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  1. Hey guys. I am currently doing my business IA on the topic Human Resource Management. My RQ being, (1.)"should business X change into a more formal organizational structure to solve low staff morale?". The main solution that I am trying to suggest is whether this business should take on line managers for HR since the business I am analysing about is an informal one and the owner multi-manages all aspect of the the company including finance, HR and production, esp HR. In a sense, the owner of this company acts as HR recruiter, manager and supervisor and oddly, the business does not have line managers since they've only opened 2 outlets. This business is a fast-food chain restaurant and there are no line managers to supervise the restaurants. supervision is mainly through CCTV by owner ( not in-situ) and communication is mostly via telephone. I have been wondering for some time if maybe the question ought to be more of along the lines of (2.) "should company X take on line managers for HR in order to solve low staff morale?" but I reckon if I used that question the answer to this question would be pretty obvious that the business is in a dire need for managers since all businesses should have and i wont be getting any points for construction of research question. That's why I worded out the question such as in no (1.) since I take that taking on human resource managers would entail having a more formalized structure with the addition of a layer of organization personell in the hierachy( mostly management). But is my line of reason correct though? Does taking on management personell into the organization is what it takes to formalize an informal organizational structure of the company? An if not, then what does it take to do it? PLease Help. Thanks. If the above explanation is confusing you just say so and I'll try to clear it out.
  2. Hey guys. I was wondering, can we have more than one SWOT analysis in a business IA? My topic for research question is whether company X should change into a formal organization structure to assist in staff morale. I am halfway done and have already created swot to explain strengths and weaknesses for the business itself. But do you think its a good idea to make another swot to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the company's potential decision to change into a formal organization? thanks
  3. Hey guys. So i am currently writing my tok essay relating my ideas to natural science and history. I divided my knowledge into three different criterias based on the theory about knowledge created by philosopher jean piaget, that is knowledge can be divided into 3 different types: 1)physical knowledge which refers to knowledge about objects in the world, which can be gained through perceptualprerties 2) social-arbitrary knowledge- culture specific knowledge learnt from people within one's culture group 3) logico-mathematical knowledge- abstract knowledge that must be invented However, i am confused as to whether pseudoscience is considered logico-mathematical knowledge or not since from what i gather, pseudoscience are claims that are not testable unlike natural science and therefore cannot be proved by experiments unlike the natural science. On the other hand, pseudoscience does carry with it scientific substance. So back to the main question, can it be treated as logico-mathematical knowledge? On another note, is history considered to be physical knowledge or social knowledge? Cause history involves the use of our perception in the gathering of sources to examine the past. And yet, it also gives ay to the study of our culture too.. So what could it be then?
  4. Hey guys! So, I am just wondering, what are the consequences of taking the IB certificate instead of the diploma? Let's just say if I really did go with the certificate, can i still use it to apply to a university? OR would I have to take foundations first? And if yes, does that mean that taking the certificate is equivalent to failing? I just need to know the complete framework of pros and cons, since takin the certificate could be my possible future. Btw, has anyone here taken the certificate before? If so, are there any obstacles or hurdles you face with trying to get accepted into the uni? Thanks Btw i am writing this because i am currently in a very tight situation whereby i have to hand in my EE and Tok next week and its just half done. I know i might be able to get it done within a week but i doubt i will score well for them.. Instead of risking the unknown i am thinking of taking IB certificate instead of diploma. I understand that taking the certificate will lead me to having hard time applying to univsities but i am also considering on taking SAT as a back up. I am thinking that without the diploma i can still count on SAT. Furthermore, by dropping IB diploma and hence not needing to hand in my EE or TOK essay, i can manage to concentrate more on other subjects and the SAT i am about to take. inputs will be much appreciated since i am given limited time to decide over this..thank you so much ....
  5. tivahello. so,I have decided to change the focus of my RQ from 'expansion' to 'human resource management'; My new RQ will be: "Should Company X modify its organizational structure to assist in increasing staff-motivation?" As for quantitative data: I am planning on using financial data, such as assessing the trends in annual sales revenue to show how demotivation in their staff affect their overall company's perfomativity and image(this one i can get through a survey of customer feedback). Also, rate of labor turn-over and absenteeism are gonna be my main tools. btw, i just realized how vague and unclear it seems without explanation of 'what' types of modification made. The modification in this part is in the form of changing the informal organizational structure of the company to a more formal one; by taking on HR management personell. This business is a sole-proprietorship so the sole trader has to multitask in the management from HR to finance, but i will only be considering taking on a HR department first. So what do you think of my research question now? does it reflect lucidly what i am trying to investigate here? thanks for the input btw, appreciate it very much
  6. Hey guys! I am currently starting on my business IA and I need some of your guys opinion on my recently thought Research Question. It would great if anyone could give me feedback on it. Thanks! R.Q: Should company X change it's organizational structure to assist with expansion?
  7. Hey guys! I need some opinions about my research question which is: "to what extent is the romantic affairs of the female characters in the novels "Jane Eyre" and "Villete" by Charlotte Bronte are similiar to and different from each other.
  8. Well I take BM HL and just a few days ago my business teacher had us all make a research question on the spot in class and we held a class discussion on whether each of our RQ is too broad or focused enough. I think one or two of my classmates came up with a question like yours, along the lines of "how effective" or "how beneficial it would be for company X to make a particular change". The teacher told us that those kinds of questions are too vague( in your case) as you dont measure "efficiency" like how other people would measure it. The examiner marking your paper would not think that your question is focused enough and would question how you define "efficiency". Try to think of how you can change the wording and make it more clear. He gave us a very useful tip. When making your research question, try to see whether you can answer it yourself in relation to a simple yes or no answer and whether you think anyone(even a 7th grader) can understand the question.I hope this is helpful. good luck!
  9. Hey guys. right now I'm in the middle of doing research for my Group 2 English EE paper. i was wondering if anyone here knows a link where i can get my hands on some old english ee exemplars. i am quite familiar with what the standard is for first language EE but I'm not sure about how its supposed to be written for second language since i heard that expectations are slightly lower. do i need to focus more on the literary aspects and if so how much depth is expected of it. I just want to get a feel of how it ought to be. if anyone is willing to share his/her past English EE I'd really appreciate it too. Thanks in advance
  10. wow?! you managed to compile all the whole of your EE's first draft in just a week? if that were to ever happen to me i'll completely flip out and probably have a serious nervous breakdown and not be able to do it. the fact you can calmly write your EE (albeit it turned out really good) in just one week is impressive enough well, i know i'm being over-worried but this is just me. I am like that. But thanks for the words of encouragement. If what you say is true(and i hope it really is) than probably its not to late for me after all. yeah, this IB thing is really ruining my health, mentally. but i think that's the point of the whole thing.haha. and yes you're also right in saying that i'm overstressing. I BASICALLY OVERSTRESS OVER EVERYTHING, and this EE is not helping either, although it claims to be intelectually fun. i have heard a lot of stories about how people managed to get good EE grades and not need much time to do it, and frankly that sounds completely uncanny and out of this world. but a month would be enough for me, it has to be anyways.
  11. Hi guys,have you ever failed to meet your EE deadline? i am facing a kind of serious problem right now regarding my EE deadline and i just want to ramble about it because i'm feeling really stressed and just want to confide in someone. my EE deadline for first draft is next month and i have not yet even found my research question. Because of my indecisive nature, it took me several months to merely choose a subject that i want to write about and because of that i lost real precious time for developing my research question and conduct research, and now i have to rush everything within one month. the fact that EE is a crucial part of the whole IB programme doesnt make me feel any better, and i cant help but think i will definately fail the whole IB programme. I'm reallly confused. has anyone experienced something like this? i feel really alone right now since all my classmates are in the middle of finishing and i'm still at the start without even knowing which direction i have to take. If anyone has experienced the same crisis am I am now and have managed to still yet survive and emerge triumphant, please share your story. It may serve as a huge boost of confidence and motivation. God knows i verym much need that now.
  12. oh thats a relief to know. to think about it again, i guess taking english would be the best choice for me. thanks for the info guys!
  13. Hello fellow IB colleagues, I need your opinions and insights So, I am gonna be taking the 2012 IB examination and currently in the process of creating my EXTENDED ESSAY. I know preparation should have begun a long time ago with the subject choosing and research and i DID already choose a subject and developed a research question and it has already been approved by my supervisor last year(11)(i initially decided to take business as my ee subject as i am taking business HL). Unfortunately, my supervisor left the school this year and the new supervisor think the my RQ is too broad and bordering more on economics instead of business, so of course i had to change it. However, it got me thinking about taking english instead. But then, i'm only taking english B HL where they dont really teach literature stuff much, and i have to learn them in order to write my english EE. well i can do a self-study, but i figured that would totally waste my time. People around me say that i should write about a subject that interests me, and literature does interest me.But if i am not taking the subject that i am going to write about for my EE, and my first draft will be due in 2 months time(November) AND I DONT HAVE A SUBJECT DECIDED YET,MUCH LESS A RESEARCH QUESTIONS!!! I am just so afraid of making a bad piece. What do you think i should do in this case? On a side note, i have compiled a moderately substantial amount of resources that i can tap into IF i do choose to write my english ee. Business i would need to find a primary resource that would prove to be a little difficult, since probably the business that i would write about won't be able to be able to fulfill my primary resource needs
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