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  1. Hanadai

    Unhappy with my IB marks

    The only thing I cannot understand is why I got D for my EE when I was predicted B. Very weird.
  2. Hanadai

    Are You a Feminist?

    I don't mind what people decide to call themselves, but from the definition feminism is "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes", so if the guy from above said he believes in equality, this makes him a feminist and all I did was point it out.
  3. Hanadai

    Medicine in China

    Hello I love Asia as I went on the exchange to Taiwan a few years ago and completely fell for Asian (especially Chinese) culture and languages. I've just finished my IB course this year and today all of us obviously received our scores. I did get 5 in Chemistry, 6 in Biology and 6 in English B (my HL's). Now I am taking a gap year to earn some money, do stuffs I like etc., but I have to think about my uni. I would like to study medicine and I was thinking about China, however I'm not sure if it's a good idea to actually apply there because from what I read on the Internet Chinese medical schools aren't generally considered as good as say European ones. A sad part is also that many of them require students to have studies physics at school - which I haven't. So my question is: which Chinese med schools would you recommend except for those very expensive ones like Fudan and those that require physics? This queston is mainly towards people from China but suggestions are welcome from everybody Can anybody say anything about e.g. Nantong?
  4. Hanadai

    Does God exist?

    God as a 'creator'? No way. But I believe in Buddhist concept of gods.
  5. Hanadai

    Are You a Feminist?

    This makes you a feminist.
  6. Hanadai

    Dentistry Europe

    http://sjo.wum.edu.pl/content/premed-college I thought it could interest you. We have various pre-med programmes in Poland for those who'd wish to get enrolled in medical schools. You basically learn for a year all the things you need to know to pass an exam to study in medical schools in Poland, of course everything is in English. Why not to give it a try?
  7. Hanadai

    Homosexuality and Religion?

    I am Buddhist (school of Vejrayana) and we're 100% fine with LGBT.
  8. Hanadai

    Biology Paper 1 & 2 HL

    No, that's wrong. There's a high risk for embryonic stem cells to become cancer cells, so even though they're effective, their use is very dangerous.
  9. Hanadai

    Psychology SL

    If you write something that is not true (that is, if you confuse the names, like you said), then they will subtract points from your overall score. But if you don't write the names at all, then they will not do it But don't worry, you're not screwed as long as confusion of names is the most serious thing you did on this paper. You can get 22 points for extended response, so obviously they won't mark you down like 5 or 6 points only because you used wrong names.
  10. Hanadai

    Psychology SL

    It was sooo easy I was really happy once I saw the examination paper! I have a best techer ever and she prepared me perfectly! I feel like Ihave real chances to get 7 Firstly, I was afraid they would ask about memory models (I suck at them!!!) or theories like SIT and SLT where you have to memorise and write a lot in order to obtain an essay that is coherent and actually makes sense, but eventually they went with so basic and easy topics... For my extended response I chose the one about ethics in biological studies since you can really write about any biological study you want and just come up with ethical standards that were violated without really any preparation beforehand. Did you guys also choose this topic? But you know that we are not assessed for knowing the names of researchers, right? They give us marks for the form of an answer, arguments, explanations, description of a study, evaluation and conclusion. We don't have to remember neither a date, nor researchers
  11. Hanadai

    Extended Essay

    First of all - I came here to complain. I feel like I want to just f*ck this all because I'm awful at writing this kind of stuffs. I never went through a trouble with writing any of my IAs. It's just the EE that makes me go insane. Why? Because I am NOT CREATIVE. I didn't even know what I wanted to write about in the first place. Everyone else already decided on their topic and I was literary the only one that didn't even know what subject I'm interested in. I don't really like anything. You could say "just pick up something you're good at". I'm good at every subject, my grades are all nice (I'm not talking large, this is just what the reality is). Eventually, I decided to write my EE from psychology. But the real nightmare was about to start. My teacher would yell at me countless times because according to her I was clueless about my EE and didn't even try to figure out a topic. I REALLY thought about it! I just couldn't... come up with anything, I swear... I'd rather get a topic in advance than coming up on my own what I want to write about... Well, when I finally picked a topic (conformity rates across cultures), I wasn't quite sure how to even get started. I did read a lot of literature and got everything written in two weeks, then I gave it to my teacher as a first draught. Of course I expected her to give me some pieces of advice, but you know what? She crossed out almost everything I wrote in my EE saying that it was irrelevamt to my research question and that my assignment is just a piece of sh*t (okay, she didn't say the last one, but I know she thinks, lol). I don't know what to do. I am really willing to get a good grade but this whole EE thing already made me exhausted.
  12. Hanadai

    Hardest IB subjects?

    I'm taking Chemistry HL and I'd say it's not that hard as they say. I barely even learn and I think I'm gonna get 7, lol~ I believe what makes every class hard/easy if whether you like or don't like the subject. I think Maths HL is the biggest nightmare. I'm not taking physics but my friend is and when I opened his textbook just out of curiosity it seemed to be hard and that's all, nothing looked like something impossible to learn but when I did the same thing with Maths HL textbook and saw all those tasks I was like~ haha, what in the world am I even reading.
  13. Hanadai

    How many languages do you speak?

    Polish, English and Chinese. And I recently started learning Japanese. It's easy to learn this language when you already know Chinese
  14. Hanadai

    medical studies in Asia

    I don't really want to wait for that long and tbh I think it would be harder to go to Asia after getting a degree in my country than to start studies already in there.
  15. Hanadai

    medical studies in Asia

    Okay, so I decided to ask what you guys think of the situation I am in. I spent last year in Taiwan as an exchange student. It was awesome, my Chinese improved a lot and I was planning to study in China~ And here my problem starts. I am absolutely sure I want to study medicine. However, China expects prospective students to pass exams from biology, chemistry and physics. Well, I didn't know this from the very beginning, I've found it out recently but it's already December so it's too late to change anything about my class choices. Also, in most countries biology and chemistry are enough, in some of them (like the UK) you can even have chemistry only and it's still fine to apply. But not in China. I talked with the Chinese organisation that helps foreign students with application and stuffs and according to them if I won't pass physics, I still can apply but for 99% I will get rejected and the univerisities won't even want to have an interview with me. Since there is no opton I can pass physics in IB (I am super busy with learning Japanese and Chinese + my current IB classes are already hard and I could say I have no social life, lol), they suggested passing something like a pre-medical course? in my country (Poland) and then to apply. But Poland doesn't offer anything like this! And then my parents said that since I also learn Japanese, I could go to Japan to some boarding language school, learn the language properly and then apply for medicine there, in Japan. The idea is quite good but it means I'd go to the uni at the age of 22 or 23~ And of course my parents would cover most of the fees~ It'd feel weird I believe, I want to be at least partially independent. You'll probably ask me why I want to study in Asia. The answer is - because I love Asia! And I am not even thinking of doing my studies in Europe. No, no. After that year in Taiwan I decided. I'm just waiting for a moment when I'll graduate and be able to go back to Asia. I really don't wanna stay in Europe. I'd appreciate any advice. Maybe you have other ideas of that I could or should do~

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