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  1. I thought it was alright...which questions (don't think you'll remember) did you think were vague?
  2. Did anyone choose the 2nd option on customs and traditions? The one with a folkloric music group and writing an email to friends.
  3. What did you all think about Spanish Paper 1? I took TZ1 and it was alright.
  4. Hope I did good on Paper 1. What the last answer 0.25 for #15 on TZ1?
  5. I'm in TZ1 also, and I thought it was reasonable. Was your last question the geometry one?
  6. How did you all who took TZ1 feel?
  7. I think on Paper 1 u1 was -27, if I recall correctly. Paper 2 was pretty easy.
  8. I'm assuming we can discuss Paper 1. What did you all get for u1 ? This is TZ1.
  9. Thanks. But what I meant was the scaling factor IB uses to calculate the final score, like how much does IB multiply the IA, Paper 1, Paper 2 to get the final score? Thanks again
  10. Does anyone have the scaling factors and grade boundaries for Psychology SL from previous years?

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