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  1. i sent it on 8th of july too and havent heard anything. its been 28 days already...... i remarked my EE in econs just so you know btw some people havent got theirs back http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2709233&page=15
  2. i thought it was a very unpopular question, only 5 out of 400++ students in my school chose it. it get me confused tho in the end by any chance, do you think IB post these kind of statistics? :3 would be cool to know
  3. accessment statement memorize (you see, bio is a memorising subject, not reading) questionbank i wish i did this earlier in IB1 i jumped from a 3 to a 6 (in final IB), same as my friends who keep getting a 6 or 7 every semester exam
  4. I honestly recommend to study all textbooks. LOL but i prefer cambridge and IBID. It's easy to understand, and complete. but IBID doesnt follow the current syllabus, but still useful as long as you know the current syllabus. Didnt really like Pearson to be honest and oh the book by peter is quite good, as my teacher said. but i didnt get the chance to study it, cause i didnt buy the book
  5. I missed one point from my offer. My offer is 38 with 5 in maths hl, I got 37 with 5 in maths HL. I guess it's not a very big deal, cause instead of meeting the overall requred pts, i met the subject requirement. Unlike my friends who exceeeded the overall points, but didnt meet the subject requirement (which is bad in my opinion cause youre supposed to be good at what youre majoring in). Plus, my maths is close to a 6, which (er i think is amazing, for a non maths course to do pfft, most engineering students in my school barely got a 4 or a 5). The course that i wanted was BSc Accounting and Finance, and they keep saying my course is oversubscribed and competitive. I really wanna go to the uni and do the course, but so afraid they might just reject me because i missed one point. So I heard remark takes about a week. I plan to remark either my EE (1 mark away to a B), or english b sl (2% to a 7), or maths hl (3% to a 6).. What do you guys think?
  6. I desperately need one more pt and since i cant afford to remark all 3 papers, which paper do you think worth remarking? EE (Economics)- 1 mark to a B English B SL- 2% to a 7 Maths HL - 3% to a 6
  7. do HL only if you need it. However, if you keep getting 6s and 7s in HL, why not? :3
  8. I did no 3, knowledge is nothing more than the systematic organisation of facts, got an A, surprisingly (lol ok maybe not surprisingly, my teacher said it was good but i heard its hard to get an A for TOK and stuff, bla3, so yeah didnt have that high hopes for bonus points). Such a serendipity. Or maybe, is there any statistics about how many people got an A in TOK for which question, for this year? :3
  9. You know the one that comes out (your IB scores, unis etc) every time you post something on ibsurvival? I know this is a lame question. but i still dont know how.
  10. t1 Nspire worth every cent. lol funny it's one of the few reasons why i want to take maths hl (cause in our school those who are taking maths hl use t1-nspire cause its faster) go get em. you wont regret
  11. in my opinion, altho exploration is really hard for some people, i think it encourages critical thinking. and IB revamped the syllabus because theyve found out that the old portfolio can be easily copied, and requires less thinking. My seniors who were the last batch to do the old portfolio said she only copy pasted her from her friend, and adjust so she wont be caught plagiarising. it can be very challenging to do your maths exploration, especially when your teacher have no idea on what to do (trust me been there done that), but try to carefully search for your interests and relate it to maths (that way you wont suffer so much), and ask for help from maybe.. Maths professors in the local universities nearby. Thats what I did. One way that I did to maximise my marks for my exploration was to look at the criteria. Make sure you try to do the first complete draft first. Have a plan. Then once completed, check check and check. For example, Criterion A: Communication Achievement level Descriptor 0 The exploration does not reach the standard described by the descriptors below. 1 The exploration has some coherence. 2 The exploration has some coherence and shows some organization. 3 The exploration is coherent and well organized. 4 The exploration is coherent, well organized, concise and complete. Make sure you carefully analyse whats the difference between getting a 3 marks and 4 marks.So obviously you need not only to be well organised, you need to be also complete.Make sure you understand what you are saying. And the exploration answers your.. research question or what you want to find out.I honestly think that the criterion is really general, and actually easy to score, compared to the previous IA. Doesnt have to be complicated (its friggin maths, and we're no professors or have PhD in maths, what more we dont even major in maths!! pfft ) since ure SL but i advice you to find a good advisor whos willing to help. Contact me if you need any help. I have a lot of samples and resources.All the best.
  12. If your school has a bad IB program, then I advise not to do it. Like your mum said, there's no point in doing it for 2 years then not getting the diploma - especially if you were aware that your school's teaching of it is subpar. thing is we have been getting good results every year.. and we are one of the best IB world schools in the world.. until last year and this year.. and most of us are really good students, actually (based on IGCSE results)..
  13. I highly recommend Oxford's course companion, it is very easy to understand. On the other hand, IB Study Guide is very beneficial for last minute study, and I can assure you that they are complete. You can check the syllabus.. Another one I would recommend would be the Cambridge book. It is extremely detailed but very time consuming to read. However the fact that it has assessment statement really helps as it guides you on what you need to know https://www.google.com.my/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CB0QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.timwoods.org%2F%3Fwpdmact%3Dprocess%26did%3DOS5ob3RsaW5r&ei=An-8U6WSAZKgugTrpoFY&usg=AFQjCNEZuTSos6qssc45D4upj4ZHgJ7gWA&sig2=ppfl3OPyAUVtWjlBScPAGQ PS: ill let you know one secret. The assessment statements will exactly come out in the exams. It may be worded differently, but has the same meaning. You can try practicing according to the assessment statement, instead of blindly reading the textbook. Most people would say that it's easy to score a 7 in economics, but bear in mind that most people are in the world are taking economics, and there is a higher grade boundary now to get a 7. all the best!
  14. supposedly once, but u can ask for advices as many time as you want.
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