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  1. Economics HL Portfolio - 33/45 (6)

    My Economics HL Portfolio of Internal Assessments. Marks awarded in total: 33/45 resulting in a 6 (yay!).
  2. IB Economics HL/SL Paper 1 tips and samples

    Contains a section on how to succeed on IB Economics HL/SL Paper 1 and another section with three sample responses to examination questions. All three sample responses have grades at end of each response. Enjoy!
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  3. TOK Essay sample collection

    A collection of sample TOK Essays that was given by my teacher during my IB time and examples downloaded from the interweb of my school.
  4. English A1 sample Paper 1

    This is a sample English Language and Literature SL/HL response to a set of two texts. While the extracts used for the Paper 1 is a past exam for English A2, Paper 1 for A2 and A1 Language and Literature the same. This was a sample response given to be by my English Language and Literature teacher. Does not include marks, but I am assuming it is a pretty good response when she is handing it out as a sample response.
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  5. Economics evaluation: a guide

    A guide on how to achieve effective evaluation in IB Economics be it the Internal Assessment or exam papers. Written by an IB teacher. Enjoy!
  6. Economics IA Macroeconomics: French tax cuts

    An Economics Internal Assessment in Macroeconomics discussing tax cuts in France and their likely effects on the French economy, unemployment and inflation. Contains teacher comments. Enjoy!
  7. Economics IA Macroeconomics: South Korea interest rates

    A Macroeconomics commentary on the lowering of South Korea's interest rates. Contains teacher comments. Enjoy!
  8. Economics IA Macroeconomics: Germany Output

    An Internal Assessment in Economics that is discussing the declining output of Germany. Contains comments from teacher marking the commentary.
  9. Economics IA Macroeconomics: Interest rates

    An Economics Internal Assessment that discusses interest rates in the United Kingdom.
  10. Economics EE: real world investigation of competitive markets

    An Economics Extended Essay investigating real world competitive markets. Received 23 marks out of 36 possible, thus receiving a C.
  11. Economics EE: Price elasticity of demand for sports drinks

    An Economics Extended Essay investigating the price elasticity of demand of sports drinks and how they are affected in the writer's school. Received 29 marks out of 36 possible marks, therefore receiving a B.
  12. Economics EE: An investigation on the pricing of the Tsuen Wan MTR Line in Hong Kong

    An Extended Essay in Economics that is investigating the pricing on a train/tram line in Hong Kong. Received 31 marks.
  13. IB History Spanish Civil War

    IB History SL/HL notes on the Spanish Civil War.
  14. IB History Russia notes

    IB History SL/HL notes on Russia under the Tsar, the Russian revolution and the periods after that all the way up to the death of Stalin.
  15. IB History Peacemaking and peacekeeping notes

    IB History SL/HL notes on Peacemaking/Peacekeeping part of the syllabus. Contains notes on the major treaties and persons.
  16. IB History Origins of Cold War notes

    IB History SL/HL notes on the origins of Cold War.
  17. IB History Mussolini notes

    IB History SL/HL notes on the period when Mussolini reigned in Italy. Contains notes on his foreign policy, domestic policy and how he was put down.
  18. IB History Mock Exam notes

    IB History SL/HL notes on all the topics covered that is needed for the exams.
  19. IB History Italian Fascism

    IB History SL/HL notes on Italian Fascism and Mussolini.
  20. IB History Interway Germany notes

    IB History HL/SL notes on Germany in the interwar period.
  21. IB History Hitler's Foreign Policy notes

    IB History HL/SL notes on Hitler's foreign policy.
  22. IB History Hitler's Domestic Policy notes

    IB History HL/SL notes on Hitler's domestic policy.
  23. IB History Cold War notes

    IB History HL/SL notes on the Cold War period.
  24. Business and Management Internal Assessment Guide

    A teacher-written guide on how to successfully write a Business and Management Internal Assessment. Contains information on preparation, research, the writing process and finally, the marking criteria.
  25. Chemistry IA Checklist

    A checklist for students who are doing their Chemistry Internal Assessment. Contains a lot of useful things that should be checked when writing and handing in a Chemistry SL/HL lab report.

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