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  1. wow its pretty interesting to see taht most found paper 2 hard.. kmath sl at my skool had quite the experience. on paper 1 we all did the wrong test so that meant we had to repeat and this also meant that we did 4 hrs of emaniation. we were 3 and 1 of us had biology, poor poor boy. it was soo messed up. they gave us math studies and we all didnt bother to read cause the proctor said math sl put ur hands up so we did and she accidentaly gave us math studies. it was soo messed up. especially no calculator. there were questions that were like multiply 2114 and 1254 or somthin. abit hard ith out the calculator. i found out we did the worng test cause as we wereleaving i saw a frend who did math studies had the same question i was like theres somthing wrong! so i checked i was like ohhh my goddd! but in the end we dd paper 1 sl which wasnt too bad except for the last question. But any ways good luck guys! IB survival, we shall survive!!
  2. m20

    history help!

    okay guys, thanks laot for the help.. i was really worried becasue as u guys already no, every point counts in ib so thanks for the replies guys.
  3. m20

    history help!

    how ever, do i get any grades for writing off topic?
  4. m20

    history help!

    hello, i need some help.. ive recently done my history external and i messed up a question n paper 2 i was of topic. on one question i did fine but on the other i didnt, it was completely off topic. i got for my ia a predicted of 4 and i did really well in p1 so is it possible that although i messed up in paper 2 i can still get good grades as in a 5 or above?
  5. okay tahnsk guys. great help and much appreciated.
  6. Hello, im doing Business HL and im aiming to get either a 6 or 7. i know its hard buty i need help in studying for externals. the problem is that the book is way too big to go through.i study from "Business and Management for the IB student" by Paul Hoang. so can u guys give me some tips on how to study for business? Thanks
  7. i did MUN for 2 years. iv attended 2 conferences and both were great we got alot of cas hours for them. infact so much i didnt count! but MUN is an easy way to get cas hours especially creativity and action.
  8. at our school, we watch "movies of life and meaning" sounds lame but it gets us some hours. so you could say that you are watching movies that have meanings and lessons.
  9. Try photogrophay. its fun and easy. also time passes quick. take photos fpr school for example.
  10. participate in some art activities or take some musical instruments lessons.
  11. m20


    I also do photography. its one of my hobbies but i did abit of it for cas. if your idea doesnt work, what you can try and do is take photos for all your school activities like if you guys had a sports day or watever. that could count as cas. you can also edit the photos you take and that might give you both action and creativity. I take photos for all school activities and then in the end im gonna put the best pics in a big poster or board. Oh.. and you can try and be the school photographer or something. that could work.

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