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  1. Hardest tends to be Physics (at least for most) and TOK and, if you are new to French then count this in too. A lot depends on your interests and background, of course, so if you are bent toward the (hard) Sciences then you will only consider it "challenging" at worst than "hard". Hard is usually reserved for those things that we don't like so much or would prefer not to do. Anyway, your course selection looks balanced, so you'll do fine. Just be sure to keep up with tasks and homework. Falling behind in this will make IB really hard. A word to the wise.
  2. Hi Vighnesh, That's fine that you do a speech and show your understanding and knowledge of the conventions of the genre "speech". However, and even more importantly, you must show your knowledge and understanding of some aspect of language/literature, which forms the content of your course -- for example, language change or language and power or whatnot. "Poverty and methods to alleviate the problem" is therefore inappropriate for your English A. PM me if you like, I browse my inbox more than the threads.
  3. You are almost done.... Just hang in there and be kind to yourself. You are doing good. When you get to uni, it will feel that much easier. Really. You have a lot to look forward to after exams!
  4. Good Luck!
  5. By all means -- make it super entertaining, informative, engaging and make sure you are hitting all the TOK criteria while u r at it! It's all part and parcel of a good TOK presentation.
  6. Check your inbox. Hope this helps.
  7. Your WT2 is based on one of a series of questions which you apply to your chosen text(s). Answer the question as best you can, and choose the one that best matches the material you have. Tell me if this answers your question-. PM if you need more.
  8. Hi, These all seem pretty good, though I think the most promising and most straightforward one, which is a ready EE RQ, will be #2. None of them are terrible at all. It seems you have a very good grasp of the requirements of the EE. PM me anytime, if you need anything more. Let's see what others say.
  9. Work hard. Yes, it does matter. A lot.
  10. The way you present your idea sounds like a basic school presentation (factual, with some different perspectives thrown in), rather than an appropriate TOK presentation. The previous post makes passing mention of AOKs, which is a start, but there is much more to the TOK pres. than that. You have not included any of the TOK terms and therefore you may be doing something very different than what is required. It is difficult to say more without knowing where you are in terms of TOK understanding/readiness.
  11. A fine idea and topic, though perhaps well covered already by others. Organize your essay logically and in the form of an argument. Start with a strong thesis and follow through on it. Message me if you like, but you must actually think about this yourself. This is, after all, an important part of your assessment. We cannot (and should not) tell you how you should organize and arrange your thoughts and argument using the details you have gathered so far.
  12. I don't think your question makes much sense. It may be just the phrasing. Do you mean "To what extent was the 9/11 attack justified by some interpretations of the Koran"? I think you can answer that off the top of your head, in one sentence and without any research. The answer is "yes, very much so". There is plenty in the Koran and the Old Testament Bible inciting credulous adherents to 1) treat women as inferiors and incubators of future male religious heros (bearded, for the most part); 2) smite their non-believer foes; 3) destroy the progeny of all their foes; 4) raze the cities of those who enjoy life and the sweet earthly pleasures (S. Gomorrah); 5) commit all sorts of atrocities in the name of their jealous, insecure god (small "g" intended), which includes stoning and the gouging out of eyes. Anything goes, if your god says so So the answer to your question with regards to any violence committed in the name of allah or yahweh is kinda obvious. Perhaps a more conducive avenue of research for your EE as you intend it might be "To what extent is Islam a religion of peace, as claimed by muslims / revealed by the Koran?" or something to that effect. It is clearer and would allow you plenty of interpretive room as well as a good avenue to a worthwhile argument. You would also be able to discuss the advantages and limits of such a question, which would count as "evaluation" in your essay. The main thing is to make your question crystal clear and something you can argue.
  13. "Doing the bombing of Hiroshima" is not really a topic. If you are planning to retell the story of the Hiroshima bombing (if that is what you mean by "doing it") then you can kiss a passing EE grade goodbye. The originality of the essay does not lie in a subject (i.e. a subject or topic that is unheard of or scantily-treated, the less-known the more chance of originality) but in how you frame your topic and question. There is more chance, actually, of originality and interest in taking an apparently old and worn-out topic and writing about it in a different way. But that requires some measure of basic scholarship. Knowledge. Research. You can always introduce some sort of originality in an EE on a well-rehearsed (even tired) historical event, but that depends on your angle and hypothesis/thesis. Your creativity and knowledge and research counts a lot for this. "Doing Hiroshima" does not imply you have done much thinking or research on the topic. If you do some using good, in depth sources (not talking wiki here), you're likely to stumble into something that will allow an interesting and fresh take on an old, seemingly well-trod event. A topic is never too old or tired for a dapper hand.
  14. You cannot submit an EE under both disciplines, unless you write a separate EE for both, whcih I doubt you want to do. They are separate disciplines and the EE has rather different requirement for each. You cannot simply blend them together (at least not if you want to do well in your EE.) Can you use literature for an EE in sociological anthropological? Literature is not an obvious source of data for Social Studies. The methodology is entirely different than for EngLangLit. What sociological/anthropological approaches and tools, for instance, are you going to apply to literary texts? I think there is some befuddled thinking going on here. That's all I have to say, anyway.
  15. The universities do not care too much about your High School course choices. Admissions looks at you as a whole person. High School only counts so much -- more in performance, if anything. And... even more in terms of *where* you went to school (at least it did for me), than even grades. I think your subject choices are fine, either way, but as I understand it there is now increasingly a concern for how employees can communicate, write and express themselves. Too many business major and tech specialists without these qualities and it is creating a quiet (not so quiet, anymore) mayhem in the industry. If you read the New Yorker or Atlantic Monthly or the Guardian, you'll see plenty of talk about what employers are looking for as business and tech specialists are being churned out. So your last combination may serve you a little better, give you that edge, later on, as employers look for people not only with "Know How" (I hate that term, but it's here to stay) but with the "wherewithal" to get things done, promptly, efficiently and with more precision and less sloppy ambiguity. That means excellent language skills!