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  1. paige011

    Spanish B Oral Topic

    I'm having issues with this, too. I have to tell him something tomorrow, and I have no idea what is suitable. Does it need to be a problem that requires a solution, or can it be simply informative?
  2. paige011

    Preparing for Spanish Orals

    Haha, I just wanna say that we are taking the SAME classes, except my biology is an SL And yeah, just rehearse it well. Even if you memorize SOME things, if you practice it enough, it will sound natural, because then you really do know it.
  3. You could discuss how all these new creations, i.e. laptops, smart phones, etc, have given us many more opportunities and means with which to gain knowledge via online thesauruses and information, however, not everything you find on the internet or through technology is trustworthy. That is a good point, and has a counterclaim I just did my outline, so I'm alllll in the TOK zone
  4. My world lit paper 1 is due tomorrow, and it is at exactly 1650, which is JUST within the ten percent rule on some english papers, but does it apply to WL1 and 2? Or do they stop at word 1500? HELP!
  5. paige011

    I Want to Compare Harry Potter & LOTR

    I think that the main issue with a 'Christ complex' is that you're applying a piece of psychology to a piece of literature, which, whilst interesting to write about, isn't the way to get a good grade. Unless you argue that JK Rowling knowingly and intentionally used the 'Christ complex' for Harry's character (which I don't think is the case), you'd basically be writing a speculative essay, and that's probably going to rub examiners up the wrong way a bit. Also, to my knowledge you don't have to select the authors to compare via nationality? So I don't think you'd need to restrict yourself to solely selecting comparative texts from British authors. Are you determined that you want to compare something else with Harry Potter? Yeah. I have a thread going titled "Rowling vs. Shakespeare," if you wanna check that out. It sorta goes into more detail (better detail) if you ask me. More solid ideas.
  6. paige011

    Rowling vs. Shakespeare

    I REALLY want to have Harry Potter in my extended, and the way I want to do it is to compare Rowling's style, use of nature, and basically her romanticism to that of the ever famous, William Shakespeare. This also has a parallel of both being British authors. Would it be best for me to compare either: 1. The use of nature (Specifically in his plays, "A Midsummer Night's Dream," or even "King Lear.") 2. The use of the elements of romanticism in both authors' writing. or 3. The use of a Christ complex/biblical illusion in HP7 and Romeo and Juliet (sacrifice being a main topic.) These all sound really good and really fun, and I'm open to other ideas, if there are any Shakespeare buffs out there. Thanks!
  7. paige011

    English EE with Dorian Gray & Harry Potter

    That sounds pretty good. I've never read the first novel, but I can see where HP7 fits. I say if you have enough meat to back it up, go for it.
  8. paige011

    I Want to Compare Harry Potter & LOTR

    I want to use Harry Potter to, because, while it's not classic literature now, it sure will be. I wanted to really see how JK Rowling uses Harry as a biblical illusion, basically giving him a Christ complex, most prodominent in the 7th book of the series. (I mean come on, did you read that thing?!) My coordinator said that I should incorporate something a little more classic, however. How could I possible add a british author into this topic to make it more, i don't know, IB-ish?
  9. paige011

    How to get a 7 in Art

    I'm jumping into to IB Visual arts HL this year pretty confident that I'll get a six, but I REALLY want a seven. My theme is kinda weird, it's supposed to be reflective of the IB journey, and I titled my theme TOK, for simple purposes. Some of my pieces, are, well, sloppy, to say the least, but I'm going for more of a IWB focus, anyway. Now, my drawing/sketching skills are definitely not up to par with a 2nd year student, but my research and reflections are pretty on the nose. How would you suggest I go about my IWB to where I make use of my skills, without leaving out the "art" aspect?
  10. paige011

    Your favourite...

    I met my boyfriend of a year through IB too!
  11. paige011

    Survey - Grades and Motivation

    My algebra II/Precal teacher made this AHmazing quote. "Concern for grades doesn't increase learning, but concern for learning increases grades." And I agree. For me personally, making good grades isn't enough. (Except maybe in Chemistry, I hate that stuff.) If I miss something, I want to know why. If I get something right, it sticks with me and I make sure to repeat the past. And honestly, learning the material and knowing it well ultimately leads to good grades anyway, and if you do your best and work your hardest and still make B's and C's, it's not the end of the world. Keep working and getting help and you're grades will improve. Grades are just numbers and letter's, not the determinant of your intelligence.
  12. paige011

    Your favourite...

    I know that there are people who actually enjoy the work IB thrusts upon them, but there are things that people like IB in general. In this post I was wondering if like, well, let's start a game. Post your favorite things about IB, whether it be the people you meet, the memories you make, etc. Be specific! I'll do mine... My favorite part of being an IB student is the family you create with your other students. You all lean against each other for everything it it's awesome. You get to make awesome memories (Like running through the halls to your ex-biology teacher and getting her to print your parts C and F of your IA...) and stuff. Your turn!
  13. paige011

    Catching New IB Students - Ideas?

    Well, there should definately be some advice and pages for time/extra curricular management. IB Kids at my school are constantly found involved in other such activities, like sports, band, newspaper staff, theatre, etc. And I know a lot of them are thinking about quitting those things because of IB. Having a site that would help them and give them advice on how to juggle all that would be AWESOME! (I personally could use it. Haha.) I'm involved in: Band (WOO! FRENCH HORN!) Newspaper Staff. Theatre. Math Team/UIL teams in general. And IB. Yeah, it's pretty hectic. I'm sure I myself have some snippets of advice for people, I think the site would be beneficial overall. =D
  14. paige011

    Your Worst Case Scenario

    Well, nothing HUGE has happened to me lately... but I'm sure by saying that every resource I have for my IA is going to catch fire. Meaning I'll have to not only pay to replace them, but try and find them again.
  15. paige011

    Interview the person below you

    Uhm, wow. Okay, let's see if I can remember it. Well, I'm having a "vectors sucked out all of my brain power moment" so I can't. But it had to do with a man and Santa and how Santa comes only once a year, eats your cookie, drinks your milk, and calls you a ho three times before he leaves. Yeah, it was funny. If only I could remember it. Next Victim......Contestant. -What is your favorite memory with your fellow IB friends/peers?

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