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  1. I went to a boarding school and the time that I had there was definitely the best that I have had so far in my life! Check out www.uwc.org! If you want to know more about it, feel free to contact me in a PM, it is just too much to write here!
  2. The Prezi you have made is certainly impressive as is the written material (without me having read the literature). Is the design your own work or is it a modification of a Prezi-template?
  3. Well, for one you could cite Satoshi Nakamoto's paper outlining the features of the Bitcoin-protocl (https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf). Bitcoin have many novel and interesting features, for example the utilisation of a decentralised system of representing ownership or the inherent deflationary nature (ie. there is a limited amount of bitcoin that will ever be obtained). Analysation of deflation could be interesting, but it is unclear if it fits in the IB requirements. It might be too conceptual and suffer from a lack data collection. As far as I remember, the students that I know of in my previous school that did EEs in Economics all had to do some sort of primary data collection, so you would have to do that too. That might prove difficult with bitcoin-related data unless you are for example attempting to correlate media-attention (via Google Trends/News) with the price spikes of bitcoin. If you have not discussed the topic with your EE advisor yet, you should do so. Find out exactly what the criteria are, and what you need to do for primary/secondary data-collection and the like!
  4. Great to see that someone is interested in virtual currencies in here! If I had known about bitcoin in my first year of IB, I would have definitely attempted to write an EE on it in Economics or maybe even in Computer Science. I am very unsure what a possible topic could be. The demand for bitcoin in a certain market and what influences that demand seems a bit too...basic. Or, maybe it is in fact a good question as there might be many factors influencing it (ie. speculation, adoption, media attention, etc.). What I suggest you to do is to take a look at Google Scholar and take a look at what current research on Bitcoin is focused upon.
  5. @Zarathustra: In what way? I'd like to hear about your experience! Glad to see a few people in here applied! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!
  6. I'll tell you where I am at: level 3. Nah, my account is probably deactivated since I haven't been playing in really long.
  7. @emmapatregnani, @Natali192 and @SonaT: please make separate threads for requests regarding individual articles for IAs!
  8. @David14: I am done with the IB, and I got a 4 for Physics SL (my own fault for not studying and taking the subject seriously). I am in no way very interested in Physics, but the Pearson book is very well written (even witty at times) and to-the-point.
  9. Pearson IB Physics HL. Best. Physics. Textbook. Ever. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pearson-Baccalaureate-Physics-International-Editions/dp/0435994425/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387565127&sr=8-1&keywords=pearson+ib+physics
  10. YAH! I went to UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway! As for the tests, they vary from country to country. You are from Denmark so I can't tell you that much about the Danish selection process. What you have to remember though is: BE YOURSELF! This is in my opinion the best tip that I can give you because the selection process is all about showing your personality and how you are. Good luck and please tell me if you have any other questions (either on PM or here; I'd prefer PM).
  11. You really seem to have a vendetta against your previous school and IBDP. I would advise you not to post full names as they can easily be linked back to you. No need to mention full school names either. On-topic: I was definitely seduced to join the IB Diploma Programme by all the smart and hot girls there...haha! Not a bad decision in my opinion!
  12. I would hope for a peace treaty.
  13. 121 downloads

    Contains a section on how to succeed on IB Economics HL/SL Paper 1 and another section with three sample responses to examination questions. All three sample responses have grades at end of each response. Enjoy! Now...random jumping smilies: :sam: :sam: