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  1. kman

    Math Type II Height of Saplings

    hey everyone im stuck on number 5. what exactly is a cumulative RELATIVE frequency curve, and how on earth is that supposed to help us find a pdf. Also, is the general goal of the assignment to find a function that models the data? If so, why can't we just plot the midclass values and frequencies on excel and generate a line of best fit and an equation ?
  2. kman

    Early Decision US universities

    if you aren't financially able to afford it you apply for financial aid. The only reason for not accepting an ED offer is an unsatisfactory financial aid offer. So if you are unable to afford it after the financial aid offer, then i'm pretty sure you can attend another university. Not 100% but quite sure
  3. Anyone applying there or applied ED?
  4. Did anyone apply ED to any prestigious colleges in the US? Is getting accepted Early Decision unconditional, or are interviews and conditional mark agreements handed out as per usual? Input is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone and good luck
  5. kman

    Philosophy Revision Tips

    Hi everyone, I have to say I am so happy to see a discussion board on IB philosophy, since these are so rare. Anyway, I just found out that for the students writing their Philosophy exam in 2009, it is a new syllabus, and a different exam format:S If this is true, all the past practice papers we have done in class are not as useful as I thought they would be. If anyone can confirm this point, and if anybody knows the new format for the 2009 philosophy exams, that would be great! Good luck on exams guys =)
  6. How did you guys find the exam? I picked the poem about that singer in paper 1 and did number 10 for paper 2. Feel free to share your predictions for what you received in the exam if you wish.
  7. kman

    Truth vs Belief

    belief is thinking you know the truth. truth is absolute and real. BUT then again, you can argue that your beliefs are all you have, and as far as you're concerned, your beliefs are truths. Descartes, the dude we're studying for our paper 2 philosophy exam started by saying that many of the things we believe to be true are actually merely beliefs- however, even if this is true and the chair I know I am sitting on does not in fact exist, this doesn't matter to me and my belief of the chair is a truth for me.
  8. kman

    Ban the person above you

    banned for taking HL french :|
  9. kman

    Which subjects are you taking?

    HL: Physics, Math, Economics SL: English, Philosophy, French
  10. Hey guys, Would anybody be able to tell me what they mean when the philosophy paper requires, "a relevant personal response"- does it mean personal anecdotes, or just personal views on the topic. Any help is greatly appreciated
  11. kman

    Ban the person above you

    banned for reminding me that i broke this law and will receive harsh punishment
  12. kman

    Ban the person above you

    Banned because I don't know you either... so why you talkin'?
  13. kman

    Rant of the day!

    so much anger my rant is that people are way too unhappy with small things.
  14. kman

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    :| wow. how did you score a 690 in math raw and score so highly on a much more difficult test (math 2
  15. kman

    Proposes about band name

    i have easily the best name for you guys... call yourselves CASH! which outwardly is a cool sounding almost gangster name, but you guys know it as an acronym for... Creative Action Service Hours which is what you will be getting by forming this band

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