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  1. Springbanks

    Revision Guides

    [quote name='Topperbuddy' post='28979' date='Nov 25 2008, 03:11 AM']Hi My older brother bought several revision guides before his final exams. He bought the OSC ones - they generally make good revision guides (although I have heard that Revision Courses America / Revision Courses Europe have better courses). I use his revision guide for economy HL, which is quite excellent. On the other hand, the maths one (HL) is not as good at all. I think I've seen Biology and that it is rather good[/quote] Hey! Just wondered what you know about Revision Courses America and Europe.. I'm an IB1 and would like to know more about these courses.. Have heard some about them but can't say I'm sure about taking a revision course.. :0 Do you have any experience of these? I'd really need some help so i'd realy appreciate your comments.. And do you have a website where I can read more about them? I'll try Google myself too.. Thanks!
  2. Springbanks

    my worries

    After what I've heard, Ivy League come from the plant as is mentioned here.. According to an article I read about this issue, the plant is evan so special that it can't even be found in any other places in the world, (there are similar plants but not the exact match genetically, and noone really knows why.. The term ivy colleges was first phrased by Stanley Woodward on October 14, 1933 in New York Tribune after having heard the phrase from a colleague. The Christian Science Monitor was the first one to publish the term Ivy League two years later.

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