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  1. Topperbuddy

    Dropping Out?

    so it's kind of like a conditional scholarship, you get it with the predicted grades but it can get adjusted? Cause I've heard that there are big gaps between predicted & actual grades for some. Think about it, 1 grading wrong in each subjects could mean 33 instead of 39 - pretty big diff!
  2. Topperbuddy

    Revision Guides

    [quote name='Springbanks' post='29570' date='Dec 3 2008, 05:36 AM']Hey! Just wondered what you know about Revision Courses America and Europe.. I'm an IB1 and would like to know more about these courses.. Have heard some about them but can't say I'm sure about taking a revision course.. :0 Do you have any experience of these? I'd really need some help so i'd realy appreciate your comments.. And do you have a website where I can read more about them? I'll try Google myself too.. Thanks! [/quote] Well, I haven't attended them myself so I can't say for sure. But my cousin says her whole school attends them and they're supposed to be really good their website: www.revisioncourses.com or the specific www.revisioncourses.com/europe Revision Courses Europe www.revisioncourses.com/america Revision Courses America I think that if you attend revision courses and use revision guides (in the subjects where there are good ones), it's much easier to get the higher grades. I'm planning on going to both Summer and Easter courses. Especially in mathsHL & spanish, I need it peace
  3. Topperbuddy

    Revision Guides

    Hi My older brother bought several revision guides before his final exams. He bought the OSC ones - they generally make good revision guides (although I have heard that Revision Courses America / Revision Courses Europe have better courses). I use his revision guide for economy HL, which is quite excellent. On the other hand, the maths one (HL) is not as good at all. I think I've seen Biology and that it is rather good

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