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  1. It is not that it can't be used, but I think that the source is horribly un-news-ish and seems very sponsored by the oil industry. Also, I cannot say that 100% sure since I am not an IB Economics examinator. The article is crap, that is the problem. I mean, they are basically claiming that taxes will be higher because of the introduction of green cars which is highly opinionated. Try to find a more 'neutral' news outlet and avoid articles that are posing strong opinions or are arguing for a certain case in general. You are supposed to consult with the teacher in the first place before you choose an article to get an "ok - this article is good enough for a commentary". If you haven't done that, then your teacher is not following the requirements that the IBO has set out for the Economics commentaries.
  2. Sorry, the article you have chosen is unfortunately not valid - it is not from a newspaper but a weekly oil industry news outlet. Use a different source such as major news outlets such as The Guardian (guardian.co.uk), Reuters (reuters.com), BBC (bbc.co.uk), Telegraph (telegraph.co.uk), USA Today (usatoday.com). Or try searching on news.google.com for keywords of economics concepts that you are interested in writing about. Try typing in cigarette tax or air pollution or something. Good luck and check out the already existing help threads for Economics Commentaries on IBS: http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/22435-economics-internal-assessment-evaluation-part/http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/11573-tips-for-economics-portfolio-commentary/http://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/9088-sources-for-economics-portfolio/
  3. 90-something different nationalities in my school. Pretty decent!
  4. @criketcrazynerd: how does that not distract you? I don't have motivation at all, unless what I am doing is fun and interesting. If it is something that is not fun or interesting I just tell myself that I have to do it whether or not I have motivation. To be honest, it doesn't really always work. Sometimes it is the pressure of deadlines or tests coming up that really gets me working. Not wanting to fail them really helps, haha!
  5. @Alefal: I really thought that you would be the guy that loves non-literary analysis! Anyways, I also took the two texts concerned with cultural diversity and national pride in respectively the Pakistani province (city?) of Lahore and the speech promoting pluralism in the UK as a new form of national identity and pride. I think the texts were pretty good and there were a lot to talk about between them. For example the difference in use of arguments for national pride and what to be proud of what quite interesting. Also the fact that one of them is a speech and the other is an extract from a novel is quite interesting as one can see the similarities and differences in their 'argumentation'. @Alefal: you always have to look at the use of rhetoric devices and assume a certain meaning or opinion that the author is trying to convey. If one works out from that one can find the tools which the author uses to emphasise and make the message clear to the reader, no matter how subtle it is. For example repetition in the speech or the invoking of national pride in the Pakistani author's text are quite significant. I liked the question I choose, but I do not believe I did my best. I was very nervous during the exam (it was my first one) and I also spent too much time planning instead of writing. However, I think I commented on the things that I found the most significant and the differences between the two.
  6. Why are you taking the whole of Africa as an example? Africa is a enormous and huge continent with a lot of different countries. Some of them are, yes, full of what you are listing, but in a lot of cases this is also not true. Look at Morocco, Libya, South-Africa among some countries that are quite successful. Please nuance your view on Africa and maybe specify what countries you are talking about as Africa is large and the countries differ largely in their demographies, economies and level of development.
  7. Do you remember that the IBO provides you with a cover page for your exams as well? That is maybe going to save you, but you should also contact your IB Coordinator so that this can maybe get fixed. Good luck!
  8. Here you go! https://www.dropbox.com/s/wahjpk4xagbrmjy/Exam_practice_paper_3.pdf
  9. Take a look at this: I just found it online and it is a great webpage explaining the structure that should be used for Economics Paper 1s. http://www.timwoods.org/2012/12/18/how-to-structure-your-economics-essay/ I would say that 2-3 pages (single-sided) should be enough for part a-questions and 3-4 pages (single-sided) enough for part b-questions. But, don't worry too much about how long your answer is - it is more important that you manage to cover the concepts that you need to cover concisely and clearly! Good luck tomorrow! @zozza1: Three paragraphs are very relative. It doesn't really tell anything about how much you write. Big letters? Long paragraphs? Three sentences in each paragraph? It all depends on how much content you manage to cover in the pages. You should not confine yourself to a certain amount of pages, but rather making sure that you cover everything that seems relevant to the question.
  10. I suppose it would be really not that great to use texts that you've only self-studied and not in class, but does the IB know which texts a school has studied? I assume they know, but would they care so much as to check your essays against that list? I personally don't see why they would care that much if you managed to write a brilliant essay on some text you had never studied. Although that of course is a highly unlikely eventuality. See the post below yours. The IBO does know what texts you have read. Don't gamble on this. Even if you don't know the texts that well, you'll be able to write an okay Paper 2 on it.
  11. CAS in itself, the activities that you are doing and the core aspects of it, are not useless. The CAS Diary on the other hand...
  12. I don't really understand how one can be downmarked for that, but...eh...the IB is unsearchable in its ways, I guess. I have been told to do this in Literature exams, for example underlining author names and work titles. Don't know about other subjects.
  13. @shad0wboss: do not rely on a friend from one of the other timezones to tell you the questions that they got and you might get (as a result of this paraphrasing by the IBO).By the time you'll get the questions that your friend had, it'll be too late to practice. Also, the chance is high that they won't even use the same questions, so don't do this. It is a waste of your time I believe. Just practice for the exams and you'll be fine.
  14. Firstly, please refrain from posting the same topic twice in different forums. If this related to your Extended Essay it is enough that you post it in the Extended Essay-subforum. Do not post the same post twice in different subforums. Secondly, I am not really sure what you are asking for? Tell you what kind of solar panel to build? Come up with a research question, some ideas, theory and what you want to do and we can help you. We are not here to plan your EE for you.
  15. Haha, I used that article as well. It is a very good article and I have to say that you have hit the needle on its head if you use that article. It is short, concise and has a lot of good information in few words.
  16. No. Article is too long. And, it is way too opinionated. Just look at the opening paragraph: Choose another article that is less opinionated and shorter (between 200 and 400 words long).
  17. Sorry, this article is not very good. Firstly, it is published in The Economist which is notoriously known for analysing the topics considered for the reader. This is not good for Economics Commentaries as you would want to have as little analysis done in the article as possible so that the analysis instead is left for you to do. I actually wrote an IA on this actual topic and it is a very good topic if you find the right article. You need an article that is short (200-400 words), concise and only talks about one topic (for example a tax and its effects). I wouldn't want to give you an article but all I will tell you is that you should avoid The Economist and instead aim at sources such as bbc.co.uk, guardian.co.uk, telegraph.co.uk, reuters.com etc. Avoid opinion columns and opinionated articles. Good luck!
  18. @TykeDragon: it doesn't really matter if he changes his tactics/behaviour or not. This has a lot to do with the the orthodox Indian culture (as OP said; the ******bag's parents are orthodox Indians) and thus, after what I know, arranged marriage (or at least marriage guided by parents in a strong degree) is the norm. Thus, through his family he has, to a certain extent, been taught that he is entitled to be with a woman by their families being close. Please correct me if I am wrong, I am no expert in Indian culture or Indian orthodox values. Other than that - do as @TykeDragon tells you!
  19. @cricketcrazynerd: that is exactly the point that I was going to make as well. @merherher: your school has a set a final internal deadline and if they do not want to submit your Extended Essay after that deadline, they are free to do so. After all, you are no the one that have to go through the trouble of uploading your Extended Essay to the IBO website/servers or sending it to the IBO for that matter. Your school's IB Coordinator probably wants to get it done as soon as possible (which is very understandable as it is a lot of work), and thus has set a final internal deadline for submission. If you fail to meet that, you should beg on your knees to still submit it. In my school someone was denied submitting their English Language & Literature coursework because that person did not submit it on time. That was a severe case, as the student had submitted most of his coursework (in all subjects) late. But, do indeed follow the internal deadline unless you want to fail your IB Diploma!
  20. dniviE

    No Exit sartre

    This play is so brilliant! Sartre is an amazing playwright!
  21. No, no, no and once more no. You obviously have no idea what the Language & Literature Written Task 2 is. The Written Task 2 is a formal piece of written essay that is based upon one of the prescribed questions from the ELL IB guide. These are (from page 45 in the IB Guide): How could the text be read and interpreted differently by two different readers? If the text had been written in a different time or place or language or for a different audience, how and why might it differ? How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? Which social groups are marginalized, excluded or silenced within the text? How does the text conform to, or deviate from, the conventions of a particular genre, and for what purpose How has the text borrowed from other texts, and with what [email protected]: You are talking about Written Task 1 - the 'creative' writing part in which you are supposed to write a text that is in a certain genre and try to be very close to the style of that genre. Please take a look in the Language A: Language & Literature subject guide to get an overview of the assessments and the Written Tasks. I have just uploaded the guide to IBS but it has to be approved first. I'll post the link as soon as it is approved!
  22. Yes; there are exams and they are **** hard. Start studying TODAY unless you want to fail your entrance exams! The hardest part of IB is actually the entrance exams, so as soon as they are done you can just lay back and relax! Good luck!
  23. That might be true in some cases, but dude - you are making extreme generalisations here. It might indeed be a part of the case, as the individual in certain societies (namely rich, Western societies) has become more important than the group (family, society, etc.). Absence of a proper guardian might indeed result in the children lacking the moral knowledge or values that they would otherwise possess. Childhood is a lot about what is called socialisation - learning to act in accordance with your society through a 'mini'-society in the family. Thus, if the family is not there one might not be able to obtain that socialisation and thus lack moral values and such.
  24. My last exam is on the 13th of May and my school's graduation is the 23rd of May. Since it is a boarding school, I can't really leave before the 23rd and I then have ten days which I have to figure out what do with. So far I have thought of this: Confront the teachers and administration with the problems that the school has; attempting to change something to the better Spend a lot of time together with my firsties (IB1ers) Make really good food Go for hikes Swim in the fjord (or school is literally next to a fjord so I can run from my room into the fjord) Sleep A LOT Watch movies
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