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  1. @ Chocolatedrop, You mean the teacher has to let you do more than one if you ask? Or is that just something your teacher did?
  2. For my TOK essay, I'm doing the title about evidence. I want to do an example about criminal law and courtrooms. And I want to fit it into one of the Areas of Kowledge, but I can't decide which one it'd fit in. ANy thoughts?
  3. If i use the internet, and I actually found a site that explained the whole math IA, can I use it as a source? Would I get in trouble if I used it and referenced it in the IA?
  4. I'm not sure if Higher Level is the same as A2. It's the second level of the language. I'm sincerely worried that I won't pass my Spanish oral this year. Last year, I almost failed the oral- and that was the lower level! Plus, the teacher this year speaks so quietly and fast that my class never knows exactly what is going on (not good, right?). SO if I do fail, can I still get the diploma?
  5. I'm about to go into my senior year in IB. I've been looking at some colleges I want to go to, and a lot of them say that I have to get 5's on my higher level exams in order to get any credit. Well that freaked me out! How hard would you guys say it is to get 5's. I haven't gotten my standard level scores back yet, so I can't really judge the difficulty based on experience. Thanks! In case this helps, here are my higher level courses: Spanish Literature 20th Century History TOK (is there even an exam for this?)
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