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  1. clare.is.rice

    You know you are in IB when...

    you know you're in IB when you print out your extended essay tape the pages together and find that its taller than you are
  2. clare.is.rice


    Most of my year is going to Ibiza (yea you guessed it drinkfest). But me and a couple of friends are getting a good old Autozug(car train) to Croatia, spend a few days on the beach and then drive back through Hungary and Czechoslovakia, stopping off at Budapest and Prague, I can't wait!
  3. clare.is.rice

    Lack of Courses?

    I'm only just starting to realise how lucky I am at my school, we have about 90 students in my year, and only 5 or 6 don't do the full diploma program but they still do certificates. so we get a good range of options group 1: English A1 German A1 Japanese A1 Korean A1 group 2: English A2, B German A2, B, ab intio Spanish B French B group 3: History Europe Psychology Economics ITGS group 4: Physics Chemistry Biology group 5: Maths studies, SL, and HL group 6: Visual Arts Music As far as I know everything is available at both HL and SL although this is sometimes in the same class (mostly for languages or group six subjects)
  4. clare.is.rice

    How many years of _________ language?

    At my school French is taught for five years before IB, so in theory that's how much experience people should have. However, out of my class of only five two speak French at home (apparently they can justify it because they have never been to a French speaking school.) One goes to France every holiday and is naturally good at languages. I've lived in France for two years from the age of 9-11 and have steadily been loosing my French ever since. So we only really have one "normal" student. Most people at my school take German, because we are in Germany. They are a bit more strict though about which class they put people in though; the B class is quite small most take A2 (although a good proportion of these are German), or of course A1. There is ab intio for those people who have only just moved to Germany; but having German spoken around them all the time must give them a huge advantage. Then there is also Japanese and Korean but only A1. And a small Spanish class, I thinks its B, regardless its full of native speakers. I suppose it would be fair to say that languages are the soft/easy subjects for most people in my school.
  5. clare.is.rice

    History Books

    My history teacher's just written an IB history book, it's specifically for paper 1 source analysis but doesn't come out until November 25th. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pearson-Baccalaureate-History-International-Editions/dp/0435994492 I don't know what the books like but he's a really good teacher, and has always been complaining about how rubbish the books we use are, so if this ones not good my class will get a laugh. Seriously though its great that they are finally making books IB history, this one is only the first in a series.
  6. clare.is.rice

    Use of "I" in world lit

    Is it allowed or will I get marked down if I use it?
  7. clare.is.rice

    Change IB

    Generally give more flexibility in the choice of subjects make CAS requirement only that you prove you've done the hours by getting the supervisers signature rather than having to reflect on what you have done. get rid of tok Stop grading in proportion to the rest of the world, I don't see why someone has to get a 3 so I can get a 7. ....if only we could change IB
  8. clare.is.rice

    Late nights or Early Mornings :)

    Most of the time neither, if my work isn't done by ten then I often just resign myself to the fact that I won't hand it in the next day. Not great for my grades but at least it means I always get a good nights sleep.
  9. clare.is.rice

    DP and MYP program at a public high school

    As far as I can tell from my MYP program (at an international school) the program its self isn't really that different from what they would be doing anyway, it teaches you to BS at and earlier age thats all. However; I do think its a good Idea to have the DP at public high schools. As an international student I think most people can manage IB, I do not feel it should be a program reserved for only the best students. I personally would like to see more public schools only offer IB or at least not advertise as a program for only the best students. 98% of my school does the IB diploma, and there is a minimal selection process. Anyone whose parents or parents company can afford it comes and does IB, almost regardless of academic achievement.
  10. clare.is.rice

    "Soft" subjects to avoid, according to universities

    and sometimes the "easy" courses are the ones you love. Thats whats great about IB, almost everyones' diploma is different.
  11. clare.is.rice

    CAS - is my school too strict?

    we have to do the whole learning outcome thing to.... i don't get the taking a leadership role one, we can't all be leaders, surely there has to be some followers and what's with this 20 hour thing, I mean I know we are supposed to spread out cas over both ib years to show commitment but where did the 20 hours come from. Is it and Ib thing or an individual school thing?
  12. clare.is.rice

    "Soft" subjects to avoid, according to universities

    i suspect it depends on what you want to study. someone from my school got into oxford to study English lit and he took visual arts hl. which to me seems much more relevant than say a higher level science. I wonder how they decide which subjects are "soft" subjects, it all seems a bit random.
  13. clare.is.rice

    What's your theme?

    my theme is visual perception, I tried to find a really broad one... and I think I succeeded
  14. clare.is.rice

    2012... Ominous or not?

    I'm personally expecting another anti-climax, I'm fed up of people saying we're doomed and then it turns out we aren't. Its like the story of the boy who shouted wolf when there wasn't one, and then when there was one no one believed him. At this rate when the world really us in danger every one will just think its another hoax.
  15. clare.is.rice

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    I want to marry a prince! ...... just kidding I want to be a graphics designer, illustrator, or publisher (its all a bit vague right now, something to do with books would be great) I don't want to be rich, but I want to have enough money to live comfortably on.

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