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  1. language is CULTURE. Its strength is that it is a form of communication and that you are able to interpret things in a similar manner if you and the person with whom you speak have a similar cultural background. but a weakness is that if cultures are differnt, things may be interpreted differently according to how the culture and language expresses the ideas.
  2. stariixniite

    ToK teachers

    my tok teacher is a psychology teacher. he's really cool and is truly passionate about our class. he's really helpful and just wants us to really think about what we know. he doesn't want us to just get the work done, but is rather concerned with helping us expand our thinking capacity and try to view things in a different light.
  3. stariixniite

    Importance of Language Topic for my essay

    i agree with you. i believe that language is so tied in with culture that in the arts or in history, where culture plays a huge role in interpreting and understanding them, language is extremely important. science and math don't really strike me as strong areas where language affects their interpretation. numbers are numbers. h20 can be understood in any language... etc.. =]
  4. stariixniite

    What have you been learning in TOK?

    i love my tok class, besides the fact that i have to take it during the night-time! anyways, since i was in tok, i've learned alot about rhetoric and being able to back myself up more effectively. i define my terms, and i am more convincing when i'm in an argument or discussion. my examples are better and in general, i actually know what i'm talking about. i also just really saw alot of philosophy in that class, which i really enjoy. you discuss whether you really know that you know things. it's interesting. =]
  5. stariixniite

    Driving lessons.

    my cas coordinator wouldn't let us count it towards our cas hours. too bad.
  6. no, you don't need to be taking any certain classes to be in model UN>> it's sort of similar to the debate team. you just need to know how to research alot and speak well in order to do well
  7. I'm definitely taking korean lessons and getting hours. but i'm guessing that you'll have to specifically check with your coordinator. some allow it and some don't, apparently.
  8. stariixniite

    Does tutoring classmates count as service?

    i tutor with several other ib students during our off and we do it in the first place because our CAS coordinator told us she would give us hours for doing it. that's really too bad they wont let you.
  9. im an NHS officer and i dont need to actually GET points for nhs. so whenever i'm doing community service hours for nhs, i count it for CAS. =] I'm also involved in key club and can get some hours from that. for action, i am doing tennis.
  10. stariixniite

    Martial Arts

    my friend is taking tae kwon do and counting it towards his action hours~!! i think it's pretty awesome.
  11. stariixniite

    Counting drama for action?

    i'm pretty sure that you can count it as action just remember to describe how much ACTION is involved with the running around =]
  12. stariixniite

    YOGA for cas

    yes my friend has taken yoga classes for action or creative hours!
  13. stariixniite

    Do you need a theme?

    most people tend to stick with a theme. everyone in my class seemed to have one theme that they stuck with and i was the type that would jump from place to place i had a few pieces that linked together and then i would have another few that were linked together by a completely different theme my teacher told me that this was ok though of course it's a bit easier to present your pieces if they're all linked in some manner but if not, it's ok. they won't grade you down if you dont have one set theme. they just want you to describe what you were going for and as long as you're able to back yourself up, they won't mark against you.
  14. stariixniite

    I need advice, please! Visual Arts

    because of some art geniuses, it may seem like you're at a disadvantage. but i think that you can balance everything out with hard work they probably wont grade you down as long as you can demonstrate that you've tried and really thought through the art process and show your interest and dedication it may be a lot of work but you can do it if you really try! good luck!
  15. stariixniite

    Visual Arts (artist statement)

    hi i just looked at this one site, might be a little helpful [url="http://www.artistsfoundation.org/art_pages/resources/resources_arts_statement.htm"]http://www.artistsfoundation.org/art_pages...s_statement.htm[/url] but i also know that you're supposed to talk about your progress throughout your two years in art (are you in art hl?) and how your themes have changed, what materials you've experimented with, what were some struggles, how were you able to overcome problems? you're supposed to show how much you've grown in the ib art program and show how your art has changed and grown along with you. hopefully that sort of helped~

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