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  1. yea great, the syllabus is great and uptodate, cuz the other syllabi i found were 2004 and older, this one is perfect thanks a lot
  2. loool, I am lackin 30 hours of Service, and now I need to catch up on them *sigh*
  3. yea i assume that there will be questions about leadership (paternalistic), but I would look at other styles as well. On top of that, it would be predictable to say that there will be a Ratio Analysis in general, liquidity, profitability and acid test ratios, might be some they could ask for. The effect of eco-tourism and advantages and disadvantages might also be a factor. I also advice to look at Motivation just in case, because there is a constant referance to the part time/ full time workers, so just for saftey I would look at motivation styles. SWOT and PEST-G are also important models that are advicable. Do not forget to write down a list of words that could come as definition, those are basically free 2 mark questions, earning 6 marks already. If anyone requests a list, just let me know and I will post it here. Not to forget, Porters 5 forces might also be a part of this case study. Anywayz, good luck all Ali
  4. nah i didnt mean it like that....i thought someone had a spare micro economic article that i could choose....i found 2 articles, but they sound too macro economic....maybe you could help me investigte them two...see if it is suitable http://www.delcotimes.com/articles/2009/01...6e571881003.txt http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbys...le-figures.html thanks though...sorry for the misunderstanding
  5. Yo guys im really stuck ...i handed in my final economics comentary in december, but my teacher said it was about the wrong topic in relation to the article, so now i have to write a new MICROECONOMIC topic for TOMORROW!!!!! God i cant find a decent microeconomic article...maybe someone can help me use a microeconomic article and maybe tell me under wat section it is... thanks a lot that would be nice
  6. hmm he never explained to us how our papers work....i think we get 2 papers...but this case study is seperate isnt it?
  7. We never got a paper like that ? Our teacher is absent at the moment.... but what exactly is that anyway? i dont get it..someone be so kind and help me out
  8. fastlight

    IA Body Mass Index

    im really stuck with the whole internal assesment haha can someone maybe help me ? i still dont get wat a parameter is and i dont get which functions to use and i dont get how to mention common differences in the graphs lolll.

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