003

    French B SL: Level 6 to Level 7

    Learn some idiomatic expressions and revise on grammar; it's amazing the number of mistakes you can make if you don't practice.
  5. ivy12003

    My real history IA

    [quote name='BCmh' post='42107' date='Mar 30 2009, 01:08 PM']HEY everyone, I'm a struggling history student at HL level needing help on how to go about his final internal assessment. My research question is: "To what extent was the foreign policy of the USA responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962?" Any comments or help is much appreciated![/quote] Rephrase your question so that it incorporates the USA more specifically (i.e. To what extent was the USA's foreign policy on _____ responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962?"
  6. They're not going to rewrite an entire set of exams for someone whose exams got lost in the mail, lol. And it would be unfair as to how much time you got to study, etc. So I guess for convenience, that's what they do.
  7. ivy12003

    I THINK that I have an idea for my EE

    [quote name='jmartin' post='41797' date='Mar 27 2009, 05:44 AM']I like the idea of going indepth for how the time in which it was written, affects the way fear/suspense is created, through various literary devices. so... "The portrayal of suspense and fear in Bram Stoker's [i]Dracula[/i] and Stephanie Meyer's [i]Twilight[/i]" --------------------------------------------------------------- "How do the eras in which Bran Stoker's [i]Dracula[/i] and Stephanie Meyer's [i]Twilight[/i] were written, affect the author's use of literary devices to portray a sense of fear or suspense?"[/quote] By "time in which it was written" do you mean the time in which the novels were written themselves? Because if you do, be careful of going more into a history essay than an English essay.
  8. ivy12003

    Calculating Stuff

    Not necessarily. On the French Oral interactif, my teacher rounded some people down when she rethought it over.
  9. ivy12003

    IB mark bands

    Most mark bands only fluctuate between 1-2 marks per year, so you can easily predict what next year's grade boundaries will be based on last year.
  10. From what I've heard (not sure if this is true), but if your exam is "lost" in the mail (which happens, though rarely), they use your Predicted Mark as your final mark (since they have nothing else to base your mark on and since the predicted marks get sent to IB in mid-April anyways). So I personally wouldn't bomb your predicted marks just yet.
  11. ivy12003

    Body Mass Index

    Roughly 20 pages cause my graphs were huge, but my teacher says that less than 10 pages can get you a very high mark as well.
  12. ivy12003

    Type I -- Logarithm Bases

    Our teacher never gives anyone a 20 just to avoid being downgraded. The highest we can get is a 19, which I think is a safer bet. But you never know... if you deserve a 20, then your mark might stay the same.
  13. ivy12003

    I THINK that I have an idea for my EE

    Instead of using the word "theme" in your research question, I find it easier to use "symbols of fear" or "fear symbolism", because it sounds more narrow. You can then look at individual symbols and how they contribute to each novel as a whole and how they change (and if there's a pattern in the transition of their meaning). Sounds like a good topic; just double-check with your supervisor.
  14. ivy12003

    Chem HL or Bio HL?

    I personally find Biology HL harder than Chemistry HL. If you're a good memorizer, then yes, biology will probably be easier for you. Biology is more technical in terms of names, labelling parts (of a cell, the heart, the kidney, plants, etc.); however, I find that with chemistry, a lot of the topics overlap. In an exam situation, if I didn't know the answer to one question, I would have a higher chance of getting right than in biology. If I don't know the specific term in biology, I won't get the mark, but in chem, I can use my understanding from one topic to apply to another. Contrariwise, I find biology concepts a little more easier to understand because they relate to everyday life most of the time. Chem concepts are a little harder to grasp at first, but once you do, it's a lot easier to remember in the long-term.
  15. ivy12003

    To those who have read House of the Spirits

    You need to make an effort in attempting the question. What are your own ideas? No one's going to just give you the answer.

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