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  1. xXRainbowDashXx

    IB Math SL paper 1

    it hasnt been 24 hours,, we had our paper 1 in math 8 hours ago, o.O
  2. xXRainbowDashXx

    How was your IB exams? Good or Bad?

    ok so far but worried about tomorrow...
  3. Easiest way is to google the words, e.g. 100 flower campaign
  4. xXRainbowDashXx

    EE and TOK included/excluded in predicted grades?

    Doesn't say anywhere there if EE+tok grade is included/excluded and my syv didn't know
  5. xXRainbowDashXx


    I take both Economics and History at HL, and Economics is way easier. Less to remember and more .. logic.
  6. xXRainbowDashXx

    EE and TOK included/excluded in predicted grades?

    How will universities know that, e.g. in Sweden we apply with only predicted grades for the fall?
  7. EE and TOK included/excluded in predicted grades?
  8. xXRainbowDashXx

    Studying tips

    study tips: * do not do other irrelevant things, focus on your revision and studying * read your notes *practice * test yourself * listen to calming music (maybe) while you are studying *just study ^^
  9. xXRainbowDashXx

    Exam Revision

    Read through all of your notes as many times as you possibly can, that is probably most benefitial (oh and read essays on the subjects)
  10. xXRainbowDashXx

    Physics HL/SL Help

    Question: Person won a bike race; took 14 minutes and 34 seconds Length of the track: 4.4 km Mean speed: 18.12 km/h Is this correct? In which barriers could her mean speed have been? Can someone explain how to calculate this? Thanks !
  11. xXRainbowDashXx

    history question

    how does one challenge the question when it is a "to what extent" question? Thanks
  12. My school does; so travel to the middle of Sweden ^^
  13. How does a government reduce current account deficit?
  14. xXRainbowDashXx

    The average day for a seasoned IB student?

    I just began my last year of IB. A normal day, a school day, I.. Wake up at 7 am and get ready for school. Start school at 8.30 Come home at approximately 4-5 pm. Eat dinner and usually some excercise Study from 6 -> bedtime I need to study a lot since I have a fairly bad memory lol. I don't spend time with friends since I'm quite bad with social connections and I'd rather sit in my room and read books alone
  15. xXRainbowDashXx

    Most Boring Subject

    english a2! so very dull

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