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  1. JAYT

    Who Knows.

    Does anyone know where or how to find the language specific syllabus for french ab initio. Can anyone provide a link? thanks in advance.
  2. JAYT

    EE on History

  3. JAYT

    How to approach revision?

    I've heard from a lot of guys who've done history that the key to it is linking all the events together like one big chain. Like this was a result of this and contributed to that and so on, and all that all events are interconnected and related, but it just takes a while to see that. That and some good writing skills is my advice for a history exam.
  4. JAYT

    Key to getting a 7 in English A1?

    In my school only two or three people have scored a 7 in the last 5 years or so. And my English teacher told us that when they first started their commentaries, they were already getting 16 and above. So yeah it does come mostly to natural talent, but i have never ever seen a person gifted in English who doesn't read a lot. The one thing that improves your English the most is reading, probably about at least 20 to 30 books a year. The girl who's a potential seven in m year level has been reading books when she was in primary school that most middle school kids cant read yet.
  5. JAYT

    Chemistry notes

    I also agree with remy about the part that you need a revision plan. Until I started making plans about homework, assignments and tests I never really got any serious work done. But when i began making plans everything seemed a lot easier; i knew what to study , when to study and how much to study. Then i wouldn't have to worry about did i study enough or should i study this or that when I'm actually studying. Planning is really important for school and especially the IB, which is what the teachers tried to tell us from the first day. But most of us found out the hard way.
  6. My biology teacher just gave a massive lecture during hour class about lending work to others. she seemed a lot smarter than she looked cause she's like don't send your entire write up trying to be nice if your lab partner hasn't got the result because in the end he'll probably just use the whole thing. This is exactly what happened about 1 week ago in another class, and my teacher failed the person who copied and gave a passing grade to the lender (D) to teach him a lesson. Personally if sum1 asks me 4 help i just tell them exactly what 2 do with a few hints and ideas, but avoid showing my work, unless its sum1 i can trust, while at the same time trying not to be tight. But its only fair as i put several hours of effort into my work and I'm not going to fail for a dumb reason like that.
  7. JAYT

    Chemistry HL... how difficult is it

    Thats exactly true. The other day i had a chem test and a lot of the multiple choice questions had answers that were almost identical except for one really really tiny difference. And the only way u could get them was to know everything possible about everything. Those questions just really pissed me off. i was lucky to get a 70. but most people barely passed anyway.there was only 1 person who got above 80 and that was lyk sum girl that sleeps and eats with her books.
  8. JAYT

    Need some intelligent advice

    Thats because my school said enogh people havent chosen it so they cant continue a class. But i reckon its bull crap cause 12 of us chose it. i reckon the real reason is cause they want more people to do physics and run a class for that because its a more ' important subject'. And i was one of the people who chose economics.
  9. JAYT

    MIT Decision

    If i got admitted into MIT i would probably be staring at the letter right now, not believing it ... Anyways, May I ask what your IB subjects and grades were?
  10. JAYT

    Chemistry HL... how difficult is it

    The only subject i don't study for is my English class, i just turn up to class listen to the teacher for the time he is talking carefully. That's the only subject i pay attention, most of the others i muck around in class and do most of my work at home.
  11. JAYT

    Chemistry HL... how difficult is it

    Thanks biochem and I hope you get your sevens.
  12. JAYT

    Chemistry HL... how difficult is it

    Alright, Thanks everyone for their posts and advice. I really appreciate it and well I've been convinced and have dropped physics and I'm now in Biology as well as chemistry. I was lucky because we (I'm in Australia) are a month into the school year and i had to ask several coordinators to help change and luckily i found a nice one who had alot of control of the seniors. I'm now in bth chem and Bio and I've got all of year 11 to decide whether to do Chem or Bio HL (possibly both) for my last year. Well i got a lot of catching up to do which will hopefully only take a week or two. And Biochem, what are you hoping to get for bio and chem? I'm guessing 7's or 6's. Am i right?
  13. JAYT

    Chemistry HL... how difficult is it

    Do any of you guys find biology boring or can it be interesting? Or is it the type of subject where the teacher can make it either insanely boring or interesting?
  14. JAYT

    Need some intelligent advice

    Nah im not really sure about anything i want to study in uni. I chose English A1 History and Chem for my Hlevels. if i had much idea if i wanted to do things more 2 business and commerse or more to science orientated subjects i would probably think over my subjects again.

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