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  1. I totally agree with you about leaning towards the lighter curriculum, but if you want to study engineering, it is a much better idea to stick to Physics. Then again, if you can get away with doing French B HL instead of Physics HL for engineering, take the chance. But I agree with Sofia - email the people with your doubts, they'd know a lot better than us; and they'll clear your doubts a lot more satisfactorily.
  2. I use the same method as pointed out above: Point, Evidence, Explanation. [PEE.] As far as poetry goes, our teacher gave us some really good advice for handing unseen poetry, but I suppose you could adapt it to your use: Aspects of poetry you should explore: content, technique, style, structure, theme, language ... etc. Look at: The human impulse behind the poem Is it recapturing a personal experience? Is it expressing a point of view? Is it an attempt to open up a reader's mind to an idea? Logic of development Look at the sequence of the images or scenes; the description of the experience... Do you find the work narrative? Development can be visual, emotional, intellectual or a combination of the lot. Does it move towards a certain point or does it take a dramatic turn? Literary features This one is pretty well known, and I believe there is a link somewhere up there. Just remember, it isn't enough to state the literary feature, you need to elaborate on the effect it has on the reader and the poem, so don't worry if you don't catch it all in a poem. Pick a couple that jumped out at you, and detail them properly. Tone and syntax The tone is how the poem feels to you, for example, it can be sad and nostalgic or mocking and ironic. Long story short: Try to keep these questions in mind while you analyse: What is the poem about? Where and when is it set? Who is speaking? [it could be the poet or someone else] What purpose is the poem serving? How is the poem structured? Regularly? Irregularly? Also keep in mind the vocabulary, imagery, literary devices and the tone and atmosphere. Just remember though, this is a LOT of stuff. I wouldn't recommend you do all of this in one analysis. While you're reading the poem a couple of times, eventually some stuff will jump out at you. Those are likely very rich in analytic content, so attack them with everything you've got; because not everything listed her will be significant in every poem. So basically, trust your gut, pick the important bits, and rave on about them. Good luck!
  3. Since you're doing Language B, I would recommend steering clear of a book like Les Mis, unless you seriously think you're up to the challenge. It's a pretty bulky one, and from what I've heard even first language students struggle with it. But if you're up for a challenge, why not? Maybe you could look at feminism in French cinema as an alternative? Good luck!
  4. I studying Economics in 9-10th grade, so I may not be that much help. Feel free to (DO!) take my idea with a grain of salt. Have you thought about narrowing down the RQ to a specific part of the internet's effect on music? Like just YouTube? Or Spotify. Or whatever. Then again, I speak with Business and Management experience, not Economics. Think about an RQ that can be explored and a conclusion reached in 4000 words. That might give you a clue maybe?
  5. Have you considered resitting for the November GCSEs this year? You could request the school let you begin and wait for the exam results.
  6. If your work is a draft for your supervisor, I think it'd be okay to use it as a source and then consult your ib coordinator or your supervisor. If you're giving in your final, don't take any chances. Normally, since you're crediting it to its author and source, it shouldn't be a problem. But with ib, I wouldn't risk it.
  7. I see what you mean, but I don't see how I can work out an entire portfolio with a different perspective when it's due in a couple of days. What baffles me is that this is my own work - I bothered a lot of people, googled things like mad, but ultimately did it almost entirely on my own. I don't see why I should be sanctioned because someone else decided to put their work on the internet, and our works are rather similar. I seem to be risking penalties just because my work is submitted later.
  8. I appreciate your help, but at this point I want to know how the examiners will deal with the problem, not what I can change.
  9. I'm just in the process of finishing up my final draft for my IA type II portfolio for November, and I'm facing a bit of an issue. The other day, I googled the portfolio just to find out how others had gone about it to get a second perspective, and I found one that started the process very similar to the way I've done mine. Of course, it moved on to like writing up a program for verification and things, which I didn't. But the first three, "simple steps" and the general formula are rather similar. Now I'm worried that because this work is already on the internet, the examiners may think I plagiarised. While I do NOT want to start the portfolio again, and my final is due this Friday, I'm also not willing to jeopardize my diploma. So my question is - there's obviously a finite number of ways a math problem can be tackled, so what do examiners do when they find two very VERY similar pieces of work? Will this affect my work, and result in a sanction? Can a mere coincidence result in a plagiarism issue? What bothers me the most is that it's easily accessible on the internet, which may cause examiners to think it was copied. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Done! Good luck! I'm really curious though - what do you plan to investigate?
  11. Hi there! So, I'm meant to do my ToK presentation soon, and I decided to do my presentation on "Animals and Us"... I should probably look for a slightly better title. Anyway, I plan to talk about vegetarianism, using animal products in cosmetics and things, and animal testing. I've got my KIs, AoK and WoK planned out. Now, what I need to know is, do I need to formulate a personal opinion on this? And secondly, do you think I'm looking at way too many things for a 10 minute presentation? Do you think I should cut down on one of the three and focus on formulating a more detailed argument on two of them instead? Thank you!
  12. I love your idea for the creativity project! Maybe you could ask the computer sciences teacher in your school to supervise you? I keep all my reflections and things in a clear pocket folder - it works for me. Though I'll probably have it binded into a sort of booklet before submitting it all.
  13. Ah, well that rather complicates things a bit. But thanks very much!!
  14. I did the same. I wrote out the whole speech, but made sure that I knew the material well enough that I didn't entirely depend on my notes. But it was rather reassuring to know that I had it all in my hand in case my brain decided to blank out and lose track of what I was planning to talk about. Another thing that happened to me was that I'd make a point, and then explain it to the class using quotes, and then sort of forget what I had planned to talk about next. So the first sentence from my next point helped me immensely in getting back on track. I was told my presentation was pretty good, so I think it worked effectively enough. Just remember, that no matter what, do NOT rely entirely on your notes. But you know that already. Also, I've never heard of teachers wanting to sent notes to IBO, because it's a bit unpredictable. Some people don't use notes, some people keep notes and barely use them, and others, and I know this because I've done this myself, write something, and then realise there is a better explanation while they're talking, and use that instead of what's on the notes. Good luck!
  15. Hello! So, I've got a topic picked out for my presentation, and I've made a list of all my KIs, AoKs, WoKs and real life situations. My problem is: do I introduce the knowledge issue and then analyse using my AoKs and WoKs, or vice versa?
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