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  1. dechengirl

    Chemistry Internal Assessment Resources and Guide

    i need to start with chem internal assessment. Are we supposed to design a new experiment or just replicate? How do I start?
  2. dechengirl

    tok happiness final.pdf

    This essay tries to look at happiness from different areas of knowledges and talks about its perspective from different ways of knowing. It can be a good sample tok essay. I have used harvard referencing in the essay. It is marked internally and I got really high marks using tok essay criteria. Hope it will help you.
  3. dechengirl

    Psychology IA-Lofttus and Palmer Experiment

    Hi! wow, I am also starting my IA on Loftus and Palmer. I am not thinking of doing the second part of the experiment about the broken glass. So is it okay? I have started writing a bit, but havent really started the experiment. thanks

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